My Life- NYX Love You So Mochi Event & Good Eats

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Week 7 NYX Event and Good Eats


Hey guys, back with another My Life post for ya! Derek and I are about to head out to meet up with his friends and then I head back to Canada in a couple days. Can’t believe how quickly this trip flew by! I don’t want to think about leaving, but you gotta do what you gotta do and I need to get back to work. Miss my CH fam! Plus I’ve got a couple of Valentines segments coming up, I’ll let you all know when they’re on ;)


Week 7 Acai Bowl WestBean Coffee Roasters


So this week was a lot of fun and there are so many pics to share. I discovered a new coffee shop and tried an acai bowl for the first time. How come nobody told me they were so delicious?! Definitely going to have to start making these at home. This one was from WestBean Coffee Roasters in San Diego. The acai part was semi frozen and tasted like ice cream. Yumm. I also got to meet up with my Canadian friend Melis! She’s a youtuber as well. Hey what can I say, Canadians tend to flock to each other!


Week 7 Deepa Berar MelisMelis


Derek made the most amazing seafood salad the other day. He was trying out a new salad dressing recipe and it was unbelievable. Artichoke & lemon base and then some herbs mixed in. Sooo good. I’m really going to miss his cooking when I go back home.


Week 7 Chef LaVelle Seafood Salad


Saturday Derek and I were invited to the launch party for the Love you so Mochi collection by NYX in LA. Here’s the makeup I wore. You guys know how much I love my NYX Glitters!


Week 7 NYX Love You So Mochi Event Makeup


The party was at Elevate Lounge which was on the top floor of one of the high rise office buildings in Downtown LA. It was really nice cause the walls were windows that went only halfway up. Felt like you were outdoors and there was an amazing view of downtown. They’ve really done a great job revamping the downtown area.


Week 7 NYX Love You So Mochi Event Elevate Lounge LA


Derek and I. He really is the best party partner. Such a good sport! He was trying to make sure I got in some pics when I went all fan girl over the other Youtubers there.


Week 7 NYX Love You So Mochi Event Derek and I


They had displays with the collection, a few different picture walls with different props and a Mochi ice cream station.


Week 7 NYX Love You So Mochi Event


Derek and I again. Look at that smile :)


Week 7 NYX Love You So Mochi Event Derek and Deepa


They also had some dancers that did a performance and giant TV screens playing makeup tutorials!


Week 7 NYX Love You So Mochi Event Dancers


I got to meet Chrisspy again! You guys might remember my pic with her a while back. That was at the cocktail party for Genbeauty Toronto. She was so nice then and this weekend too! Her and her friends are super fun and I got to chat with them for a bit.


Week 7 NYX Love You So Mochi Event Deepa Berar Chrisspy


And I got to meet MannyMUA!! So cool!! He was so nice and his makeup was amazing, but of course it would be he’s so talented!


Week 7 NYX Love You So Mochi Event Deepa Berar MannyMUA


Swag bag! Guys, I’m so in love with this palette. You guys are going to love the collection. The highlights are amazing and the Powder Puff lippies are super nice.


Week 7 NYX Love You So Mochi Collection


Have you guys been to LA? What’s been your favourite makeup collection lately?


My Life: New Years Beach Day + My New Nephew!

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Week 6 Deepa Berar and Derek LaVelle


Guys! This is our 6th weekly My Life post! This is so much fun, love sharing my life with you! How was your first week of 2018? Can’t believe we are a week in, feels like it flew by so fast, and sooo much has happened!


We’re gonna take this back to New Years day, Derek and I ended up doing a picnic on the beach. Ok, so I have this silly superstition, I think the way you spend the 1st day of the year is an indicator of how you will spend the rest of the year. Silly, I know, but it’s just something I’ve always had at the back of my mind, which is why I wanted to make sure Derek and I got out of the house, did a ton of walking and spent quality time together.


Week 6 Coronado Beach


We had plans to drive up the coast but ended up staying local and hitting up my fav San Diego beach, Coronado. It’s one of the first beaches I visited on my first trip out here and still in my opinion the nicest. It’s on Coronado Island and you have to take this super scary bridge to get there, but it’s so worth it when you do. Just beach as far as the eye can see :)


Week 6 Del Hotel Coronado


Another great thing about it is that at the one end there’s the Hotel Del which is super famous. Celebs and even presidents have stayed there. It’s huge and pretty and yes a touristy spot, but I actually enjoy being around tourists. I know it’s not what people are typically into, but for me I just feel like it’s so fun being surrounded by tourists because the one thing about vacationers is that they’re just always in such a good mood lol. Who doesn’t want to be around all that positivity??


