3 Tips to take your Beauty routine from Spring to Summer

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spring into summer beauty


It’s almost that time..you know what I’m talking about. The time of the year when everyone seems to have a little more pep in their step. That’s right, I’m talking about summer!


I am definitely super excited (I know I missed most of winter being in California and all) but still I mean summer fashion, parties and makeup= FUN!!


One common question I get from my readers is how to adjust their beauty routines when the weather transitions between different seasons.


Here are the 3 tips you need to take your beauty routine from Spring to Summer:

1. Switch to a powder foundation or mineralize powder.

The Makeup Forever Pro finish powder has got to be one of my favs because of the sheer selection in colors, plus the fact that the finish is so smooth and the coverage is fantastic.


mufe pro finish powder foundation


2. Invest in humidity proof makeup.

Gone are the days when the only waterproof beauty product was mascara. Now you can find waterproof formulations in everything from eyeshadow to lipgloss and everything in between. Tarte, Makeup Forever and Kat Von D are cosmetic lines that carry a range of waterproof products.


kat von d liquid lipstick


3. Get your glow on.

Step up you highlighting/bronzing routine- this is the season to have fun with shimmer!

Tip- when applying bronzer play close attention to your neck. It’s often a different color than your face & chest given the way the sun hits your face & body and misses part of your neck entirely.


laguna bronzer nars

Do you have any summer beauty tips to add? Let me know in the comments!

Makeup Mondays: How to get that Winged Liner perfect + How to make your Concealer last

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Makeup Mondays Deepa Berar


My very first Makeup Monday video is up!! So you’re probably wondering what this whole Makeup Monday thing is all about..well basically you ask me any of your beauty related questions (email me at info@deepaberar.com) and I’ll answer them in a video post every Monday!


Here is the first video. In this video we talk about perfecting that winged liner and how to make your concealer last. Hope you guys like this new concept! Let me know in the comments :)



And my Fav Lipstick is..

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Deepa Berar lipstick


I thought I’d do a little ode, a sweet, sweet love letter to my absolute fav lipstick on the whole entire planet. No it’s not going to be what you all might have thought given the insane amount of MAC lipsticks I have. It’s actually none other than..


Tom Ford Lipstick


Cue Jay Z in the background.


Tom Ford came out with his line of cosmetics a while back and as soon as I tried them I immediately fell in love. From the formulation (so creamy) to the color range (every single shade is gorgeous) to the packaging, I could go on and on. The only downside is the price tag ($55 CAD).


If you happen by a Holt Renfrew any time soon, make sure you pop in and try them on!

The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift (and it’s Only $38!)

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Deepa berar and mom


Mother’s Day is just around the corner and while a lot of you have already gotten your mom her gift, a ton of you are still out of ideas on what would be a great gift for your mom.


Well I’m here to tell you that while flowers and/or a spa day might sound like the best way to go, let’s face it, it’s been done a gazillion times before. For the same price I have the perfect mother’s day gift for you..a Nume professional styling wand!


Nume curling wand Mother's Day gift


If your mom is anything like mine (as in the type that LOVES any excuse to get dressed up- apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it!) she will be super happy when she gets this for Mother’s Day.


You can purchase yours here. Don’t forget to use the code LOVECURLS.

Introducing Makeup Mondays!

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makeup mondays


I’m so happy to announce a brand new feature on my blog and youtube channel..say hello to Makeup Mondays!!


What’s it all about? I wanted to help you all a lot more than just posting tutorials and product recommendations. I get a ton of questions from you guys and I figured what better way to help more people than answering in a vlog?!


Every week you ask the questions, and I’ll answer them! Email me at info@deepaberar.com, tweet me, comment on my posts/videos/social media posts. I’ll pick the questions I feel would benefit the most amount of people. They can be questions on makeup, hair, career advice..anything really!


Ask a question in the comments and let’s get started!

The Secret to Kylie Jenner’s lips

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Get kylie jenners lips


The youngest member of the Kardashian clan has been making quite a name for herself in the beauty world, namely for the transformation her lips have made over the past year.


So many of you (myself included) have been trying to recreate her look with lipliner & lipstick (you might remember my post on how to find the perfect Kylie Jenner lipstick) and while that may help you come close to the look it still won’t give you those full lips that up until now we all thought were lip injections. Turns out it’s not injections that made her lips that plump, it’s actually all natural. How did she do it?


She used a suctioning device to draw blood to her lips to make them appear larger. Don’t believe me? Watch the video below..



What do you think, would you try it? If you want to give it a try, I found a less costly version of the product Franceska uses right here.

Bella Trois talks Fall 2015 Beauty Trends at Toronto Fashion Week

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Bella Trois Fall 2015 beauty trends thumbnail


Here’s the last video in our series on World Mastercard Fashion Week in Toronto. In this one the Bella Trois girls, we get to talk to the lead stylists for beauty to find out what was the inspiration behind the look for the Pink Tartan show. Plus we talk Fall 2015 beauty trends and must have products :)


Here’s the video:




Just want to say a BIG thank you to Jorge Joao, Grace Lee & Rita Remark, plus the amazing PR teams at Redken, Maybelline and Essie. Can’t wait till the SS 2016 shows!

The Body Shop Spring 2015 Collections- What’s new!

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The Body Shop Dose of Glow event


Last week I was invited to The Body Shop in Toronto for their Dose of Glow event to preview their Spring 2015 collection. It was a ton of fun! It was a private event so they closed the store on Queen Street to the public and had a pretty fancy setup going on inside :)


The Body Shop Toronto


They had some yummy treats but my fave was the fresh, organic juice bar they had going on. I had the Glow juice which had Mango, Strawberry & Orange. Delicious!


The Body Shop Queen Street


For those of you that aren’t too familiar with the Body Shop, I know most of you would probably think of it as more of they type of store you would go to for body creams and stuff like that, but their makeup collection is reaolly good so give it a try when you get a chance.


The Body Shop Makeup collection


Ok onto the Body Shop spring 2015 collection…The thing I’m most excited about? The Fuji Green tea collection. Green Tea is an antioxidant and they actually sourced theirs from Mount Fuji in Japan. It’s pretty cool because women in Japan are known to use Green Tea directly on their skin to moisturize and tighten pores. The collection is in stores now.


The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea collection


The other collection that was super exciting was the Mother’s Day collection. The moisturizers & eye cream are perfect for mom’s because of their heavy Vitamin E concentration and the set which comes with a cute tote is only $30. That will be available as of April 27th so if you’re looking for Mother’s Day ideas, check it out.


The Body Shop Mothers Day Collection


What’s your fav item from the Body Shop? I’m super into the Coconut Body Butter right now. Smells like vacation in a tub :)

Bella Trois meets Jeanne Beker!!

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bella trois and jeanne beker


On the last post I promised to share our interview with one of the most iconic people in Canadian fashion, the Canadian version of Anna Wintour, Jeanne Beker. Jeanne hosted Fashion Television for 27 years and really blazed the trail when it comes to women working in media in this country. Total hustler and complete inspiration.


That’s why it was so exciting when we got to interview Jeanne backstage at Toronto Fashion Week. We were there for Pink Tartan (amazing show). If you want to see our interview with designer Kimberly Newport-Mimran and her hubby and future Dragon’s Den member(!!!!!) click here.


Here’s the vid: