I Ran a 5K! My Running Experience & Current Exercise Plan

Friday, November 3, 2017 2 0

Deepa Berar 5k Snapchat


Yup you read it right, moi, Deepa Berar, the not so athletically inclined ran a 5k. And guys, it was sooo much fun!!! If you haven’t done it yet, I highly suggest it. Not just for the fun, getting fit part, but for how proud you feel afterwards. So worth it. Plus running gives you crazy endorphins and we all know what Elle Woods said about endorphins ;)


Deepa Berar 5k Breakfast


So what brought this all on? Well ever since the Alopecia I’ve been on this health quest. It started off strong, then slowed down as the hair started growing back in, but it has been ongoing and I will not turn back to my old habits. I didn’t grow up eating healthy or exercising consistently, I was always so lazy, but I am really starting to enjoy it. More so for the mental health affects than anything else.


One healthy habit I’ve implemented is starting my mornings off with some gluten free toast, almond butter and a cup of coffee. Has totally cut my cravings for sugary cereals or eggs. You have to make small changes that you are excited about otherwise you won’t stick to it.


Deepa Berar 5k Turkey Trot


So why running? Well I always wanted to run a 5k and the whole committing and paying for it, it’s a great way to motivate yourself to workout as, well, you’re gonna have to run 5km with all these other people.


Deepa Berar 5k Burlington Turkey Trot


So I signed up for the Burlington Rotary Turkey Trot! For 2 reasons really, one, my cousin Monique (you guys all know Monique) runs 5k’s all the time and mentioned that one which happened to be right down the street from my house. Second, my friend Jasmina is on the board so I wanted to come out and support her.


Love the turkey. He, along with a couple other people, got us all stretching before our run.


Deepa Berar 5k Racers


There was a 5k and a 10k that day. I’m so new to it, I couldn’t imagine running 10k! Maybe one day. For now my main goal was to just finish. I’m not at the point where I can run 5k non-stop just yet, so I just wanted to finish.


Deepa Berar 5k Smartfx drink


They were giving out these delicious SmartFX drinks (so yummy!), along with pancakes, fruit, granola bars and post run soup. I had no idea 5k’s had all that! I had my toast at home because I was sure the pancakes wouldn’t be gluten free and I wasn’t about to take any chances that morning!!


Deepa Berar 5k Bronte Creek


The view from the trail at Bronte Creek was beautiful. We live in the country so my training has been pretty much that same view, but it never gets old. The whole run was so fun and it was nice to just go at a pace you were comfortable with. Monique finished 3rd place for her age group! So proud of her. I finished in 48 minutes. I know that isn’t the greatest time, but like I said, I was just so proud for finishing. Plus my bib number was 48. Coincidence? I think not :D


Deepa Berar 5k Post Drinks


Post run drinks! We headed to Turtle Jacks after for brunch and celebratory drinks. Monique’s friend Jessica ran with us so her hubby Darren came out to support. He was the jacket guy and had waters all ready for us after we were finished! So nice. My cousin Reena met up with us afterwards to support us which was so nice of her and Jasmina joined us when she was finished :)


Deepa Berar 5k Celebration


And if you’re wondering about my 5k makeup..well normally I don’t wear any makeup when I workout, but I figured it was a special occasion ;)

Brows- Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Dark Brown

Lashes- L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara

Concealer- NARS Soft Matte Concealer in Ginger

Lips- Burts Bees Tinted Lip Balm


So that was my 5k running experience! I want to run more, the next goal is to run it non-stop so new plan is I’m focusing on tons of strength training as my knee felt a little sore after the run. Plus I want to do stretching exercises like yoga and take my time training for the next 5k.


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Talking Hair Styling Tips for Alopecia on CHCH Morning Live

Monday, September 4, 2017 0 0

Hair styling tips for Alopecia on CHCH Morning Live


Did you catch our segment on CHCH Morning Live today? Host Annette Hamm and I talked about my journey with Alopecia and I shared some hair styling tips for Alopecia. I recently stumbled upon Toppik, a series of products designed to give your hair the appearance of fullness. I collaborated with them to show viewers how to get a little bit of that confidence back seeing as it’s Alopecia Awareness month.


Hair Styling for Alopecia using Toppik Canada


Toppik Canada is being so generous to all of the viewers and to you guys as well! They’re gifting everyone 10% off of almost ALL of their products for the month of September!! Just use the code “Toppikten” on their website and shop away ;)


Hair Styling tips for Alopecia using Toppik Canada by Deepa Berar


Here’s the segment. Also I’ll be doing a full tutorial using the products very soon, so watch out for that.



Thrift Shopping Fun at Value Village Burlington

Friday, September 1, 2017 0 0

Value Village Burlington Shopping Fun


Can you believe that before last week I had never been to a thrift shop? Not on purpose or anything, just never been. So when I got invited to the grand opening of the Value Village in Burlington, I was immediately intrigued. Well what had really happened was I got that Macklemore “Thrift shop” song stuck in my head, and then I was like hey, that’d be fun!


Value Village Burlington Shoes


So glad I got to go! The store is MASSIVE. I had no idea there would be sooo many items for sale! There was so much clothing and shoes and bags and home stuff too! Kinda reminded me of Winners, and if you guys know me you know I LOVE Winners.


Value Village Burlington


I couldn’t believe that there were so many shoes and handbags for sale. I didn’t know much about Value Village before, but I have to say I’m really impressed. They purchase used goods that have been donated to non-profit organizations and then sell them to the public. They’re like the o.g. Nastygal. Like when Sophia Amoruso first started.


Value Village Burlington Purses


The great thing about their organization is that they support local charities by paying them for their donations and they help keep more than 700 million pounds of used goods from landfills each year. 700 mill!!! I’m starting to think the whole fast-fashion movement needs to slow down a little.


Value Village Burlington Deepa Berar


My mini shopping spree. So fun. It was so hard to narrow down what I wanted, I must’ve spent over an hour in that store!


Value Village Burlington Thrift Shopping


I ended up getting this black winter coat here. It was perfect because it’s nice and thick and will actually keep you warm and cute at the same time. Totally guilty over here of not dressing for the weather and then complaining about it. Hey, it’s a Canadian thing.


Value Village Burlington Winter Coat


Also got this super cute military style jacket with leather sleeves. I mean how could you pass this one up? Actually when I was trying it on at the store I caught a few of the other ladies eyeing me so I kept it close until I got to the register.


Value Village Burlington Fall Jacket


I also got a 3D puzzle (LOVE 3D puzzles), leggings and a book by Warren Buffet. Totally fascinated with books by entrepreneurs. I just love the mindset! They say you are the sum of the 5 people you surround yourself with. If you can’t be around those people then consume everything they put out there. Read their books, listen to their podcasts (looking at you GaryVee) watch their interviews. You get the idea.


All in all it was a great experience and I’ll definitely be going back :)


Question- Have you guys been to Value Village and if so how did you like it?

Our Wedding Reception Part 2!

Friday, August 25, 2017 6 1

Deepa and Derek Reception Part 2 Deepa and Derek


Got part 2 of our wedding reception for you guys! There were literally so many pictures to share with you guys that one post just wasn’t enough. You can see the first post here. This one here is a little introduction to my gigantic Indian family. Like 38 first cousins huge.


I can’t believe it’s been a whole month since the big day! It was so much fun guys! Like I mentioned in the last post, Derek and I stood at the entrance of the tent to greet all the guests. Here’s Derek and I with his mom and my parents. His mom drove up all the way from Ohio! She’s so sweet.


Deepa and Derek Reception Part 2 Deepa Derek and Parents


The ladies and gentleman. These are some of my aunts and cousins from my Dad’s side. Everyone looked stunning and I loved how they were all walking around and mingling in the yard. Perfect location for a party :)


Deepa and Derek Reception Part 2 Berar Family


The Berar girls! Don’t they look so beautiful? You’ll recognize Monique on the left, Kelly is next to her and then on the other side of me are Mona and Reena. 2 sets of sisters with me in the middle :) I don’t have a sister so these girls have been like my sisters since day one.


Deepa and Derek Reception Part 2 Berar Girls


The Dhillon beauties!! These are some of my cousins on my mom’s side. You’ll recognize Sweety and Seema from Kai’s party, there’s also Shishee, Tejal and Dolly with the blond hair. Loving the pose ladies!


Deepa and Derek Reception Part 2 Dhillon Girls


The Bella’s with my mom!! Don’t they look stunning in their saris?? Such good sports! They were loving it, Cara was excited to someday wear a sari to my wedding way back when I was single lol.


Deepa and Derek Reception Part 2 Jaclyn Colville Cara Cameron


My cousin Sam and his family came up from San Francisco for the big day! Such a treat. The last time they came up to visit was like 8 years ago, so we were all so happy to see them. They stuck around for a week so we got to see them a few times. Juhi and Tania in the middle were so awesome when they met Derek the first time. They had a wedding to go to but they still popped by one of the pubs in the Distillery District in Toronto just to meet him. In their sari’s. Too cute.


