Strobing 101: Everything you need to know about this Hot new Makeup Trend!

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Strobing 101 Everything you need to know


I’m sure by now most of you have heard about Contouring. Just pop the hashtag #contour into Instagram and you’ll find over 1.2 million posts! You might have even thought to try it, or tried it and found the technique to harsh for your face. Well not to worry my friends, I have the solution to make your features pop without bronzer, ABH or dark foundation.


Welcome to Strobing. What is strobing you ask? It is the technique of highlighting key areas of your face to make your features pop, enhance and brighten your overall look. Here’s what you’ll need:


Strobing basics


A great highlighting powder (or cream if you prefer), one that suits your skin tone. For skintones my shade or darker, opt with a powder that has a gold/bronze shimmer in it. I like MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Powder in Soft and Gentle or my other fav NARS Highlighting Blush in Albatross. Those of you with pink undertones can opt for a champagne shimmer like Benefit Cosmetics Watt’S Up Highlighter.


You’ll also need a good quality, natural hair brush like the MAC Mini Tapered Blending Brush #221 or a nice fan brush like the MAC Brush 184 Duo Fibre Fan Brush.


Strobing explained


Once you have the necessities, follow the map guide above and you’ll be all strobed up and ready to go!




– Apply with light brush strokes, don’t use too much pressure- It’s easier to apply more than remove!


– Use a powder for a simpler application. It’s easier to work with than liquids/creams


– Take the flash test! Take a pic after you apply and use the flash on your phone. If it looks too bright under your eyes, you’ll know to either use a different shade or less product


Have you tried this technique? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Transitioning your Beauty routine from Summer to Fall

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Bella trois CHCH Morning Live


The Bella Trois girls and I were on CHCH Morning Live today! We were talking transitioning your beauty routine from Summer to Fall. We’ve always wanted to do a segment on air together as we all work at CHCH- Jackie as you know hosts Morning Live First Edition and does traffic for Morning Live, Cara works camera and audio. So this morning was so much fun!


For the Redken products featured in the segment you can go to to purchase them, the NARS Cosmetics products are available at Sephora and most department stores.


To watch the clip, click here.

The 4 Steps you Need to add more Volume to your Hair

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Jaclyn Colville Deepa Berar Hair


One of the things that I hear most women ask about when it comes to their hair is how to get more volume & body. While it might seem like something I’ve never had to personally struggle with given the fact that I have super thick, Indian hair, I actually spent a lot of time striving to figure this out. My hair is fine to medium, there is just a ton of it on my head so it doesn’t have a ton of body to it naturally.


That’s why I wanted to put together my top tips on how to add more volume to your hair and help you get that thick, luscious mane you’ve wanted for so long!


First up is investing in a good volumizing mousse. You spray it directly to your roots while your hair is damp. I usually go section by section and then blow dry my hair upside down. This will add lift and thickness to your roots which helps your hair look more voluminous. My personal fav is the Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus.


big sexy hair root pump plus


Now that you’ve taken care of your roots, the next thing you’ll want to do is use a good texturizing spray on the mid to tips of your strands. You spray this sparingly into hair and using your fingers, scrunch the bottoms of your hair. Bumble and Bumble makes a great thickening one called Dryspun Finish


bumble and bumble dryspun



Now I don’t know about you, but when I do all this on my freshly washed hair it looks amazing, but by the 3rd day, my hair looks like it’s plastered against my scalp again. That’s where thickening powders come in. Thickening powders have a grip to them that instantly plumps up your roots and gives your hair that lift you had on the 1st day. Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion is fantastic, just be careful about carrying it around with you. If you knock it around too much the texture changes and it’s not as easy to use.


aveda hair potion


Now one of the best old fashioned ways to get that lift and volume you desire is to do it mechanically. I mean using a teasing comb/brush. Now not just any old teasing comb/brush will do, you need to invest in a good quality one if you want that professional look. Plus the higher quality your tools are, the easier they are to use. Trust me I was horrible at teasing my hair until I invested in this bad boy right here- the Cricket Carbon Teasing Comb.


cricket teasing comb


Do you have any tips you’d add to this list? Share them with us in the comments!

Adventures in California!

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So you guys already know that I was in California in July from my BeautyCon post, and I promised I would share more pics from my trip. Well guess what? I finally got to it!