Week 6 Ice Skating in Coronado


One thing I didn’t know they had was ice skating by the beach!! So cool.  It’s literally outdoors and you have a view of the beach while you skate. Derek and I are definitely going to try that next year.


Week 6 Ice Skating at the Del Hotel


We LOVE to do picnics on the beach and with Derek being an amazing chef and all, the food is so delicious. We joke that we’re probably the only people on the beach with a gourmet spread in our basket lol. Seriously one of our first picnics he packed seared ahi tuna, wasabi dip and baked brie. Think he was trying to impress me. It worked ;)


Week 6 Deepa Berar Coronado Beach


The weather wasn’t warm enough to go into the water, the Pacific ocean is actually pretty cold except for in the summer. So different from the Atlantic. We did so many road trips down the east coast when I was growing up, we didn’t make it out to the west coast until I was 19.


Week 6 New Years Beach Day in Coronado


The rest of the week was business as usual, kicked off your Makeup 101 series which is something I’m so excited about and you guys have been requesting.


Week 6 Filming Youtube videos


Another exciting thing was I got to interview Dr Sarah Ballantyne for the Podcast tomorrow!! You guys will remember Dr Ballantyne wrote the Paleo Approach book which is the diet I followed for the alopecia.


Week 6 Dr Sarah Ballantyne Podcast Interview



The most exciting thing that happened this week though was…my brother had another baby!!! Kai has a baby brother, Rai. He is sooo cute and I can not wait to meet the little guy :)


How was your 1st week of 2018? Do you have any weird superstitions?


An Update Video for You Guys! What to Expect for 2018

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An Update video Deepa Berar


New video up for ya! A little update video for you with what’s been going on and what you can expect from me in 2018. Guys, I don’t know about you but I am sooo excited for this year! I feel like there’s so much content I want to bring to you guys and just feel like my vision is so much clearer than before.


The main focus for 2018 is going to be to help you guys as much as I possibly can, to post consistently and to be more creative with my videos so it’s really fun for you to watch. Can’t wait!


Here’s more on what you can expect:



My Life: The Last Week of 2017!

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Week 5 Derek and I NYE 2017 Hard Rock San Diego


Happy New Years to all of my beautiful blog readers!! Can you believe another year has come and gone? I think the older you get the quicker the years seem to pass. Anyways, how was 2017 for you guys? It was a pretty crazy, fun packed year for me. Derek and I got married, Kai turned 1, my bestie came to visit after 4 years and I hit 13,500 subscribers on Youtube!! Can not wait to see what 2018 brings.


We are kicking off the new year with a little picnic on the beach, but before we head out I’ll take you guys through my past week. Christmas was so much fun and brought so many presents! One of my fav things- these white leather converse sneakers. White sneakers are perfect with most casual outfits. I have my hubby to thank for these!


Week 5 White Leather Converse


Derek was off work for half the week so we headed down to Harbor Drive to watch the Orange Bowl parade. America sure does love its parades. This one was for the college football game between Michigan and Washington. I didn’t realize how big college football is but it’s HUGE. Everything in the States seems to be on another level altogether.


Week 5 Orange Bowl Parade San Diego


Derek and I :)


Week 5 Derek and I


We wanted to watch the parade but we hadn’t even had breakfast so we found a great spot at Carnitas Snack Shack. It’s an outdoor bar/restaurant at the Embracadero where alot of the bigger boats and cruise ships dock. We love this spot and it gave us the best view of the parade!


Week 5 Orange Bowl Parade at Carnita's Snack Shack San Diego


I also discovered a new Rosé I like. I think I was more convinced by the bottle. How pretty is this? Sadly though I think I’m going to have to scale back on the wine. Seems to be giving me a mild skin allergy lately. It’s so tough to know what you react to that’s why they say you should try an elimination diet if you are going through any auto immune issues. We did see a sulfite remover/aerator that we might pick up to see if it helps.


Week 5 Rose


Ok so guys, I know this might not be exciting to you, but I beat Derek at Trivial Pursuit. This literally never happens. Derek is one of the smartest guys I know, like he knows almost all the answers when we watch Jeopardy. The only questions I beat him at are the science ones, go figure lol.