Deepa and Derek Reception Part 2 Sam and Fam


My cousin Jyoti and her husband Parminder drove up from Connecticut for the big day. I had to include this pic of him with our grandniece (cousin’s-daughter’s-daughter it makes sense if you’re a part of an Indian family) Anahat were literally the life of the party on the dancefloor. These two have some serious moves!


Deepa and Derek Reception Part 2 Anahat


Charan and Dipti. Dipti was amazing during the whole few days around the reception!! She helped so much and really made me feel special. We’re so lucky to have her. OH!!! And did I mention her and Dan are having another baby?! Kai’s gonna be a big brother! Can not wait to meet the new Berar baby :)


Deepa and Derek Reception Part 2 Charan and Dipti


Raj, Jane and myself chatting away. Jane is such a gem, we met her back when I was a little kid and she’s always been so kind and compassionate and so enthusiastic about learning about our culture. Their son Robing recently got married and they did an Indian style party in a hall. Looked like so much fun!


Deepa and Derek Reception Part 2 Deepa Jane and Raj


The boys! JT, Indeep and Diljeet, my cousins and cousin in-law on my mom’s side. It’s Indeep’s wedding next year and he was joking about how he wished he took notes during Derek’s speech on what to say haha. I’m sure you’ll do a great job Indeep :)


Deepa and Derek Reception Part 2 JT Indeep Diljeet


The hubs and I. Awww :)


Deepa and Derek Reception Part 2 Deepa and Derek LaVelle


That’s it! Hope you guys all have a great weekend! Oh, if you’re around tomorrow I’ll be doing a little makeup tutorial on Facebook Live at 3pm EST.


Our Wedding Reception Part 1!

Friday, August 18, 2017 6 0

My Wedding Reception Deepa and Derek


Got wedding reception pics for you guys!! I tried so hard to keep this down to one post, but there are just wayyy too many pictures and so much I wanted to share with you guys from that night! It was definitely a magical evening and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. If you missed the wedding ceremony pics, you can check them out here and here.


Let’s start off with my handsome hubby Derek, doesn’t he look so good in his suit?! I’m a lucky girl for sure. I had my outfit custom made from India. So for vibe of our reception, we wanted to put a laid back spin on the traditional Indian wedding reception.


My Wedding Reception Tent


We decided to have the reception in a tent at my parents place in Burlington, Ontario. They have a ton of land so there was ample room. Plus we’ve done several tent parties there so we’re kinda pros now. I loved the idea for the fact that the guests wouldn’t have to be confined to a room and could mingle.


My Wedding Reception Decor


The color scheme was supposed to be white, blush pink & champagne gold, but, my outfit that my Dad had done in India came back peach. When I saw it, that was my one bridezilla moment haha. What can you do but roll with it so we incorporated peach into the color scheme. The black was for Derek. He actually wanted the reception to be black & silver which are Oakland Raiders colors. I think he caught on early enough that that wasn’t gonna happen lol.


My Wedding Reception Family Mingling


Everyone mingling!! So happy to see that. Another non traditional thing Derek and I did was stand at the entrance of the tent and greet guests as they arrive. Most Indian wedding receptions the guests arrive and the bride & groom enter once everyone is seated. We just wanted to maximize the amount of time we could spend with the guests and make sure we had the chance to talk to everyone. So glad we did that.


My Wedding Reception Tent Snap


The evening was all posted on snap! If you aren’t following me yet, you can find me under @deepaberar.


My Wedding Reception Kai


The man of the hour, Kai! He didn’t stick around for too long, luckily he had a place to crash nearby at my cousin Daman’s house. It was so nice to have him at our place for the few days leading up to the reception! Those cheeks :)


My Wedding Reception Mya and Meesha Dance


Another non-traditional thing we did was we didn’t have a lot of performances or speeches. Everyone gathered into the house to watch the only performance of the night which was by my best friend Sonalee’s daughters Mya and Meesha. They did a dance to Bruno Mars “Marry You”. They were phenomenal! Everyone loved it.


My Wedding Reception Deepa and Derek slow dance


After the performance Derek and I had our slow dance. We danced to Al Green’s “Let’s stay together”. LOVE that song. Being with Derek has exposed me to this whole new world of music that I never used to listen to. We really love Funk and 70’s Motown stuff. Personally, I love any music that makes you want to dance.