First up is from my visit to the San Diego Zoo, which is rated as one of the world’s best zoos. There are a ton of animals and the way the setup is arranged, you pretty much get a glimpse of all the animals, they’re not hidden in some corner (although I will say most of them except the Pandas and Monkeys were’s a tough life).


Deepa Berar San Diego Zoo


One of the (many) things I love about California are the patios on the beach. I mean what could be better than grabbing a meal & a drink with nothing but miles of ocean as your view? This pic I took at a great spot in Laguna Beach called The Deck.


The Deck Laguna Beach


Ok I know I’ve been to LA a gazillion times, but this was actually my very first trip to the Griffith Observatory. It’s the infamous Planetarium on top of the hill, but another reason people flock to it is the amazing view you get of the Hollywood sign.


Hollywood Sign


One of my fav outdoor shopping malls in LA has got to be the Americana in Glendale. It’s sooo pretty there!


Glendale Americana


This pic I took in Santa Monica. LOL.


Santa Monica


Seemed appropriate to follow that with a pic of one of the many Margaritas I consumed. Hey! When in Rome..And no one does Margaritas like in Cali.


PB Margaritas


While I love Southern California as a whole, my fav place has to be San Diego. There is something just so amazing about the city that makes people just fall in love with it. This pic was taken at Mission Beach, which is just one of the many beautiful beaches San Diego has.


San Diego Mission Beach


I finally got to go to the races! I’ve been dying to go forever (ok ever since fascinators became a thing). We went to the Del Mar Fairgrounds race track and got to see the jockey that won the Kentucky Derby race.


Del Mar Fairgrounds


What would a post by me be without a shameless selfie lol?! I was actually testing out my selfie stick on the way to BeautyCon.


Deepa Berar BeautyCon


And that was my trip! Can’t wait to go back :)

My Day at BeautyCon LA 2015!

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BeautyCon LA


I’m back in Southern California right now and having an amazing time! I recently got to attend BeautyCon LA 2015  as most of you probaby saw from my instagram posts. It was an unreal event. So many people attended that I’m so grateful I got the premium ticket because I didn’t have to wait in any lines and got to sit in the reserved seating for the panels.


BeautyCon LA 2015


The panels were great. There were so many youtube celebrities there, some I hadn’t even heard of but seemed to pretty popular with the audience.


BeautyCon Youtube celebrities


It was great to listen to different artists stories and struggles and what it took for them to get to where they are now. Very inspiring.


BeautyCon panels


Besides the panels and booths, there were a ton of activities taking place outside like the live music stage, meet & greets, a Ferris wheel and some great food trucks.




For those of you planning on visiting LA in the future, two places you have to check out are Sprinkles cupcakes and my absolute fav, California donuts. Both were at the show :)


Sprinkles cupcakes BeautyCon


There were also live makeup demos taking place like Rob Scheppy working his magic at the Tweezerman booth.


Rob Scheppy BeautyCon Tweezerman


The VIP lounge was pretty cool, all the YouTube celebs were there hanging out including Christina Milian & her sisters. Cool story- I got to sit next to her sisters during her panel and had to sign a waiver to allow them to show my face on their reality show because they were filming!


BeautyCon VIP


Ok probably my fav moment of the whole event was meeting this guy right here- Rob Scheppy. So surreal. He is one of the artists that the Kardashians use. You usually see him working on Khloe the most and her makeup always looks amazing.


Rob Scheppy and Deepa Berar


I also got to meet one of my fav youtubers and the inspiration behind most of our Bella Trois videos- Claire Marshall. She was so down to earth and generous with her advice.


Claire Marshall and Deepa Berar


This last meetup was for my friend Jackie. She is a HUGE Mr. Kate fan and I even got her to say hi to Jackie on Snapchat. So sweet.


Mr Kate and Deepa Berar


All in all it was a pretty fun day. If you do plan on going to BeautyCon in the future, I would suggest getting there super early because the lineups were insane. Definitely worth it though!


My Eyebrow Routine

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My eyebrow routine


I’m back with another tutorial for you all, and this one you guys have been requesting for a while- my eyebrow routine. I show you the technique I use to fill in my brows plus my favorite products.


Here’s the video:



One part that didn’t seem to record (I could’ve sworn it did but I can’t find the footage anywhere!!) is the last bit where I apply a lighter concealer under my brows to clean up the edge and make the brows pop even more. Here’s an insta video I did on the same technique: