Get to know Beauty guru Farahdhukai!

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I first came across Farah Dhukai about a year ago and was immediately blown away by her. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, but she is extremely down to earth (can you tell I love people like that??) and posts really great YouTube videos. I have been wanting to feature her on my blog for a while now and we finally made it happen!! Watch out for a video in a few months ;)


Tell us a bit about yourself.

I was born and raised in the beautiful City of Toronto, but my parents and their parents etc etc were born and raised in East Africa. If you go all the way back then my family originates from India. A lot of people get confused when I say my family is from Africa so when people normally ask me what my background is, I say East African Indian lol


farah dhukai 2


How did you end up creating a YouTube beauty channel and how did it grow to over half a million subscribers?

There are a couple reasons why I first started…which I talk about in my “Draw my Life” video, however, first and foremost, I was just in a rut.. no motivation, no ambition, I had suffered a deep loss and I felt like I was going no where in life and one day I was browsing the internet and came across some beauty tutorials on youtube and thought to myself that I could do this too (this was my alter-ego confident girl in me because believe me, I was SUPER shy) SO I grabbed my camera and just started filming things that I knew, that I thought I could share with people. I’m so glad I decided to start filming because it not only helped me get out of my shell and not be as shy, but it also helped fill a void within me. I can’t even believe I’m at over half a million viewers! I never thought that people would want to watch me as much as they do! I’m so thankful that they do! Honestly though, I wouldn’t have been able to grow without the help of my husband, Sal and the support of my family always encouraging me to just be myself. And of course, all of my viewers that have become a part of my family!


What are your 3 can’t leave home without beauty products?

I CAN’T live without something moisturizing for my lips, whether its a moisturizing lipstick, lip balm, tinted lip balm, or lip gloss.. I always need something that’s hydrating on my lips otherwise it drives me insane! Even though I make beauty videos, I’m such a tomboy lol I don’t even have a make up bag in my purse (believe it or not) soooo If I had to choose two other things, it would definitely be perfume (that’s beauty related right?) and powder.


farah dhukai


What is you absolute fav Indian outfit to wear?

Definitely Anarkali! Don’t get me wrong, lenghas and saris are SOOO beautiful but nothing compares to the comfort of an Anarkali!


You have another channel with your hubby and I love the two of you together, you’re too cute! How did you two meet?

Thank you so much! My husband and I met through a mutual friend many years ago and although that friend isn’t in our lives anymore, Ill always be grateful to them for bringing me the love of my life!


farah dhukai and husband


You have done an amazing job creating a career out of your dreams, congratulations on all your success! Do you have any advice for other girls when it comes to living their dream?

Thank you so much I really appreciate it! The best piece of advice I can ever offer anyone is to be themselves. In today’s world, I feel like we’re always losing ourselves to be able to fit in etc etc. so Be yourself. Be passionate about what you’re doing and give it your 100%. Dreams don’t work unless you do, so put in that work, give it all of you and you’ll be living your dream in no time.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself being a mom, enjoying life with my husband and of course, growing as a person and growing my channel. I’d also love to have my skincare line, that my husband and I are working on, available at Sephora. That would be a dream come true! But for now, we’re available online at


You can follow Farahdhukai on her youtube channel here.

What I Wore: Fashion Week

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Deepa Berar Toronto Fashion Week


It’s that time again, World Mastercard Fashion Week has taken over the city! I was invited to the Pink Tartan show (one of my absolute fav designers from Toronto) and got to talk with the lead stylists from Redken, Maybelline & Essie to see what went into the looks for Pink Tartan and find out what the trends are in hair, makeup & nails for Sring/Summer ’15.


My friend Caramia (from Bella Trois) and I vlogged the night and will post the video soon. In the meantime here’s what I wore-

Black leather peplum top- Forever 21

Black leather leggings- American Apparel

Black stiletto booties- Mango

Bag- Mango

Coat- Marc by Marc Jacobs


Deepa fashion week


We totally got pampered when we were there as the Redken team styled our hair for the night. Lucky girl having 2 artists working on me at the same time! Totally felt like a little celeb haha.


Deepa berar fashion week Redken


Here’s the after. Love it and am totally in love with the Powder Grip Texturizing hair powder. Gives you tons of volume at the roots (my neverending quest in life- to have some lift at the roots).




Did you check out any of the shows? Who’s your fav designer?

Sonam Kapoor Hair tutorial from the film Khoobsurat

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Sonam Kapoor is one lucky girl. Not only did she get to grow up as the daughter of famous actor Anil Kapoor, but she is the first actress to star in a Bollywood Disney film. I couldn’t think of a better person for the role!


Sonam in real life has turned herself into quite a style icon. From her fashion, to her hair & makeup, everything she does is immaculate. Her hair in the film Khoobsurat is perfect and a great go to look.


Here’s how my Sonam Kapoor Hair tutorial from the film Khoobsurat:


What I Wore: Black Sari

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black sari 2


On this week’s episode of Eye on Asia I wore one of my all time fav looks, a Black sari. There’s always been a bit of confusion as to where/when you can wear a black sari. As tradition dictates you shouldn’t wear it to any wedding functions, but I think in this day pretty much anything goes. If you are in doubt, go for a black sari that has a lot of work on it.


Deepa berar red lipstick 2


For the jewelry I wore gold earrings with read & green in it which went perfectly with the red & green border on the sari.


