How to Apply a Tikka

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tikka application how to


So you love the look of a tikka but every time you try to wear one all you see is bobby pins everywhere and it usually ends up halfway down your forehead by the end of the night. Contrary to how simple it looks, applying a tikka can be a little tricky, just like how tricky applying a bindi can be


Well I’ve got your foolproof guide on how to apply a tikka.


Here are the items you’ll need:


what you need to apply a tikka


Now just follow the step by step. The key is in teasing your hair and crossing the pins. Crossing bobby pins locks them into place. The eyelash glue is extra security to make sure the tikka stays put through the inevitable jago dance.



how to apply a tikka


For the makeup from this look check out my Arabic cut crease makeup tutorial.


Do you have any additional tips? If so please leave them in the comments for all of us :)

What to wear: Fall Winter 2014 Fashion- 71 Stanton

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71 Stanton fall 2014 fashion


I recently attended an event in LA (yes I’m still in California, and no I’m never coming back..jk) and got to check out the fall winter 2014 fashion collection for this really cool clothing line- 71 Stanton. I mean look at their cool.


71 Stanton showroom


The designer is originally from South Korea and I got to talk to her about how she loves having her own store rather than being solely carried by boutiques. Her clothes have even been featured in Lucky Mag. Loving this shirt dress.


71 Stanton shirt dress


Yu mentioned how she designs stuff that she would wear which I think is missing with a lot of designers, so no wonder I pretty much fell in love with her entire collection. Her style is really cool, kind of NYC meets LA.


71 Stanton Jewelry Fall 2014


71 Stanton fall winter 2014 fashion


71 Stanton Fall fashion 2014


The event was emcee’d by Sazan Barzani, my new fav Youtuber! Not only is she gorgeous, but she is super sweet and extremely generous with her advice. I also had the pleasure of meeting Melissa M and her sister, two really awesome fashionistas from Orange County.


71 Stanton Sazan Barzani Melissa Mazariegos Chang


The top I’m wearing is from Forever 21 and the jeans are H&M.


How to Accessorize your Boots

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accessorize your boots


It’s that time of the year again, the time when the sandals go away and the boots come out. While that can mean a decrease in temperatures and daylight, it doesn’t have to mean a decrease in your fun with fashion!

I came across a fashionista wearing these boots the other day and had to share it with you! She accessorized her boots with 2 necklaces! I loved the look and it got me thinking about how you can accessorize your boots.

You’ll want to start with your fav pair of boots and go through your jewelry drawer. There are 3 types of necklaces that will work best, which one you choose will depend on your personal style.


boot jewelry

This one is for the glam girl. You can go nuts depending on how big the jewels on your necklace are, take out those statement necklaces you have in your collection and see what works.


boot jewelry


This is a little more edgy, a little more rocker chic. If you’re super into leather & torn jeans you’ll love this.


boot jewelry


This one can be the most simple look depending on how delicate the necklace is. This is perfect if you want to try the look but are a little more laid back with your style.


What do you think? Would you/Have you tried this? Let me know in the comments!

Bella Trois at Toronto Fashion Week!

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Bella Trois at Toronto Fashion Week


So remember how I went to World Mastercard Fashion Week in Toronto right before I left for California? Well I went with the Bella Trois girls and we filmed a video of our fun night!


Caramia got a go pro, which is like the funnest (is that a word?) camera in the world. It’s tiny but records in super high def. We attended the Pink Tartan show, which, I mean Kimberly Newport-Mimran is one of my fav Canadian designers. The clothes were amazing!


We got to hang out backstage and interview the lead hairstylist, makeup artist & nail stylist and find out what the trends are for Spring/Summer 2015.


Here’s the video! Can’t wait for the next Toronto Fashion Week :)



A fun night at the Toni & Guy Irvine Hair Event

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Irivne Toni and Guy event Spectrum Center


Ok so I know I said that South Coast Plaza was my favorite mall in Southern California, but I found a strong contender..The Spectrum Center in Irvine. I went there for a hair event at the Toni & Guy Irvine salon and it is just beautiful there. It’s an outdoor mall (which we don’t have many of in Canada- for obvy reasons) and check out the ferris wheel in the middle of the mall! So cool.


Onto the event..


Irivne Toni and Guy event November 2014


They invited a bunch of bloggers to preview fall/winter hair trends. There were a bunch of really cool stations set up, my fav being-


Irivne Toni and Guy event


Lol, yes I might have had a glass or two ;)


No seriously though, my fav was getting to try the gold jewlery tattoos that I’ve been raving about.


Irivne Toni and Guy event jewelry tattoo application




Irivne Toni and Guy event gold jewelry tattoo


We got to talk to the hairstylists about what’s big in hair. It’s all about braids & waves. The braids can range from something simple like a messy fishtail to a more complicated multi-braided updo. For the waves the look is a bit bigger and not so structured.


Irivne Toni and Guy event hair trends 2015


I wanted to learn how to get that Hollywood casual glam wave (my obsession with casual glam never seems to end) and the hairstylist taught me a fun technique- to hold the curling iron horizontally and to grab a bigger section of hair when curling.


Irivne Toni and Guy event Deepa Berar 2


Loved the look! What do you guys think? I’ve already been practicing ;)


Irivne Toni and Guy event Deepa Berar


Ok so I had to take a pic of this guy’s hair. Looked so cool The hairstylist curled his entire mohawk and then teased it! It looked super cool. He was a good sport about me taking his pic :)


Irivne Toni and Guy event Mens hairstyle


All in all it was a fun night. If you have a Toni & Guy nearby you should definitely check them out, their artists are really well educated and they have some really great products worth that are totally worth trying.


