The 3 reasons your Foundation doesn’t match

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the 3 reasons your foundation doesn't match


One of the biggest if not the biggest complaint I hear from women when it comes to their makeup is that they can’t seem to find the right foundation.


We’ve all been there, you go into the store and get matched and it looks great under the harsh fluorescent lighting, but the minute you get outside your face all of a sudden looks like an alien transplant on your body. Ok maybe it’s not that bad but you know what I mean.


What are you supposed to do? Well I’ll tell you what not to do with the 3 reasons why your foundation doesn’t match:


1. You haven’t taken into account the color of your neck & chest.

Often we’re so concerned with the foundation matching our face that we completely forget to take into account that when people look at us, they see our neck & chest as well. So it’s important that you find a color that flows so that you don’t get that dreaded line that divides your face from your neck.


2. You use the same foundation shade all year round. 

This is such a common mistake that people make. Assuming that your winter foundation will work in the summer and vice versa. Think about it. We spend so much time outdoors in the summer, there’s a high chance your winter foundation will be too light. The same goes for the opposite scenario. Which is why you will almost always need to use 2 different shades within one year.


3. You’re trying to make your skin look lighter/darker with your foundation.

Ok so this one is more common than you think and totally doable BUT not with your foundation. Your base should always match your skin, and then you can use products like a lighter concealer to highlight the center of your face which will make your overall appearance lighter and/or using a bronze to darken your forehead, neck & cheeks to make you look more tanned.


Now for our “Create your Signature look” workshop contest winner…Rimmy Khurana you just won yourself a private, one-on-one 2 hour lesson with me! Check your inbox for details :)


Thanks to all of those who entered!

Makeup Workshop Contest Announcement!

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contest announcement


My Create your Signature look makeup workshop is just around the corner and in the spirit of summer I decided to add a little contest for you guys!


What do you win? Well besides the swag bags and tons of tips you’ll be getting just for attending, one lucky attendee will have their ticket upgraded to an exclusive One-on-One private lesson with me!! The private 2 hour session will be arranged at a later date.


Everyone that attends is eligible, tickets must be purchased by Thursday, June 25th. You can purchase yours by emailing me at with the word “Workshop” in the Subject field. There are only a couple spots left so act quick!


See you on Saturday :)


Deepa Berar Makeup Workshop Toronto

New Makeup Workshop Announcement!

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Deepa Berar Makeup Workshop Toronto


Guys!! I’m so excited to announce that I will be holding an extremely EXCLUSIVE makeup workshop in Mississauga on June 27th!


I’m only opening this up to 8 people because I want the focus to be on providing you guys with as much individual attention as possible.


The workshop will be fully hands on. I will be demonstrating an every day look and you will follow along on yourselves. I’ll be able to critique your individual techniques, provide tips unique to you, suggesting products for each of you and answering your questions. Plus as a bonus I will also show you how to take your look from day to night.


Details are:

Date:  Saturday June 27th

Time:  1-4pm

Location:  Mississauga, Ontario

Cost:  $45

How to register:  Email me at Please put “Workshop” in the Subject line. I will send you an invoice payable immediately to secure your spot, plus further instructions for that day.


Can’t wait to meet you!!!


Makeup Mondays: How to Combine Eyeshadow colors

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Makeup Mondays How to combine eyeshadow colors


Welcome to another episode of Makeup Mondays! I’m so glad you guys are finding these videos useful! Thanks so much for sending your questions in, if you have any questions please email me at or comment on this post :)


For this week’s question we discuss how to combine eyeshadow colors. So knowing which colors work well together, which colors to wear with your outfit and making sure your blush & lipstick colors are on point as well.


I use a color wheel to demonstrate color theory, if you want to pick one up just head on over to your local arts supply store or look one up on google.


Here’s the video!


Why People with Dark skin still Need to use Sunscreen

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The importance of suncsreen


Recently I attended an event thrown by Garnier Ombrelle at the Drake hotel in Toronto in honor of Sun awareness week which is June 1-7.


That got me thinking. Do people with dark skin still need to use sunscreen? I’ve never really been super strict when it comes to my sunscreen regimen because I’ve always felt like I’m naturally at less risk because my skin is darker. After watching the presentation by Ombrelle I decided I wanted to learn more.


Sunscreen Facts


It’s true that darker skin does in fact offer an advantage when it comes to sun protection because of the higher levels of melanin. However this doesn’t mean that it offers enough protection. Which is why you need additional coverage with a broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen.


Dark skin needs sunscreen


Ombrelle’s 2 new additions:

Ombrelle ultra light advanced


Ombrelle kids mineral


Both great products, but I’m super excited about the Mineral sunscreen as it’s all natural. Don’t worry about the label, you don’t have to be a kid to use it. :)


Brunch at the event. I had to include a pic because it was DELICIOUS. Smoked salmon eggs benedict.


Ombrelle Drake Hotel event

3 Tips to take your Beauty routine from Spring to Summer

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spring into summer beauty


It’s almost that know what I’m talking about. The time of the year when everyone seems to have a little more pep in their step. That’s right, I’m talking about summer!


I am definitely super excited (I know I missed most of winter being in California and all) but still I mean summer fashion, parties and makeup= FUN!!


One common question I get from my readers is how to adjust their beauty routines when the weather transitions between different seasons.


Here are the 3 tips you need to take your beauty routine from Spring to Summer:

1. Switch to a powder foundation or mineralize powder.

The Makeup Forever Pro finish powder has got to be one of my favs because of the sheer selection in colors, plus the fact that the finish is so smooth and the coverage is fantastic.


mufe pro finish powder foundation


2. Invest in humidity proof makeup.

Gone are the days when the only waterproof beauty product was mascara. Now you can find waterproof formulations in everything from eyeshadow to lipgloss and everything in between. Tarte, Makeup Forever and Kat Von D are cosmetic lines that carry a range of waterproof products.


kat von d liquid lipstick


3. Get your glow on.

Step up you highlighting/bronzing routine- this is the season to have fun with shimmer!

Tip- when applying bronzer play close attention to your neck. It’s often a different color than your face & chest given the way the sun hits your face & body and misses part of your neck entirely.


laguna bronzer nars

Do you have any summer beauty tips to add? Let me know in the comments!

Makeup Mondays: How to get that Winged Liner perfect + How to make your Concealer last

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Makeup Mondays Deepa Berar


My very first Makeup Monday video is up!! So you’re probably wondering what this whole Makeup Monday thing is all about..well basically you ask me any of your beauty related questions (email me at and I’ll answer them in a video post every Monday!


Here is the first video. In this video we talk about perfecting that winged liner and how to make your concealer last. Hope you guys like this new concept! Let me know in the comments :)