For the makeup I wore:

Eyes- Tamanna palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills

Lid- Gilded

Crease- Sangria, Bengal & Noir

Lips- Riri Woo by MAC


What’s your take on wearing black? Let us know in the comments :)

The 5 best Beauty Balms for your Skin

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What do bb creams do

What does a BB Cream do? I get asked that question a lot and how using a BB cream differs from a tinted moisturizer.


There is a pretty big difference as tinted moisturizers are pretty straightforward- moisturizer + foundation & maybe SPF. BB Creams on the other can contain extra benefits such as skin treatment, skin brightening/lightening and anti-aging properties to name a few.


I put together a list of the 5 best beauty balms for your skin:


Dr Jart+ Beauty Balm. Dr Jart+ carries 4 different formulations and is probably the closest to the original BB creams that originated in Korea. The  Water Fuse hydrates, Black Label calms blemishes, and Regenerating Beauty Balm brightens. They all offer light-to-medium coverage and SPF 30 protection.

dr jart+ bb cream


Estee Lauder Double Wear BB gives your skin sheer coverage and contains antioxidants and hyaluronic acid which plumps out skin and moisturizes with the added benefit of an SPF of 35.


Estee Lauder BB cream


Ren is great for those of you looking for a BB cream with anti-aging ingredients. It also gives a medium coverage so it’s a little closer to foundation than the others.


ren bb cream


Tarte is good for those of you looking for a BB cream with natural ingredients. This one is great too because it comes in 5 different shades so pretty much any skin tone can wear this. It contains an SPF of 30, is buildable and offers a 12 hour wear. The icing on the cake? It comes in an eco-friendly tube.


Marcelle. This is one of the best drug store BB creams out there and boasts 8 benefits in their formulation. Some of those benefits: evens out skin tone, protects from premature aging and environmental stresses and promotes skin regeneration to name a few.


marcelle bb cream

Do you use a BB Cream? Which one is your fav? Let me know in the comments!

Urban Decay Electric Palette Makeup Tutorial

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UD Electric palette thumbnail

You requested it and it is up! My Urban Decay Electric palette makeup tutorial. I hope you guys like this one, I had a LOT of fun filming it because the colors are so pretty and super pigmented. Also I am a sucker for pink eyeshadow worn in the crease.


Anywho, here’s the tutorial. Let me know if you want another look with this palette :)


Urban Decay Electric Palette Swatches

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urban decay electric palette


I’ve been dying to get my hands on this palette for a while now and finally I got to try it out! These colors are gorgeous, the color payoff is fantastic and fallout isn’t too bad as long as you press your shadows on (don’t sweep).


Here are the UD Electric palette swatches:

Top row-


Electric palette swatches


Bottom row-


Electric palette swatches 2


The only thing that I noticed was with the more vibrant colors like Savage, it stained my eyes. As in my eyes were still pink the next day after washing my face. My suggestion when using that is prime your eyes first (obvy) and place a neutral shadow all over the eyes first so it minimizes the contact that the color has with your skin.


Have you tried this palette? I’d love to see your looks! Post them to my Facebook page.

Oh and tomorrow’s tutorial will be featuring this palette ;)

What I Wore: Traditional Punjabi style Salwar Kameez

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deepa berar punjabi salwar kameez


For this week’s episode of Eye on Asia I wore a yellow & blue traditional punjabi style Salwar Kameez. Now normally I’m more of a sari/anarkali type of girl, but it’s fun to wear a throwback style every now and then and mix things up! The thing I like about this suit is the multi colored bling, makes it a little more modern and fun :)


yellow and blue churian


For the churian I mixed a matching yellow and blue set and used two ends with long blue jems on them.


deepa berar yellow and blue suit


The makeup I used was:

Eyes- MAC’s Orb, Soft Brown & Embark

Blacktrack Fluidline

Anastasia Dipbrow in Dark brown on the brows

Face- Illamasqua Skin base

Anastasia contour kit

Cheeks- MAC Hipness blush

Lips- MAC Please me mixed with Chatterbox


What’s your favorite type of suit to wear & why? Let us know in the comments!

How to Make your Bindi Stay on All day

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Bindi how to


One of my favorite parts of getting glammed up in Indian outfits is wearing a Bindi. I’m sure a lot of you feel the same way and besides the henna trend, bindi’s are crazy popular too right now! The only problem is they can be hard to keep on. Plus forget about second time use. Well I’m here to help! Here’s a step by step on how to make your bindi stay on.


What you’ll need:

A bindi. Obvy.


how to make your bindi stay on 2


Eyelash glue in either clear or white. You can try black but it might be visible once the bindi is on so it’s always safer to go with the clear/white stuff.


How to make your bindi stick


How to apply it:

Apply a good layer of the glue to the back of the bindi. Be careful not to apply too much as you don’t want it to seep out around the bindi.


How to make your bindi last all day


Allow the glue to dry for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. Then making sure you position it exactly where you want it to go, apply it to your forehead. As a general guide it’s good to aim for the bottom of the bindi to land between your eyebrows.


Deepa Berar yellow suit


Repeat the same process for the little bindis. I find it easier to use tweezers when applying these ones.


How to wear a bindi


Using tweezers allows you to make sure your hands remain glue free.


Make your bindi stay on


And your bindi ends up right where you want it.


Deepa berar bindi how to


Et voila! Now you can enjoy your party without worrying they’ll fall off!


Deepa berar bindi


What do you think, have you tried it before? Do you have any other tips/tricks to keep your bindi on? If so, please share with us all in the comments! xo