The Easiest way to Boost your Confidence

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Easiest way to boost your confidence


Ok I know what it feels like. You see that girl that seems to literally walk on air. She’s gorgeous, feels great about herself all the time and seems to have all the confidence in the world. Well my friends, let me tell you, you too can feel that way. I promise it’s way easier than you think. That’s why I’m here to tell you about the easiest way to boost your confidence!


Yup, you read it right, affirmations. Your brain is a really tricky organ in that it believes anything you tell it. So if you tell it your nose is too big and your eyes are too wide, well it’s going to believe your nose is too big and your eyes are too wide.


If you tell it you don’t want pizza and donuts, guess what you’re gonna be craving? Pizza and donuts. You get the idea.


That’s why it is so, so important to inundate yourself with POSITIVE messages. The easiest way to do that? DAILY POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS. We are currently doing a 21 day affirmation challenge in the Deep Beauty Facebook group, you all are more than welcome to follow along. Here’s the rules:


Come up with 3 affirmations about yourself or your life. How to write them? Start off with “I am” and then insert a positive statement of what you want to happen. So for instance, you want to be more confident (this is actually one of mine). You would write:


I am becoming more confident every day.


Now repeat this out loud at least once in the morning and once at night in the mirror. Bonus points if you recite this all day, errday. Think about it, if you keep thinking that all day long, eventually your brain is going to believe it. Your brain believes anything you tell it, so just..


Fake it till you make it baby! 


Anyways if you want to join our challenge, apply to join the Deep Beauty Facebook community here. We’d love to have you ;)

The #1 Tip to Being Happier in Life- So Simple!

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#1 tip to being happier


Ahh happiness, that elusive, sought after feeling that seems to be so fleeting at times. Happiness and to be happy in life isn’t as hard to acheive as it sometimes seems. Sure life stuff will happen and things won’t always be simple or go your way, but I’m here to fill you in on a little secret. I have the #1 tip to being happier in life and it is so, so easy to do.


What is it you ask?


Exercise for happiness


Yup, exercise. 20-30 mins of any physical activity that gets your heart pumping a little harder will release dopamine in your brain which is the chemical that is responsible for happiness, productivity and energy levels.


It’s also the subject of my latest Deep Beauty video, I go into details as to how it all works. Also! Join our secret Deep Beauty Facebook group (ladies only) to join our monthly challenges so we can all be happier together!



Question- Are you a regular exercise, and have you experienced it making you happier?

Secret Deep Beauty Facebook Group

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Deep Beauty Facebook Group


How’s everyone doing on this last Monday of May?! I am loving the fact that June is around the corner, 2 reasons, a) June=summer & b) My bestie is coming to town!! Yup, all the way from Melbourne, Australia, I get her for 8 glorious weeks! Can not wait to share our adventures with you guys. Also, can not wait to fill you guys in on my next project..the Secret Deep Beauty Facebook group!!


You guys know I’ve been working with Lauryn from The Skinny Confidential for over a year now and she has inspired me to connect and help you guys on a deeper level. Which is where the idea for the Facebook group started.


Deepa Berar and Lauryn Evarts


I wanted to create a space for all us gals to connect and share our trials & tribulations and how we got through some of the more unpleasant things in life. Like I was saying on our last Instagram live, I feel like sometimes in our culture (from what I’ve experienced at least) people can put up this image of perfection as if nothing ever goes wrong. No one wants to admit their flaws or be vulnerable, which at the end of the day doesn’t do anyone any good.


We are all sitting here suffering in silence when we could be helping lift and support one another.


I dunno about you guys but I am soooo over it all. That’s why I’m starting this group, so that we can have a safe, private (it’ll be a closed group & WOMEN only) place to share our struggles and reach out for support.


So watch out for that guys, it’ll be starting June 1st anddd, there will be a GIVEAWAY!! I’ll be choosing a winner from the 1st 50 people to join, and trust me you’ll definitely want to enter. Giveaway details will be posted in the group June 1st, I’ll be posting a link to the group on my Facebook Page.


Can’t wait to connect with you all a little bit deeper!

