The 4 best Eyeshadow palettes for Fall

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Falls 4 best eyeshadow palettes


Ok so most of us (myself included) are going to start complaining about the weather at this time of year and how summer is over, yada, yada, but one thing that we can get excited about is Fall color! I don’t just mean the leaves, I mean makeup & fashion. I figured some of you would be shopping for new shadows so I thought I’d help by breaking down the 4 best eyeshadow palettes for fall.


vice 3 palette



The first one is the Vice 3 palette from Urban Decay. This one is full of great colors, you’ve got pretty much every fall appropriate color here in one palette. Most of them are shimmers so if you are into that, great, if not you might like the next one better.


tamanna eyeshadow palette copy


Ok this one has got me staring out the window just waiting for the Fedex guy to pull up any minute now. The Tamanna palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills was created by one of my biggest makeup inspirations, Tamanna Roashan from Dress Your Face. She is the master when it comes to the Arabic cut crease eye makeup look and these are the perfect shadows to achieve that look.

masterclass 3 palette


The Smashbox Master class 3 palette. This is probably the most well rounded palette as it contains pretty much every fall color including shimmers and mattes, but it also has highlight, contour and blush colors on the bottom row.


makeup forever 30 years 30 artists


The Makeup Forever Artist shadow palette is for those true makeup geeks out there. This one is a collaboration of 30 professional makeup artists and combines one custom color created by each artist into one palette box to mark the 30th anniversary of Makeup Forever. Pretty cool.


Have you picked up any palettes lately that you’re absolutely in love with? Comment above, I’d love to know!


Colorful Fall eyes using the Maya Mia Palette

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maya_mia_paletteOk so this has got to be my favorite new palettes for Fall 2014, the Maya Mia palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills. It has warm dark, fall tones plus some brilliant pops of color which plays really well into one of Fall’s biggest makeup trends. Maya Mia is a famous youtube guru who collaborate with Anastasia to come up with these gorgeous shades.


Here’s the look I came up with:


deepa berar maya mia makeup


And here’s the tutorial. Let me know if there are any other palettes you would like to see me create looks with :)




5 Common Makeup mistakes & How to fix them

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mup mistakes


So today we are pulling some skeletons out of my closet. We’re talking about the 5 common makeup mistakes most people make and how to fix them, but they’re not just any mistakes, they’re my mistakes I’ve made in the past and have had to learn how to fix the hard way (as in before youtube tutorials & beauty blogs).

mup mistakes 1

Ok so blush is one area where I am constantly trying to improve my skills. I never find I can get it blended perfectly on or the placement is off, or the amount of color doesn’t match on both sides. Anyways, the main trick I’ve learnt with a powder blush/bronzer, is you have to set your liquid foundation with a setting powder before you even think about adding anything powder based on top. Otherwise the blush/bronzer will stick to the wet foundation and then you’re done in terms of blending. That stuff’s not going anywhere.

mup mistake 2

Before I studied makeup I used to use MAC NC35 studio finish concealer under my eyes. I was an NC40/42 in foundation and figured it was a shade lighter so that’s what I was supposed to use. Not the case at all. If you have dark circles you should correct the darkness with a peach colored concealer first and then use a lighter concealer in your skin tone to highlight.

mup mistake 3

Once upon a time before I studied skin tones I used to use the same foundation, in a lighter color, all year round. Big mistake. Using a foundation that matches your skin exactly means you don’t see it sitting on your skin. It just evens you out and makes you look flawless. If you use the same color all year round, at some point it will end up being too dark or too light at which point everyone can see foundation on your face. Not fun.

mup mistake 4

I was a MAC Studio fix customer when I first started in makeup because a) It was quicker & easier to apply & b) I thought powder looked more natural on. Sooo not the case at all. Think about it. Powder sits on top of your skin whereas liquids/creams blend into your skin. Makes sense, right? Plus there have been so many advancements in the world of liquid foundation that there are a whole host of coverage levels and colors that you can surely find your perfect match that both covers and blends right into your skin tone giving you a natural finish. Or you can always go for a BB cream or tinted moisturizer instead.

mup mistake 5

Ok I was baddd with this one.  I used to fill my brows in with black eyeliner LOL. And no, I am not showing you the pictures ;P

Unless you have blue/black hair, do NOT fill your brows in with black. Opt for a color that is a bit softer. So if you have very dark hair, almost black, use a dark brown instead. The color will still be dark enough but the hue will look more natural on you.


What are some common mistakes you’ve made in the past?



Bella Trois: Our favorite Sunglasses

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bella trois sunglass text


The Bella Trois girls and I are back with another video for you, in this one we discuss our favorite sunglasses. I feel like sunglasses are such a personal choice as everyone has a completely different face shape. It can be tricky knowing which frames would suit your face best so I found this handy guide from





Personally I have an oval shaped face and my favorite sunglasses have to be aviators.



ray ban aviators copy


Watch our video below ;)




What are your favorite sunglasses?

