What I wore: Simple summer suits

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Deepa Summer suit


It’s the last few weeks of summer and that means goodbye to lightweight fabrics, soft colors and not having to grab a jacket when you leave the house.


Deepa Berar summer suit


I wore this suit recently on an episode of Eye on Asia. I like the colors in it, super soft and pretty. For the makeup I used the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette.


Deepa bangles


Who else is a fan of the midi ring? Can’t get enough of them. That one is from Forever 21. The other rings are from Aldo and the bangles are from India.


2014 Emmys best beauty looks

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Did you catch last night’s Emmys show? It had some pretty fun moments in it, my fav had to be the Billy in the Street bit when Billy Eichner & Seth Meyers ran around NYC asking random people questions about the show. If you missed that part, you can watch it here.

Now for the 2014 Emmys best beauty looks! This year’s looks were amazing! Lately the red carpets haven’t been terribly exciting, but last night’s definitely was.





Ok Kerry Washington’s makeup had to be by far my fav of the night. I like the smokey blue with the nude lip, paired with the orange dress, great play on complimentary colors. Thinking I might just do a tutorial on this one.




Hayden Panettiere’s updo was so elegant & girly & fun. Best updo of the night.


heidi klum emmys 2014



Heidi Klum looked like a goddess in that coral Zac Posen gown. The color of the dress combined with her golden tan and blond hair- stunning.




Natalie Dormer’s curls were amazing. The way they framed her face, totally brought her whole look together. Plus I love that it looked so effortless & done all at the same time. That’s the dream peeps, that is the dream.




Ok Kelly Osbourne’s makeup was unreal. I mean, look at how pretty and polished it looked! Great makeup artist. Tutorial maybe?


I’ll leave it up to you guys- Would you rather see a tutorial on Kerry Washington’s makeup or Kelly Osbourne?


POLL: What do you want to see me cover?

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So I have a question for you, but first off I have to say THANK YOU to all of my readers for supporting me by reading my blogs, watching my videos and liking my Facebook & Instagram posts. I absolutely LOVE posting for you. I didn’t realize in the beginning just how much fun this journey would be and to receive and read your positive & encouraging comments along the way, well just makes me want to do more for you and to make this blog the best it can be.


In order for me to do that, I would love to know what exactly you would like to see me cover? Please take a second and vote on the options below. You can choose multiple answers. If you have any more suggestions, please comment on this post.


online poll by Opinion Stage


Also please share this blog with your friends as I’d love to help as many people as possible! Thanks!


XO, Deeps ;)


Meet Indian Youtuber Deeptima Singh!

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Deeptima Singh


Meet Indian Youtube beauty guru Deeptima Singh! Deeptima lives in India and one of the things that I love about her videos is that you get to see the actual cosmetic products used in India in her haul & product review vids. My fav video of hers has to be her “Draw my life” video. You really get to see her story and what lead her to following her dreams.


Tell us a bit about yourself.
I was born and brought up in India, but because of my Dad’s job we had to shift few states. I was born in Bhopal and currently living in the Capital city i.e. New Delhi.


Deeptima Singh 2


What made you want to start a YouTube beauty channel?
I never planned on starting my YouTube channel, it just happened. I have always been a keen observer of everything creative and artistic so I got introduced to YouTube while I was searching for some creative crafty ideas, after few days I realized YouTube was a whole new separate world. The whole idea of making videos really fascinated me. Little bit more browsing a few clicks here and there… and makeup and beauty videos happened.


What are your 3 can’t live without beauty products?
Currently I cannot live without my Chanel Perfection Lumiere foundation, just little under my eyes and on problem areas  makes a huge difference, I would say mascara and lip balm are also a must for me but the fact that I cannot live without my Cetaphil cleanser is equally true.


Deeptima Singh 3


What is the one place anyone visiting India must go see?
I love my Country, I adore its rich cultural heritage. I haven’t traveled the whole country yet but personally I would highly recommend Back waters of Kerala and Sonmarg in Kashmir to everyone visiting India.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I always find such questions to be the hardest to answer, my life is about to change as I am getting married at the end of this year so I don’t know what to expect but few things are certain I see myself much-much closer to my dream project, happy and content with life.


Thank you Deeptima and congratulations on your upcoming wedding!! You can check out Deeptima’s Youtube channel here.


The quickest way to Remove your makeup

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quickest way to remove your makeup

Ok I’m going to fill you in on a little secret…I hate removing my makeup at night. I know, I know, it’s sooo bad for you to go to bed with your makeup on, but I have done it many times. I have been really good for the past few years (mostly because my cousins yell at me for it- you know who you are!!). Plus I read about how sleeping with your makeup on can age your skin and we all know how I feel about toxins in our makeup, so the shorter the time I expose myself to it, the better.


That’s why I’ve been on a mission to find the quickest way to remove your makeup at night for those nights when you’re just too tired to wash your face. I have been using Burt’s Bees makeup wipes for sensitive skin for a while (I opted for the sensitive wipes because I have broken out from other wipes in the past) but it’s tough to get all of your eye makeup off if you wear as much as I do.



burts bees sensitive makeup wipes copy


That’s where Annabelle’s Eye makeup remover pads come in.

Annabelle eyemakeup remover pads


These are amazing! One pad will clean one entire eye, including mascara. Plus they feel really soft on the skin (bonus!). I prefer the oil-free because it leaves my eyes feeling fresh after. These combined with the Burts bees wipes for the rest of the face makes for super quick & easy makeup removal at night. Give it a try and let me know what you think!


For the rest of my skincare regimen (I do take amazing care of my face in the morning!!), watch the video below:



How to Dye your Hair Ombre

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A lot of you have been asking about where I get my hair color done and what I ask for, well, I’ll let you in on a little secret- I do it myself.


deepa berar red hair ombre


I’ve been dyeing my own hair since I was 17 and would put henna in my hair. Over the years I would go to stylists for the more complicated highlights, but recently I started doing my own ombre color after watching other artists and learning from my own hair stylist Anna Barseghian who works at Brennen DeMelo studio in Toronto. Anna is a celeb hairstylist and amazing at what she does!!


Anyways back to how I do it, I was in need of a touch up and wanted to go back to my red so I picked up a couple of boxes of L’oreal’s HiColor Highlights in Magenta and decided to record a video for you on how to dye your hair ombre.




Keep in mind this particular hair color is developed for dark hair, and you don’t have to dye your hair red to learn from this video- I’m mostly showing you the technique (balayage) I used.





If you have any friends who have been wanting to go ombre, please share this video with them! Or if you decide to try it yourself, send me pics on my Facebook page or tag me on Instagram.


Meet Tamanna Roashan from Dress your Face!

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Dress your face


I am sooo excited to share this interview with you guys, this woman is one of my absolute biggest inspirations, meet Tamanna Roashan from Dress your Face. Not only is she CRAZY talented, but she is humble and knows that true success comes from hard work & perseverance.


Tell us a bit about yourself.

Well, I am a product of a mixed household- My mother is Hindu Indian and my father is a Muslim from Afghanistan. I love being half and half! It really gave me a well rounded background and I took the best from both cultures and religions. I was born in Los Angeles and raised near San Francisco, then recently came back to LA to take my career to greater heights. It’s really been a dream come true!


Dress your face 2


You have really grown a huge international following, especially on your Instagram (she has 750,000 followers!!). How did you start out in makeup and how did it grow to what it is today?

My career started when I was very young… I started as a photographer for weddings (my parents side business) when I was only 13 years old (1997/98). I spent a LOT of time with brides, and back then they didn’t hire artists for hair and makeup… In fact their friends and family would get them ready at home. I would often help, since I was there taking photos anyway. Because of my photography training, I was very keen on making the brides look as polished as possible on camera and this is what ultimately helped me create my “HD Photography Makeup” technique once that technology came out in the early to mid 2000′s. I did go to cosmetology school and makeup institutions for training and certification, but it was because of my photography background and the quality of my makeup that I showed on camera and the perfect images I shared with the world on social media which led to the all the attention I received. From MySpace to Facebook and now Instagram, my audience grew very rapidly and I would have never imagined it to be this big. I even got opportunities to work for magazines and submit beauty articles and photos to be published globally, before I even turned 19. It just all happened so fast! But social media is a full time job on it’s own… The biggest contributor to my growth was the fact that I never stopped sharing. I posted photos and revealed all the products I used to create those looks. I held nothing back. So my pages weren’t just filled with beautiful pictures, they were filled with VALUABLE information as well. Not a lot of artists did that.


Dress your face quote


You have an amazing collaboration with Anastasia Beverly Hills! How did that come about and can you fill us in on any other exciting upcoming projects?

Yes, she has truly been my fairy godmother (as I like to call her)! I had been using Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products for over 10 years… Since before I even knew she was a real person. When I joined Instagram 2 years ago, I would post my work and list all products used. One day she stumbled on my page and noticed I had been listing her brow products on all my posts… I nearly died of a heart attack when I saw her email sitting in my inbox, basically thanking me and asking to add me to their PR mailing list to try their products before they even launch. She started “following” me and commenting on my posts and she even defended me when the “bullies” would say offensive things to me. She always showed me a lot of love and support from the moment we met online, and our bond only grew stronger since then. Less than a year later, she asked me to be the face of her world-famous “Contour Kit” and invited me to join her at the Golden Globes In-Style Party as her date. She has gifted me some of the most memorable moments of my life. She means the world to me and I strive to be more and more like her… I see a lot of myself in her. And she has been so generous not only to me but also to other artists in the Instagram community. We have all become like family and we have a lot of amazing things planned for the future… Stay tuned!