Glittery Arabic Cut crease Makeup tutorial

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Deepa Berar's Glittery Arabic cut crease Makeup tutorial


So finally I got around to doing a tutorial using glitter! Been wanting to do something like this for a while. I learnt this Arabic cut crease look from the workshop I went to with Tamanna Roashan from Dress your Face.


The glitter I used is by Urban Decay, it’s their heavy metal glitter in the color Goldmine. If you guys like this let me know in the comments and I’ll do more videos with glitter!


Anyhow, here’s the Arabic cut crease video. Have a great weekend my beauties ;)



Redken Giveaway & Beauty Session Contest Winner Announced!

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redken giveaway


Ok first off, thank you sooo much for entering this giveaway! This is the biggest one I’ve done so far and am so completely appreciative and pleasantly surprised by how many of you entered this contest! Love you all!!


Ok now for the good stuff! The 1st place winner of the Redken Giveaway & 30 min Skype session with me is…

Mandy Allgood

Congratulations girl!


Now for the 2nd place winner of the 30 min Skype session with me is..



I’m not done though..I have a special announcement to make. Because of the sheer volume of you that entered this contest, I’ve decided to open up a 3rd & 4th place prize. Winners get 30 min Skype sessions with me (LOVING that you guys are so into this- I love helping you with your beauty questions!!).

3rd place- Nadine Nock

4th- Rukshar Khan


To all the winners- first off Congratulations!! 2nd- Check your inbox for deets, I’ve emailed you all.

Love you guys! If you didn’t win, don’t worry I already have a special giveaway in mind for December ;)

xo, Deeps

The 4 Eyeshadow Brushes you Need in your Collection

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eyeshadow brushes you need


Take a look at Pinterest or Instagram these days and you will be bombarded with images of beautiful, intricately designed eyeshadow looks. Yes some of them have probably been photoshopped, but some have not. How do these artists create such fabulous work? It’s all in the brushes.


When it comes to eyeshadow  brushes there are so many different options that it can get overwhelming figuring out what to get. Well I’m  here to help! I’ve put together the 4 eyeshadow brushes you’ll need in your collection for finer detailing.


Louise Young Ultra Fine Liner LY24B brush. Ever seen those precisely lined eyes and wondered how they got the line so thin? It’s the brush. You need a tiny brush to create such perfect lines. I don’t use this particular brand, I got mine at a local arts supply store, but I have heard good things about Louise Young brushes.


louise young ultra fine liner LY24B brush


MAC 209 brush. This one I’ve had in my collection for a very, very long time as it is perfect for smudging out any liner around the eyes to give you that beautifully blended smokey look. Pro tip- use a liner brush to apply the shadow or gel and then smudge out with this brush.



mac 219 brush



MAC 231 brush. I love this brush for creating that cut crease Arabic eyeshadow look. You can use it to apply the gel/shadow liner into the crease as it allows for great precision but then you can smudge it out nicely too using this brush. For smudging it will leave you with a stronger look than the 209 will.

mac 231 brush


MAC 214 brush. This shader brush I use religiously as my brow highlight brush. I like it because it really packs the color on which makes your highlight stronger, thereby making your brow shape even more prominent.



mac 214 brush


What are your favorite eye brushes for detailed work?

My trip to sunny San Diego so far :)

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San Diego


I have been having the most amazing time so far in San Diego, California and I wanted to share it with you guys! It is amazing here. The weather is always perfect, the sky is always blue and the beach. I mean.


San Diego 3


Pretty much the first thing we did as soon as I got off the plane was hit up the Gaslamp district, which is where all the fun bars & clubs are downtown, and got me a margarita. No place makes margaritas better than Southern California. This particular one we got from La Puerta and I have to say hands down the best I’ve had in this city.


San Diego 2


My favorite beach has got to be Coronado beach. Coronado is like this tiny island off San Diego and it is just unbelievable. You’ll recognize this hotel from my October Favorites video. It’s a super famous hotel that presidents & celebs stay at. The beach is HUGE and super pretty & clean.


San Diego 4


I’m staying with my brother & sister in law in downtown San Diego which is nice because you can walk pretty much anywhere. Downtown has the giant convention centre where Comic Con takes place (not to mention a gazillion other major conferences every year).


San Diego 5


Seaport Village is a gorgeous area with a boardwalk and a bunch of really cute shops & restaurants. It’s nice to go for a walk here (which I have been doing a lot) and look at the water, the beautiful views and just people watch.


San Diego 6


If you’re planning a trip to California, definitely come down to San Diego, you’ll fall in love and never want to leave!!

October Favorites & CONTEST Announcement

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monthly favorites oct 2014 thumbnail



I finally recorded my first every monthly favorites video!! I know one of the things you guys have been telling me is that you want more product recommendations.


It seems there are new products out every week these days and new trends. With that my personal makeup regime is constantly changing which I’m sure a lot of you can relate to- one month you’re totally into a particular product, the next it’s something entirely different.


That’s why I think monthly favorites videos are so great, because this way I can let you know what I’m super into (and what works) for the moment.


Another different thing about this video- I recorded it at the beach! I’m currently in San Diego, California and it is so absolutely gorgeous here that I had to share it with you. I apologize about the wind sound, I’ll look into getting a mic for next time.


Before we get to the video, here is the CONTEST announcement I promised!

Contest November 2014 Deepa Berar

1st place winner gets an amazing giveaway basket from Redken, plus a 1-on-1 3o min Skype beauty q&a session with me!

2nd place winner gets a 1-on-1 30 min Skype beauty q&a session with me!


To Enter: Follow me on my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram -> all @deepaberar & Subscribe to my blog here.

Contest winner will be announced on my blog on November 7th!


Now for my October favorites video. Enjoy!