How to Live a Fulfilling Life

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Deepa Berar How to Live a fulfilling life


Happy April everyone! It’s finally starting to feel like spring around here, yay! It’s strange to go from summer weather in San Diego to winter in Canada and then to spring within 3 weeks, but I’m just grateful the weather is starting to warm up a little. The warm weather and sunshine just puts everyone in a good mood :)


Pandora Do Spring 2017 Jewelry


So today’s post is an important one, I’ve got another Deep Beauty video for you and we are talking about how to live a fulfilling life. I was totally inspired by PANDORA’s new campaign called DO which is all about female empowerment and being true to yourself. Such an important message.


Living a fulfilled life has more to do with helping others than it does with helping yourself. I get so inspired when I see people that go out of their way to give their time and energy to make someone else’s life better. Just gives you the feels! I’m also super impressed by brands that do this, which is why I wanted collaborate with #DOPANDORA on this video.


Filled with Romance PANDORA Rose


As a brand they are continually doing things to reduce their environmental impact and promote sustainable behaviours. They don’t need to do this, they choose to. They’re also partnered with Dress For Success which is an amazing charity that does all sorts of things to help empower women. They don’t need to partner with them, they choose to.


We are all given the opportunity to help others, as the saying goes everyone has the same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce. What you do with those hours is up to you.


Pearlescent Hearts of PANDORA band Silver Ring


Taking the initiative to help someone else out with no expectations in return is what fulfillment is all about. I’ve had many people help me in my life and wouldn’t be where I am today without them! As I’ve mentioned before I’ve been working with a mentor, Lauryn Evarts for the past year. Her one requirement at the end of our mentorship is for me to go on and mentor someone else. Amazing concept! So watch out for that, I’ll be posting that in the next few months :)

Moments Silver Bangle PANDORA Rose Clasp

Here’s the video! I’d love to know if any of you have gone out of your way to help someone in need, I’d love to hear your stories! Let me know in the comments.


Jewelry featured in this video:

Pearlescent Hearts of Pandora Band

Moments Silver Bangle w/ PANDORA Rose Clasp

Filled with Romance, PANDORA Rose Charm

This post was sponsored by Pandora & all opinions are my own.

How to Face your Fears!

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Face your fears

Hello, hello, hello!! How’s everyone doing today?! Hope you’re all doing well :) So. In the spirit of spring (I know, it totally doesn’t even feel like it’s here yet) I have a an awesome deep beauty video that kinda fits into the spring cleaning, fresh beginnings mode. It’s all about how to face your fears!


I think you guys are gonna love this one because I added a bit of a homework assignment to the end of it that will hold you guys accountable. I don’t want this blog or any of my posts to be just preachy words of inspiration of advice that you can’t apply to your real life. I want you guys to walk away from my posts with actual actionable tools that you can apply to your life to make a real difference.


Deepa Berar How to face your fears


So stay tuned to the end so you guys can have what you need to finally face your fears and live the life you want! Oh and I have a very special post coming up soon..let’s just say you all know how private I can be about my personal life..well I’m gonna let you peak into my world real soon!


Heres the vid!

Question for you- What was one fear you overcame and how did you conquer it?



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How to Deal with Toxic People

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How to deal with Toxic People


So we’re back with another Deep Beauty video, this topic was requested by a few of you- how to deal with toxic people or people that mistreat you.


First off let me say that I have been there. Many times. I dunno what it is that makes people feel like they can try and bring you down or why they’re so toxic in the first place. The only thing I do know is you have no control over anyone but yourself.


Let me repeat that-

You have no control over anyone but yourself.

Sounds like a basic concept but it’s one that took me years to fully grasp and let’s all be honest- I know I’m not alone here!


Toxic people are basically unhappy and unfulfilled and when you’re in that state, I mean how can you be good and how can you be happy for others?? Kinda makes sense when you think about it.
Anyways, here’s the video. I’d love to know if you guys have dealt with toxic people or have had anyone mistreat you and what you did to remove yourself from the situation?



My Alopecia Story

Sunday, March 26, 2017 0 0

My alopecia story


Ok so this post has been a long time coming. You might’ve noticed I’ve been a bit MIA from the blog. This is due to various reasons, as I previously mentioned I’ve been working with a mentor, Lauryn Evarts from The Skinny Confidential (eek!). We decided I needed to take some time to focus more on my Youtube & Instagram for a bit.


