How to Create your Signature Look

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On a previous post I had discussed how putting a little effort on the outside helps boost your self confidence on the inside. The biggest reason a lot of people don’t bother is because of the time it takes. I can completely understand that, there have been days where I don’t want to be bothered either but I know I’ll end up feeling low energy and it’ll throw my day off a bit. So I’ve had to figure out a way around this and the best thing I’ve come up with is to create your signature look.


So how does this help exactly? If you know what your look is, it cuts a TON of time and effort out of the whole getting ready process. Trust me, there’s a reason why in most of my pics I’m wearing MAC Please Me lipstick. I know it works for me so I don’t have to think about it. One less decision to make might seem like a minute thing, but having a bunch of less decisions to make saves a lot of time and mental energy.


Ok so now we know why we’re doing what we’re doing, now how do you figure out what your signature look is? I’ve got it all down to a few steps for you:






Get online and start going through images of makeup, hair and fashion. I’d suggest sticking to one category at a time so as to not feel overwhelmed by the process. Start collecting these images so you can sort through them later.


Once you have them all collected go through and start eliminating the ones you know for sure aren’t you. Like you might see an image of an actress with a gorgeous red lip, but you know deep down inside you would never wear that, so delete the image. Keep in mind you’re looking for your every day look so you have to be comfortable wearing it every single day.


Once you have the makeup, hair and fashion pics, get to the mall and try things on. You won’t know how it looks on you until you try it on, certain colors/products will suit you, some won’t.


Invest in key items!! This will save you a bunch of time and a lot of headache. Items such as a good blow dryer, waving wand, makeup brushes, a great jacket, good boots. These will make a world of difference in how polished your final look is.


Nail down a routine for your application (i.e. concealer, then powder, then brows, then mascara) and stick with this. I can’t tell you how much time this saves.


Organize your products keeping only the minimum ones you’ll use in your everyday routine accessible and keep everything in the same place. People are always telling me how organized I am but I’ll let you in on a little secret- I am incredibly impatient. So the less time I have to spend looking for something, the better.


One last tip- for your fashion, invest in pieces that you are super comfortable in and flatter your shape. If you don’t love it, do NOT BUY IT!!! Trust me if you aren’t insanely in love with it, it’ll sit in your closet and you’ll always feel like you have nothing to wear.


What do you think? Do you have any tips you’d add to this list? Please let me know if this helps!


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