Week 5 Trivial Pursuit


Another awesome thing happened, I got to finally try Derek’s infamous Green Goddess dressing! People at his work go nuts over his dressings and sauces and I can totally see why. It was the best salad dressing I’ve ever had in my life! I had it while editing videos for the week.


Week 5 Chef LaVelle Green Goddess Dressing


Saturday night we wanted to get out of the house for a bit so we headed to this dive bar we’ve heard a ton about called the Cherry Bomb. Literally has the nicest owner you will ever meet and the drinks are super strong.


Week 5 Cherry Bomb San Diego


For NYE we decided to stay in this year. Ok you guys know I’m a little extra sometimes so yes I went full glam even though we were staying at home. Makeup, hair and a red dress lol.


Week 5 Deepa and Derek LaVelle NYE 2018


I’ve been using the Too Faced Cocoa contour palette as eyeshadow lately, seems to work pretty well. Paired it with the NYX glitter in Bronze and Velour lashes in Trust me Try it. For lips I went simple with Faux lipstick from MAC. Oh and the Happy New Year hairband from last year of course lol!


Week 5 NYE 2018 Deepa Berar


Would love to know what are you guys hoping to make happen in 2018?

Outtakes 2017!

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Outtakes Deepa Berar 2017


In honor of the last video of the year, I thought I’d do an outtakes one! If you have been following me for a long time you’ll remember my old videos always had outtakes at the end of them. I did that because outtakes/gag reels are my absolute fav part of any movie or show. The reason I don’t include them now is because I don’t mess up nearly as often as I used to. Which I guess is a good thing, but sometimes I miss it because it shows more of my personality.


People that know me in person know that I’m not super serious and I love to laugh and have fun as much as possible. Definitely a little too goofy at times lol.


Anyways, here’s the vid! Hope you guys like it. Oh and the part where the light kept changing, swear it kept happening like every 30 seconds during filming of that video!!



Happy 2018 everyone :)

My Life: Christmas Shopping, Dinner at Shailly’s and Hair Styling for Alopecia

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Week 4 Christmas Tree at Carlsbad Premium Outlets


Merry Christmas everyone!! I hope you guys are having a fantastic Christmas with your families :) Derek and I finished opening presents, going through our stockings, I baked cookies and now he is getting started on dinner. Best first Christmas as a married couple :) If you watched my Insta stories you would’ve seen the Kate Spade purse he got me!! So lucky.


Week 4 Shopping at Carlsbad Premium Outlets with Derek


He’s so sneaky too. We headed to the Carlsbad Premium Outlets earlier that week and I freaked when I saw this bag. I was all ready to buy it myself but he insisted we walk around and look at other stuff and by the end of the day I was starving and tired and just wanted to go home. Completely forgot to go back to get it. He went after work the next day and picked it up on his way home :)


Week 4 Dr Monica Bonakdar's Christmas Tree


This week I also had my follow up appointment after I got the Botox. If you are thinking of getting it done, make sure your Dr offers a f/u appointment because things can always be a little off. For me, my right eyebrow was higher than the left (you might’ve noticed that in my past few videos) so Dr. Bonakdar just added a little Botox to the right eyebrow. She said that the muscles in your face are stronger on the side you write with. So interesting! Btw how gorgeous is this tree? It was in her office.


Week 4 Alopecia Hair Styling Tutorial


I also uploaded an Alopecia hair styling video for you guys. It had been a min since the last Alopecia video and you guys had been requesting that one.


Week 4 Christmas Shopping at Target


And more shopping..We were heading to my cousin Shailly’s later in the week so I wanted to get something for the fam and kids. I expected the crowds to be worse than they were but they really weren’t too bad.


Week 4 Goat Cheese Omelette


Derek made the most delicious goat cheese omelette. So, so good. It had mushrooms, spinach, bacon and green onions. He’s such a good cook, I did not know an omelette could taste so good!!


Week 4 Christmas Presents


Ya we might’ve gone overboard on the presents lol. We set a limit for each other but we totally went over (he went way over). It’s ok though cause otherwise we are pretty good at not going crazy. It’s been tough doing long distance for the past few years. When I’m away from home I’m not working so we have to be smart. But we make it work cause the end goal is worth it.