My Wedding Reception Bartenders


So we had the dancefloor inside the house in the foyer and the food and bar outside. We were kinda back and forth all night. I do have to give a shoutout to the best bartenders ever. The guy we hired to take care of the bar was, well, not the greatest, so my cousins really stepped up to help. I’m so lucky to have such a huge family and to be so close to them. Plus I think the guys were more than happy to be hanging out by the bar all night lol.


My Wedding Reception Fireworks


My uncle brought sparklers to the party and the kids had a kick out of them! Such a great idea.


My Wedding Reception Deepa and Sonalee


The bestie and I. I told her that her best friendly duty of the night was to be the first to show up and the last to leave. Lol we make ridiculous demands of eachother but that’s just our relationship. I didn’t actually expect her to follow through, but she did!! I’m still so happy about it :)


So that was Part 1 guys, I’ll have Part 2 up next week for you guys. Thank you Monique & Tania for being the best photographers!!


Vegas Vlog 2017- Girls Trip!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017 0 0

Vegas Vlog 2017 Sonalee Ghelani Deepa Berar


Vegas Vlog is finally up! Editing this video had me wanting to go back so bad lol. It’s probably because all of the wedding stuff is over and plus Sonalee left this morning. It’s been 4 years since I had seen her last and it was such a treat to have her around. Long distance life is sooo hard and I’m so amazed that we’ve been able to maintain our best friendship despite the fact that we’ve been living on opposite sides of the world for 12 years now!! I give her all the credit. I am so not a phone person at all and she definitely makes a ton more effort than I do. I promised her I’m going to step up my game though, and I’m going to stick to it!!


Vegas Vlog 2017 Shopping


This trip was a ton of fun because Sonalee is a makeup artist now! Makeup shopping was so much fun and it’s always so fun to try out your friend’s products. I fell in love with her Huda Beauty rose gold eyeshadow palette. If there are any readers in Melbourne looking for makeup, hit her up. She’s really talented!!


Vegas Vlog 2017 Deepa Berar Snapchat


Gotta love those snapchat filters haha. If you don’t follow me- link is on the sidebar. I post pretty much every day and you get to see a behind the scenes into my life.


Onto the vlog! Hope you guys like this one ;)



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Affordable Beauty on CHCH Morning Live

Monday, August 7, 2017 3 0

Affordable beauty on CHCH Morning Live Ilona Santa Deepa Berar


Happy Civic Holiday to my Canadian fam! Hope you guys are enjoying your day off today. I was up super early and at work this morning. The news never stops. Oh well not complaining because this morning I was on air as well! We were talking affordable beauty. I’ll link the segment below for you guys ;)


Affordable beauty on CHCH Morning Live Joe Fresh Beauty


I teamed up with Shoppers Drug Mart to show you guys Joe Fresh’s beauty line! My sister in law who just moved to Canada texted me the other day asking where in the world you get your beauty needs from since there’s no Target up here. I was like Shoppers of course!  I didn’t even have to think about it, it’s just always been the go to.


Affordable beauty on CHCH Morning Live


We decided to show Joe Fresh Beauty because everything is priced from $6-$18. That’s it. I’m not kidding. You can’t beat that!! I mean who doesn’t love good quality, reasonably priced beauty products? I’ll be posting a $25 makeup challenge on my youtube channel hopefully this weekend so stay tuned for that ;)


Affordable beauty on CHCH Morning Live Annette Hamm


Always a fun time on set with Annette Hamm. A big thank you to Ilona for being my lovely model again! You can watch the segment below.



Question- What’s your go to store for everything beauty?

Vegas Girls Trip 2017!

Friday, August 4, 2017 4 0

Vegas 2017 Deepa Berar


Hey hey! So I am back! What a whirlwind the past couple of weeks have been. The reception went off without a hitch and was just so, so much fun. I promise I’ll post pics as soon as I get them, can’t wait to share all the wedding magic with you guys! In the meantime here’s pics from our recent Vegas girls trip..so fun :)


Vegas 2017 Deepa Berar Wynn


I headed to Vegas after visiting Derek in San Diego and met up with my bestie, Sonalee and her cousins and friends there. Girls trips are always so much fun! This trip was a little different as we’re all more grown up now so the things we enjoy doing are a little different from our past Vegas trips.


Vegas 2017 Encore Eggs Benny


Like fine dining was huge for us this time. Absolutely LOVED all of the restaurants at the Encore/Wynn hotels. Had these gluten free Lobster eggs benedict, just as delicious as it looks. Already told Derek that we have to try and recreate it. Then we came up with the idea of doing a whole lobster filled weekend. Gotta love a theme haha.


