Time Saving Makeup ideas

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Time saving makeup ideas


One of the biggest reasons why a lot of women don’t bother with makeup is the time it takes to put it on. That’s what I hear anyways. I can understand that, I mean I can just see the crazy household morning rush with three kids to feed, dress and get out the door, not to mention the dog that won’t stop barking and knocking things over and then the milk spilled on your business suit and the toast is burnt and your husband is standing in the corner watching some lame prank video, completely oblivious to it all. Ok maybe I can’t fully understand it, but I can empathize.


So what I decided to do was to put together a list of time saving makeup ideas that could help you look and feel your best before you face your day. After all that’s what 2016 is all about right?! All you need is 5 minutes. Just 5 minutes and you can do sooo much with your look, I promise.


Hack 1.

Simplify your routine. Ok admittedly you’re gonna need a little time on a weekend to go through all your stuff and weed out the things you know you’re never gonna use. You don’t have to trash it or donate it just yet, all I want you to do is pick 1 thing from each category below and keep that aside for your daily routine. If you don’t have all the items, get your butt to a MAC or Sephora asap.

Here’s your checklist:


Everyday makeup checklist


Hack 2.

Keep said items in a spot that is easily accessible, clean and organized. Always put your items back in that spot, and don’t put anything else there. I mean it. Nothing else. Not even in a pinch.


Hack 3.

Follow the routine listed below. Every. Single. Day.


Makeup application order

Hack 4.

Invest in your tools & keep on top of replacing used items. I can’t stress enough how much using the proper brush will affect your final look. You’ll need a concealer brush, powder brush and blush brush for sure. Those are your basic minimums. PLEASE remember to replace your mascara every 2 months. We don’t like bacteria in and/or around our eyes. Ain’t nobody got time for that.


Hack 5.

Know when to play with your makeup. The best time to try different colors/products/techniques is after the kids are asleep and you’ve had a glass of wine (not quite 2, we’re not trying to lose an eye here) and are going to wash your face. Why’s this the best time? Cause you can make all the mistakes you want and no one will have to see it, silly!


Ok so let’s all make a pact that we’re going to revamp our makeup routines and get a pretty, everyday look going. If you want to see mine, here’s the video I did breaking it all down. Now I don’t have kids a dog or a hubby so I can take 10 minutes, but I promise when I need to simplify I can get it down to 5.



  • Chantal
    February 19, 2016

    Love this! Thank you Deepa! I also don’t have the hubbie and kids scenario, but still have days when on the go I want to add a bit of life to my face. Great tips for doing so when I’m in a rush.


    • Deepa Berar
      February 19, 2016

      Yay glad you found it helpful Chantal 🙂

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