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She does WHAT on Skype???


So you’ve probably heard the rumours and I’m here to tell you that, yes, they are true. I do online makeup lessons. Personal, professional and (new) how to start your own blog!


I know how hard it can be to get the help you need, when you search online you get bombarded with a gazillion different videos. Not to mention when you go into the store you get differing advice from 20 different sales people. I help declutter all that info and answer your questions one-on-one.


I want you to help you by giving you the information you need. There’s nothing like the feeling you have when you know what you’re doing. I want to help you so you can feel confident all the time šŸ™‚


How does this all work you ask? Well first off you fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we schedule a time for your complimentary 30 minute consultation over Skype. We decipher your unique needs, set up a time for our first session, and off we go!


Here are the different packages:


Personal Online Makeup lessons:

This one is for the person looking for 1-on-1 help by me with their personal look. We take a look at your unique needs, go through your daily routine and I help you refine and customize your look to suit your vision. It’s not only about answering questions & making suggestions, we also do a step-by-step lesson where I demo the techniques on myself and you follow along. This way I can monitor your technique and give you feedback instantly.


Personal online makeup lessons


Professional Online Makeup Lessons:

This one is for the aspiring makeup artist out there! I’m really excited about this one because I put so much time into designing this course. I work with you 1-on-1 and go through everything from theory, to technique and tools as well as a live application on a model so I can monitor and help you refine your skills.


Online Professional Makeup course


The Art of Blogging:

This is a new course I designed in response to the many, many questions I receive almost daily on blogging and social media. I go through everything you need to know to start your own blog, offer career advice, show you how you can make money blogging and for the aspiring video creators out there we can touch on youtube as well.


online blogging course


Interested in signing up for your complimentary 30 minute consultation with me? Complete this form and let’s get started!


  • Kanti
    November 22, 2016

    I show your lesson plan, All are in US dollar. Are you also providing lesson in India. If yes then which city or place. I am living in Delhi. let me know the nearest place so that I can go there.

    • Deepa Berar
      August 19, 2017

      My apologies, for some reason I didn’t see this message until now! I’m located on Canada but I can do lessons on Skype. Msg me at for more info!

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