Vegas 2017 Encore


Honestly I’ve been to Vegas like 15 times now and I never get sick of it. People always ask me why, and it’s the hotels really. Everything is just so grand and gorgeous and the decor is always changing. How can you not fall in love with this giant vase of flowers?! Stunning.


Vegas 2017 Canal Shoppes


So if you know me, you know that every day at 2pm I’m watching General Hospital on ABC. Been watching since the summer I turned 17 and will probably never stop. What you might not know is that I’ll watch a little bit of The Chew before hand if I have time. So when we were walking through The Venetian and randomly stumbled upon chef Mario Batali’s restaurant, Otto, you know I convinced the girls we had to come back for dinner. Here’s the charcuterie board we had. Delicious.


Vegas 2017 Otto Charcuterie


So Sonalee wasn’t here for my bachelorette party (she lives in Australia) and she wanted to make up for it. I was a little hesitant cause I’m not into the typical stripper/Thunder from down under thing, it’s just never been my thing, but she knows me well enough and guess what her and our friend Bijal surprised me with? Tics to the Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil show!! The best surprise ever :) In all my trips to Vegas I’ve never been to a Cirque show and let me tell you guys, you have to go. It was incredible! And the music, he really was a legend.


Vegas 2017 Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil


Another thing I had never done before was ziplining. Bijal found out that they do zip lining in Old Vegas so we bought tics and headed over there. The area of Fremont Street is not really my scene, but zip lining was crazy fun!! Not gonna lie, I was freaking out a little cause you’re so high up, but I tried to act cool cause the other girls seemed totally unphased while we were waiting.


Vegas 2017 Deepa Berar Zipling Fremont Street


At the end of the ride, the cable jerked to stop us which I had no idea it was gonna do and we were dangling above the ground for what seemed like 5 minutes until it slowly brought us into the offloading area. That scared the you know what out of me. They need to warn you about these things!! Regardless it was so fun and I’ve already told Derek we need to go back ;)


Vegas 2017 Ziplining Fremont Street


So even though our trip was a little more mature, we still partied 4 out of 5 nights, lol. Hey I guess that’s what happens when your friends are all moms and want to maximize their time away from their kids! Not complaining, it was so much fun. On our last day we decided to take it easy though and had dinner at Katsuya which was in our hotel. We stayed at the W which was inside the SLS hotel. Really pretty. Had gold leaf caviar sushi, so fancy and so good. If you guys have the chance to go to Katsuya (they have several locations around the world) definitely go.


Vegas 2017 Katsuya


So ya our plan of taking it easy was demolished as soon as the girls heard that Snoop Dogg was performing at Drai’s. Long story short we had an amazing time and I mean how can you not when you’re watching Snoop perform and the Bellagio is the backdrop?? LOVE Vegas.


Vegas 2017 Snoop Dogg Drais



I’ll have our Vegas Vlog up for you guys soon! How many times have you guys gone? What’s your favourite thing about Vegas?


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My Husband Does My Makeup!

Friday, July 21, 2017 4 0

Deepa Berar Husband does my makeup


So guys we finally did it!! We recorded a my husband does my makeup video! You guys have no idea. I’ve been wanting to do one of these ever since they first became popular back in 2013. Only problem back then was I was single lol. Minor problem really haha.


Derek and Deepa LaVelle


Derek has no clue about makeup, back when we first started dating he watched a few of my videos (he still does every now and then) but really he has no clue. He did a pretty decent job though as a first timer! I was impressed.


We had so much fun doing this video! Derek is such a natural on camera and I swear this has been the most fun video I’ve created to date because he’s just so funny and had me cracking up the whole way through. Literally 9 minutes of me laughing.


Here’s the vid! Do you guys want to see Derek in more of my videos?



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Join me at my Makeup Masterclass with INGLOT!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017 2 0

Deepa Berar INGLOT Makeup Masterclass


Exciting news for you guys..I’m doing a Makeup Masterclass with INGLOT!! Can not wait to meet you all and share some tips & tricks with you guys.


The event is taking place at the INGLOT at Yonge & Dundas Square (eek!) on July 16th at 9:30am. Guys it’s going to be such a fun day! There are going to be:


Refreshments- light breakfast and drinks
Full lesson on how to do a -Glittery Cut Crease-
Option to follow along with products from INGLOT
Meet n’ Greet
20% off all products
Goodie Bags!!!


Here is the link to sign up-> Makeup Masterclass

Can’t wait to see you all!!

Fav INGLOT products