How Your Diet is Directly Linked to Your Health with Dr Sarah Ballantyne

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Dr Sarah Ballantyne on the Deep Beauty Podcast


New podcast episode up! Guys I got to interview Dr Sarah Ballantyne, author of The Paleo Approach, the book I followed when I was on the AIP diet. I wanted to share her knowledge with you all because she backs so much of the why’s of the diet with hard, scientific fact.


When I was going through the alopecia, reading all of the ways the food you were eating was going to help your body on a biochemical level just gave me such immense peace of mind!!


Dr Sarah Ballantyne on the link between Diet and Health



If you are suffering from an autoimmune disorder or some other health issues that you haven’t been able to figure out, you have to read her books. She also has some great recipes you can recreate and a whole bunch of info on her website,


Here’s the interview! Subscribe on iTunes and leave a comment to let me know what you think.

Tips on Achieving your 2018 Goals

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The Deep Beauty Podcast Tips on Achieiving your 2018 Goals


Hey guys! Back with another Deep Beauty Podcast for you guys, this one is a little different in that it’s not an interview. What I wanted to do was share some of my top tips on achieving your 2018 goals!


This is a follow up to the post I did on making 2018 your most productive year. Hope this one helps you guys! Like I mention in the podcast, if you guys are looking for an accountability partner, I am here for you! Send me a message at :)


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How to Stick To Your Fitness Plans with Dee Gautham

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How to stick to your fitness plans with Dee Gautham


Guys, guess what..New years is right around the corner! Do you guys have any resolutions? I don’t know how I feel about resolutions anymore, I just think that if you want to implement something into your life, it shouldn’t matter that it’s Jan 1st. With that being said though, I do feel like it’s super important to revisit your goals at the start of every year and to have your weekly/daily tasks figured out. Oh and also having  a strong reason why, which is something my latest podcast guest, Dee Gautham and I agree on.


Squats and Samosas Dee Gautham on the Deep Beauty Podcast


Dee Gautham is a personal trainer with the popular Instagram account, @Squats_and_Samosas (love the name). I selfishly wanted to have Dee on the podcast to answer important fitness related questions, but most importantly I wanted her to share her top tips on how to stick to your fitness plans. Super important as weight loss is one of the most popular New Years resolutions and one of the first ones to be dropped.


Dee Gautham on the Deep Beauty Podcast



Listen in and don’t forget to Subscribe on iTunes. Check out Dee’s website, she offers a 12 week coaching program and has a TON of extremely helpful videos on her Instagram page.


Learning About the Link Between Adoption, PTSD & Suicide with Antara Mason

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Antara Mason on the Deep Beauty Podcast


Guys so we have an incredibly important podcast episode here today. Antara Mason was so kind and brave to put herself and her story out there in hopes of helping any of you that are in a dark place or dealing with the aftermath of suicide.


Antara and her brother were both adopted from Calcutta at a very young age by an American family. Antara’s brother took his life on his very first day of high school. It’s a very insightful episode, I learnt a ton from Antara, most importantly about the link between adoption, PTSD and suicide.


Adoption PTSD and Suicide


It’s taken a lot of work but Antara has learnt to pick up the pieces and wants to share her story in hopes of helping others.


Antara Mason


Thank you so much Antara for sharing your story with us. If you want to reach out to Antara, she has offered to allow me to post her email address, She would love to help any of you that need it. Here is the episode, don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes.

Dating in the South Asian Community with Priyanka Oza

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Priyanka Oza on the Deep Beauty Podcast


New podcast episode is up for you guys! I swear I haven’t laughed so much on the podcast. If you guys haven’t heard of Priyanka Oza, you have been missing out!


She is the founder of, a candid lifestyle blog for South Asian millennials and I swear the Indian version of Tiffany Hadish. She has no qualms about being completely open with her followers and shares the struggles she’s been through when it comes to dating in the south asian community. Something a lot of us have experience with, but it’s her refusal to accept restrictions placed on who she should date and her stance on the whole topic that you guys will want to hear.


I love this girl!! You guys have to check out her site and follow her on Instagram @chitchatandchai. So excited to see the places this girl will go in her career. Don’t forget to Subscribe on iTunes ;)


Building a Career on Your Passion with Brown Girl Magazine Co-Creator Trisha Sakhuja Walia

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Trish Sakhuja Walia on the Deep Beauty Podcast


Got a great Deep Beauty podcast here for you guys. If you haven’t heard of Brown Girl Magazine, you guys need to check it out asap. It is the quintessential guide for all brown girls and isn’t afraid to cover the taboo topics we all need to be talking about! I had the opportunity to connect with co-founder Trisha Sakhuja-Walia and quickly realized that she is living a life based on design.