How to choose the best Eyeshadow Primer for you

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best eye primer

If there’s one thing that’s a must in your makeup kit, it’s eyeshadow primer. Primers hold your eyeshadow in place and allows the color to show up nice and vibrant. It prevents your shadow from ending up in your crease or half way down your eyes by the end of the night (I mean who really wants raccoon eyes??).

I’ve broken down the top selling primers and am here to help you figure out how to choose the best eyeshadow primer for you.



urban decay primer potion copy


The best selling & top rated primer on the market by far is Urban Decay’s Primer potion. For good reason too, it holds your shadow in place all day and the texture of it is perfect. Not too liquidy or thick and you need the tiniest amount.


too faced shadow insurance primer copy

Too Faced Shadow Insurance is also a best seller, it works as good as the primer potion, the only difference being that it is more liquidy which makes it great for mature skin as you don’t want to put anything too heavy on.



mac-paint-pot-groundwork copy


Ok my fav and the one I use on a daily basis is MAC’s paint pot. This stuff is like magic, esp if you have oilier eyelids. Plus there are several different colors so you can find the one that works best for your skin tone. I personally use the shade Painterly. If you find this still lets oil through, try the MAC paint.


bare minerals prime time eyelid primer copy

If you’re looking for something that has more natural ingredients but is still as effective, Bare Minerals Prime Time is the primer for you. It’s free of parabens and a host of other toxic ingredients.

Whichever eyeshadow primer you end up choosing, one tip that will help is to use a very tiny amount. The biggest mistake I see women make with eye primer is that they put too much on. You only need enough to put a thin layer from your lashes to your brows.

What’s your favorite primer?


Fall 2014 Makeup trends on CHCH Morning Live

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I was back on CHCH Morning Live yesterday talking Fall 2014 makeup trends. What are the biggest trends? Well I’ll break them down for you!


Smokey eyes with a pop of color. No palette combines all this better than the Maya Mia palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills. Maya Mia is a famous youtube beauty guru and collaborated with Anastasia to come up with this palette.


Glittery smokey eyes. There are some great glitters out there, one of my favs- Makeup Forever Diamond powder. There are quite a few shades to choose from and the great thing is it stays glittery all day.


diamond_powder90′s lips are a huge trend thanks to Kylie Jenner. How to get this look? Think lipliner. My 2 favs for this are MAC Spice (total 90′s color) & Whirl.





If you didn’t get a chance to watch the segment yesterday, here it is:





What is your favorite trend for summer? Don’t forget to Subscribe to my blog for more updates!

What I wore: Simple summer suits

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Deepa Summer suit


It’s the last few weeks of summer and that means goodbye to lightweight fabrics, soft colors and not having to grab a jacket when you leave the house.


Deepa Berar summer suit


I wore this suit recently on an episode of Eye on Asia. I like the colors in it, super soft and pretty. For the makeup I used the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette.


Deepa bangles


Who else is a fan of the midi ring? Can’t get enough of them. That one is from Forever 21. The other rings are from Aldo and the bangles are from India.


2014 Emmys best beauty looks

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Did you catch last night’s Emmys show? It had some pretty fun moments in it, my fav had to be the Billy in the Street bit when Billy Eichner & Seth Meyers ran around NYC asking random people questions about the show. If you missed that part, you can watch it here.

Now for the 2014 Emmys best beauty looks! This year’s looks were amazing! Lately the red carpets haven’t been terribly exciting, but last night’s definitely was.





Ok Kerry Washington’s makeup had to be by far my fav of the night. I like the smokey blue with the nude lip, paired with the orange dress, great play on complimentary colors. Thinking I might just do a tutorial on this one.




Hayden Panettiere’s updo was so elegant & girly & fun. Best updo of the night.


heidi klum emmys 2014



Heidi Klum looked like a goddess in that coral Zac Posen gown. The color of the dress combined with her golden tan and blond hair- stunning.




Natalie Dormer’s curls were amazing. The way they framed her face, totally brought her whole look together. Plus I love that it looked so effortless & done all at the same time. That’s the dream peeps, that is the dream.




Ok Kelly Osbourne’s makeup was unreal. I mean, look at how pretty and polished it looked! Great makeup artist. Tutorial maybe?


I’ll leave it up to you guys- Would you rather see a tutorial on Kerry Washington’s makeup or Kelly Osbourne?


POLL: What do you want to see me cover?

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So I have a question for you, but first off I have to say THANK YOU to all of my readers for supporting me by reading my blogs, watching my videos and liking my Facebook & Instagram posts. I absolutely LOVE posting for you. I didn’t realize in the beginning just how much fun this journey would be and to receive and read your positive & encouraging comments along the way, well just makes me want to do more for you and to make this blog the best it can be.


In order for me to do that, I would love to know what exactly you would like to see me cover? Please take a second and vote on the options below. You can choose multiple answers. If you have any more suggestions, please comment on this post.


online poll by Opinion Stage


Also please share this blog with your friends as I’d love to help as many people as possible! Thanks!


XO, Deeps ;)