Dress your face 3


Where do you get your inspiration from?

I’m inspired by anything and everything… from earth’s natural wonders like the wild flowers and tropical beaches, to our man-made treasures such as Indian jewelry and textile patterns. But more than anything (and I don’t mean for this to sound cocky in any way) I feel the need to stay inspired most by MYSELF and my own work, because the moment my own work doesn’t inspire me to create more, and my own life doesn’t inspire me to live more, I’ll know that I have lost my fire. I never want that day to come.

What are your 3 don’t leave home without beauty products?

1) MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NC42 (sounds like a dark color but it actually goes on light and has a peachy warm tone to knock out dark under-eye circles!)
2) Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Pencil in Medium Ash (this color isn’t too dark or too light and the pencil is super easy to use… It also tricks everyone into thinking my brows are naturally this perfect when in fact I have no brows!)
3) Lancôme Hypnose Drama Waterproof mascara in Black (it’s the best mascara I have ever used… Thickens, lengthens, curls, separates, and lasts all day through sweat and tears without flaking or smearing!)


Tamanna Roashan


You have done an amazing job creating a career out of your dreams, congratulations on all your success! Do you have any advice for other girls when it comes to living their dream?

Thank you! My biggest most rewarding advice is something my husband actually told me years ago. If your DREAM job isn’t available through an established company already, or doesn’t exist for you when you are ready for it, you have to take that leap and CREATE IT yourself. Be the person you see yourself being. If you’re good at something and you’re driven and you can see yourself living a successful life because of it, then don’t let yourself make excuses. I did this almost 4 years ago. I worked for a huge cosmetic line and my hard work constantly got recognized and I was promoted several times over the span of 8 years, and was next in line to be their National Trainer which was my ultimate goal in the company. When the economy crashed and this position got eliminated, my purpose was completely lost. But I still went to work every day because that’s what I was supposed to do. Just roll with it and hope for the best. One day I came home and my husband saw how unhappy I was and he gave me that golden advice… and just like that, I left my cosmetic management job of 8 years, and I turned my part time side-business known as “DressYourFace” into a full time dream career. I couldn’t be a “national trainer” with that company, but I created that position for myself and now I am traveling the world and educating thousands of people with my knowledge in the industry. So, whatever it is that you dream of doing, you have to make it happen for yourself. It will not just be handed to you on a silver platter… YOU are the only person that can help you.


Tamanna Roashan quote


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

DressYourFace is growing. Aside from product collaborations and branding the name, I hope to one day open up a school for aspiring makeup artists to learn REAL WORLD makeup based on REAL WORLD experiences. I do not teach “by the book” and my current one-on-one students absolutely love that because I can twist the curriculum based on needs. I want to be able to reach a larger group but still offer that one-on-one feel, and I hope to build a school that can allow students to broaden their knowledge outside the box without feeling ignored or overlooked in a crowd of artists. I hope in 5-10 years that I can make this into a reality!


Thank you Tamanna for sharing your story with us and your amazing words of advice and for being such an inspiration to me and many other women!! If any of you are interested in attending one of her workshops, here is the info on the next one she’s holding in Chicago. You can follow her on Instagram here.




What I wore: Red and White Anarkali suit

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Deepa Berar red suit 2


A couple weeks ago I attended a Sangeet party for Reet (you’ll remember her from the bridal shower post I did). A Sangeet party is basically a night where all the ladies get together and sing songs as a pre-celebration to the wedding. There’s a little more to it than that but I won’t get into the history of Indian weddings & traditions, I mean this is supposed to be a fun makeup blog after all, right?!

Deepa Berar red suit


#selfie. lol. I wore this red and white anarkali suit we got from India. I know it might seem odd to wear full sleeves in summer, but with the sleeves being lace, it was totally fine.


Deepa Berar Riri woo lipstick


Ok so my red lipstick obsession of the moment is MAC’s Riri Woo. Riri Woo is from the Rihanna collection she did for MAC back in Fall of last year. The color is basically MAC’s Russian Red if it were super matte. I absolutely love this color, it is totally classic red.


Reets Sangeet


Here are all the ladies with Reet in the center. I love her crop top lengha. I mean this whole meshing of Western & Eastern fashion is just so much fun! Congratulations Reet & Bin!!

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