My Impromptu Bachelorette Party!

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Deepa Berar Bachelorette


Hello hello hello! Hope you’re all enjoying this unbelievably gorgeous day out there, I am currently in a Starbucks enjoying all the sunshine coming through the windows and thinking about how I can’t wait to bust out with the summer sandals! Got a fun post for you all! You might recall me mentioning I have big news that I wanted to share with you all (if you follow me on social media you already know)..I got married!! Yes I have been officially married for 2 weeks now. 2 whole weeks!


Deepa Bachelorette


I can’t believe it! I know I’ve been pretty private about that part of my life, I’ll share more on that later, but now that we’re married you will get to know all about the luck guy (haha, yes yes I am lucky too). We’ll start off with his name, Derek. He’s a chef from San Diego, hence all the time I’ve been spending there lately. We’ll get into more about him & the wedding over the next few posts, but let’s get to the fun stuff, the bachelorette!


Bachelorette shots


Deepa Berar Bachelorette drinks


I totally wasn’t expecting to have one. As you all know this isn’t my 1st marriage, it’s my 2nd (AND LAST!!) so I’ve already done all that stuff before. But. My cousins had something else in mind. Have I mentioned I have the best family/friends in the world?!


Deepa Berar Bachelorette dinner Cibo Toronto


Anyways back to the bachelorette, we started off at my cousin Tania’s condo downtown Toronto. They had it decorated with all sorts of fun bachelorette snacks!


Yummy stuff cupcakes


We headed out to Cibo Wine bar on King West in Toronto. I love this place, totally my vibe! Great food, great atmosphere and a great crowd. I had the porcini mushroom risotto, delicious!


Cibo Toronto Risotto


After that we ended up across the street at Early Mercy for drinks & dancing. Has anyone been there before? This was our first time. The girls had me wear a veil which was so fun. All night people were coming up to me asking if I was getting married. Everyone was so excited, it was really sweet.


Deepa Berar Early Mercy


My fav part of the whole night was the Sesame Street dance they had on the TV’s. I have no idea how they did it, but it was up the whole night and the dance would be completely in sync with the music playing. Amazing. It’s the little things in life people 😉


All in all it turned out to be a pretty amazing night. I felt like Charlotte from Sex & the City, you guys remember that episode where they ended up at a bar right before she was getting married and there was a group of ladies that were celebrating a bachelorette there? Anyways Charlotte felt like she didn’t have the right to celebrate since it was her 2nd marriage and the bachelorette gave her the veil she was wearing and they made her celebrate and she had the best time ever. That’s how I felt 🙂


Deepa Berar Bachelorette party


Stay tuned for a bachelorette makeup tutorial, I’ll have that up for you guys soon!


Mrs LaVelle


Question- How do you guys feel about 2nd marriages? Do you think you should celebrate all of it all over again? I didn’t at first but I’m glad I got to. Thank you cousins!!

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