How to Take Care of Dry Winter Hands

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How to take care of dry winter hands


I don’t know about you but every winter my body gets sooo dry, like I need to crawl into a tub filled with moisturizer dry, especially my hands. I already have eczema, so the cold, dry Canadian winter air really doesn’t help things at all. I’ll be in the mild southern California air next week, but until then I’ll have to manage this situation. If you guys go through the same thing, I wanted to share my top tip on how to take care of dry winter hands.


Fresh Hand Moisturizers


So my top tip on taking care of dry winter hands is…keep hand moisturizer EVERYWHERE. I’m not kidding guys, this has been a total game changer for me. Sounds so simple right?  I used to moisturize at home and then head out and by the first hand wash my hands would be super dry and then of course I would be out and not able to reapply. I started to keep mini hand moisturizers everywhere. On my bed side table, in the kitchen, in my purse, in my workout bag and it has kept my hands so soft. If you guys are hand washing freaks like me you need to hop onto this tip.


take care of dry hands


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Soap & Glory Hand Food

Soap & Glory Heel Genius


What is your biggest tip to keeping you hands soft all winter?


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