The other reason, well if you haven’t been following me on social media, is because back in August I got hit with Alopecia. Alopecia Areata is a condition in which you lose your hair. Over the months of August to January my hair was falling out. Non-stop. Every single day. Some days would be less, some days would be more and a few days I had clumps falling out. Seriously one day it was as much as a baseball. I’d guesstimate I lost about 70% of my hair.


Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset


Needless to say it was an extremely stressful time. One of the many causes of Alopecia Areata is believed to be stress, so I decided to take any extra things off my constantly overloaded plate and go back to the basics. Hence cutting back on blogging.


I decided to open up about my struggles with Alopecia in hopes that it would help any of you out there that are going through the same thing. After all, the Deep Beauty message is all about helping each other out. I am going to post a lot more about my journey with Alopecia, what I’ve been doing to regrow my hair (yes it stopped falling out and is growing back in!) and all about my transition into healthy eating (still transitioning- it’s a bit of a process haha!).


Anyways if you haven’t seen the video, here it is:



How to Stop Caring What Other People Think

Sunday, January 8, 2017 0 0

how to stop caring what other people think


Hello 2017! I hope you guys are having a fantastic start to the new year, I know I am, can you tell by the smile above haha! The first topic we’re going to tackle is another Deep Beauty video, this one is tips on how to stop caring what other people think. I’ve had a few of you write in requesting a video like this and I finally bit the bullet and put my real thoughts into a video.


Oh and thanks so much for your patience guys, I really needed to take the time off from the blog to get myself into the Youtube/Instagram zone, it’s really helped a lot and now I am ready to get back to blogging! I’ve missed it but more than that, I’ve really really missed you guys. For 2017 I’ve decided I want to get more personal on the blog. I don’t know about you, but I can be a pretty private person, but if there’s one thing I learnt in 2016, it’s that no one ever gained anything from a closed book. So I’m here to share more of myself, my life, my struggles, my joy, anything to help you all with your journeys.


This video might be a little controversial, and I’m sure some people won’t agree with me, but this is how I live my life, everyone has the right to live theirs the way they want.


Here’s the vid!



Let me know if you guys have any requests! Oh and what are your new years resolutions? I’m dying to know!

How to Deal with Haters

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how to deal with haters

New video up for you guys! This one talks all about how to deal with haters. Hate can exist anywhere, I know a lot of us that put ourselves online will probably face it more than others, we all know how people love to hide behind their computers and attack *sigh. That doesn’t mean other people in different industries don’t face it. Hate exists everywhere and I find it’s due in part to people being just so unhappy with their own lives.


So  I put together a couple of my top tips to help you deal with hate. I know some of you might not agree with my approach, but hey, I just try to live my life in line with that awesome saying:


lion sheep quote


Spread positivity and love! Anyways, here’s the video! I’d love to know your thoughts, or if you have any tips as well! Let me know in the comments ;)


How to be Confident | Deep Beauty

Tuesday, June 21, 2016 2 0

how to be confident

New Deep Beauty video is up! This one breaks down some tools you can utilize on how to be confident.


Before I share the vid I want to address something with you guys. I know I’ve been MIA from the blog. But. I promise you it’s for a good reason. For one thing I’ve had a crazy busy June with work. Literally working pretty much every day from 4am till 7pm. Crazy I know.


I have another week or so to go, but once that passes I’ll be back at it. I promise you I’m not abandoning the blog, I love it way too much to quit! The other reason is, well, I’ve decided to put a little more effort into the YouTube channel. I’ve been working with someone very special, you might have heard me mention her before- Lauryn Evarts from The Skinny Confidential.


She is the coolest chick ever. So sweet and down to earth and total mogul in the making. Anyways she’s been like a mentor to me and we decided that for me to get my Deep Beauty message out and help as many women as possible, I should focus on the YouTube for a bit.


Just wanted to be honest with you guys as you have all been nothing short of supportive of me. Plus it’s good to take a break every now and then, helps you recharge and come back with better ideas and a ton more energy!


Ok now that that’s out of the way, I have your 2nd Deep Beauty video! This one is all about how to grow your self confidence. Let me know if you have any topics you want me to cover!