Building a career on your passion with Trisha Sakhuja Walia


Growing up she was like many of us in the South Asian community, with dreams of having a career from the big 3 (doctor, engineer, lawyer) but whether through choice or divine intervention, she ended up building a career based on her passions. To provide an invaluable resource for the South Asian community.


Her story is a great one and this interview is full of valuable tips for those of you thinking about going against the grain and building a career based on your dreams. I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings for Brown Girl Mag, keep it up girls!! Don’t forget to Subscribe on iTunes, and follow Trisha on Instagram @tsakhuja_walia ;)


Dealing with the Loss of a Parent with Vaishali Patel

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Dealing with the Loss of a Parent Deep Beauty Podcast


On this week’s podcast episode we are talking to Vaishali Patel about dealing with the loss of a parent. Vaishali lost her father several years ago and says not a day goes by where he’s not on her mind but she has learnt to cope and deal with all that comes along with such a big loss. She’s even been able to help her family get through this tough time and it has only made her stronger and a more positive person.


Vaishali Patel on the Deep Beauty Podcast


We talked about alcoholism in the South Asian community as it contributed to her Dad’s passing. Such an important discussion that we need to be having with our families! We need to open up the lines of communication between parents and children in a safe and constructive way and recognize alcoholism as a serious disease. I have to say I was so impressed with Vaishali’s willingness to be so open about her life, I know she is going to help so many people.


Vaishali Patel Deep Beauty


I hope this episode helps any of you going through a loss at this time, my heart goes out to all of you. Here is the episode, please subscribe on iTunes. and follow Vaishali on Instagram at @vaishalisuku. Vaishali has kindly offered to talk to you guys if you are going through a loss, you can email her at


How to Deal with Being a New Mom

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How to deal with being a new mom


New podcast episode for your guys! This week we talk to Viral Paun-Dayan aka Beautiful by V, a Canadian born California transplant dealing with everything from relocating to another country, to being away from her family & friends, and making the choice to go back to work all while being a new mom.


Viral Paun Dayal


Viral shares her insight on how she maintained her sanity and happiness all while going through huge life changes and having to take care of anther human being. Being a new mom is tough! My hat goes off to all of you doing it.


Beautiful by V on the Deep Beauty Podcast


If you are going through this phase of life, listen in, Viral’s tips are invaluable. If she can find her happiness, I promise you can too ;) Check out her blog and follow her on Instagram. Also please subscribe to the podcast!!


Putting the Pieces Together After Sexual Assault with Vaidehi Gajjar | Deep Beauty Podcast

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Vaidehi Gajjar Deep Beauty Podcast


So I have a very important Deep Beauty Podcast episode for you guys today. We are talking sexual assault. I think most of us know how taboo talking about this topic is in the South Asian community, but it’s a crime that knows no face, no race, no sex, no boundaries and the only way we are going to make things change is to talk about it.


Which is why I was so impressed when Vaidehi Gajjar wanted to be on the podcast to share her story on how she put the pieces together after she was assaulted 3 years ago.


Vaidehi Gajjar Deepa Berar


Vaidehi has been spreading awareness through her writing for several publications, namely Brown Girl Magazine, the Odyssey Online and Women’s Republic. Writing has been a BIG outlet for Vaidehi and has allowed her to navigate through the depression and anxiety she experienced as a result of the assault.


Vaidehi Gajjar on the Deep Beauty Podcast



Despite everything she’s been through, Vaidehi remains resilient and positive and is on a quest to help as many people out there as she can. We are so fortunate to have women like her in our community. Follow Vaidehi on Instagram and check out her articles online ;)


Listen to the episode below and don’t forget to Subscribe on iTunes!


How to Quit your Job and Follow your Dreams with Akansha Agrawal + GIVEAWAY

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Akansha Agrawal Deep Beauty Podcast


Back with another episode of the Deep Beauty Podcast! In this one we get to hear from Akansha Agrawal, founder of Citrus & Gold, a fitness, wellness and healthy eating blog with a South Asian twist. She gives us amazing insight on how to quit your job and follow your dreams. Stay tuned for our GIVEAWAY at the bottom of this post.


Akansha Agarwal Deepa Berar


Akansha has been on a health journey of her own for several years now and decided to share her findings in her blog. While her blog started off as a side hobby, she recently left the corporate world to pursue it full time.


Akansha Agarwal Citrus and Gold


It takes a lot to leave the kind of security she had at LinkedIn, but we couldn’t more proud of her and excited to see where she takes Citrus & Gold!

Deep Beauty Giveaway

Also! We decided to collaborate on a GIVEAWAY on this episode!

WIN a 1-on-1 Wellness consultation with Akansha, and a 1-on-1 Beauty consultation.

Here are the rules:

1. Download Akansha’s ebook - 7 Ways to jump on the Turmeric Train here.

2. Join the Deep Beauty Facebook community - Join here, only open to women (sorry guys!)


That’s it! Without further adieu, here is the podcast episode-