Happy Halloween from The LaVelles!

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The LaVelles Halloween


It’s Halloween guys!! Who else loves this time of year? Ok so while I love Halloween, Derek actually loves it more, which is why we made sure I would be in San Diego at this time. It’s been a fun filled few days, but my fav part was Derek letting me do a sugar skull makeup on him. So, so fun. Couples who makeup together, stay together as the saying goes (or something like that) haha.


Also, got some Halloween makeup tips for ya guys 😉


Scary Pumpkin


We carved a scary pumpkin, have been watching tons of scary movies and have almost finished season 2 of Stranger Things (so, so good!).  One thing we’ve been pretty good about it not indulging too much in the Halloween candies, we’ve actually been reading The Paleo Mom’s new book Paleo Principles and getting prepped to record a “What I eat in a day- AIP” vid for you guys so watch out for that 😉


Deepa Berar Sugar Skull Makeup


Anyways I have some Halloween makeup tips for you guys! My top adhesives for glitter & jewels.

1. Shimmer- INGLOT Duraline. Mix some shimmer into a drop of duraline to get a super pigmented shine.

2. Glitter- NYX Glitter Primer. Apply a dab to your skin and press the glitter on top.

3. Jewels- Spirit Gum. Apply a drop to the back of the jewel and hold the jewel onto your skin for about 10 seconds.


Hope that helps! What are you all dressing up as?


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