Week 4 Sushi Deli 1 San Diego


Wednesday called for sushi!! I’m so happy Derek loves sushi because it is one of my fav foods. When I’m home I don’t get to have it because not too many people I know are fans, so when I get back to Cali we usually head over to Sushi Deli in Hillcrest. I like it cause there are sooo many options for rolls and they’re always trying new things. Sushi Ota is amazing too if you guys end up visiting San Diego.


Week 4 Christmas Lights at First and Ivy San Diego


Love how crazy people get with the Christmas lights/decorations. They seem to do it way bigger in the States. Like whole neighbourhoods will have just the craziest displays. So fun.


Week 4 Dinner at Shailly's


Friday night we headed over to my cousin Shailly’s for dinner. She had a few families over, such a fun evening and of course dinner was amazing as usual. Shailly is a really good cook. I’m so fortunate to have them close by because whenever I feel a little homesick I can just head over there :)


Week 4 Derek and Angad


We played a few rounds of pool. It was me and Angad (Shailly’s son) against Derek and Tony (their friend). They beat us but we were pretty close!! I haven’t really played much since my university days. And that was my week! This week is going to be tons of fun, Derek is only at work for a couple days and the rest of the time he’ll be off. Can’t wait!


How was your Christmas? Any stand out presents? Did you guys bake or make anything special?

My Life: Travelling to California & Star Wars 3D!

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Week 3 My Life Deepa Berar


Hello hello hello peeps! I am back with another recap post for you guys, this one is full of pics because it’s been a pretty busy week. Only 1 week left till Christmas! Hope you guys are all done with your Christmas shopping, I still have a bunch left to do. I know, I know, anyways onto my past week!


I headed back to San Diego this past week to spend Christmas/New Years with the hubs :)


Week 3 Flying over California


Despite how hard long distance can be, I will never get tired of that view. I mean. It’s approx a 5 hour flight to San Diego from Toronto without a stopover so it can be a long day. I love how airlines are getting better at providing onboard entertainment these days. I ordered some wine and watched War Dogs and Keeping up with the Joneses.


Week 3 Travelling to Cali


If you guys have been following me on Insta stories you might’ve noticed that I’ve had acrylic nails for the past several months. Well it’s definitely taken a toll on my real nails because when I went to get a fill the manicurist was showing me how weak they had gotten. So got rid of the tips and we’re back to short nails! So weird adjusting back, but I can definitely type a lot faster now, haha.


Week 3 Nails


Speaking of nails, have you guys entered my GIVEAWAY? Contest ends midnight tomorrow. You get to win all of these polishes from QUO by Orly. Instructions are in the pic below. Link to the group is here.


Week 3 Giveaway


Back to the week! I headed over to one of my absolute fav malls on this planet, Fashion Valley. I love it for a number of reasons, but the main one being it’s an outdoor mall. We don’t have stuff like that back home, so the first time I went (way back when we were visiting my brother in San Diego) I fell in love. It’s just like a regular mall with escalators and all, it just doesn’t have a roof.


Week 3 Fashion Valley Ornament


I mean, can you imagine palm trees in your mall?! Plus it has most of the stores you’d need like Sephora, MAC, Zara etc plus a Cheesecake Factory. My Canadian fam knows how big of a deal that is. I mean I’ve heard that it’s like a 2-3 hour wait at the Cheesecake Factory in Yorkdale. Insane. There are 2 within 10 mins of us in San Diego. Dangerous!!


Week 3 Fashion Valley


Back to our #25daysofchristmas beauty. If you watched my Insta stories this week you would’ve seen that I accidentally forgot to turn the mic on when I recorded a Youtube video earlier this week. The worst. So I scrambled to record a new one.


Week 3 25daysofchristmas beauty


In all my hurry I ended up burning myself with my waving wand. Ouch!


Week 3 Burn


Got the video recorded and edited in 1 day. My fellow youtubers will understand how tough that is to do, but I’ve been on a streak at posting 2 vids/week for the past while and I def don’t want to slow down!!


Week 3 Editing youtube videos


As most of you guys know, my hubby Derek is a chef. The thing he is most known for is his dressings and sauces. He is amazing at combining flavours together in a way that is beyond delicious! He made me a tuna salad with Wasabi dressing, unbelievable!


On the weekend we headed over to the movies! It had been at least a year since I went to the movies. I remember when I was a kid we’d go like every week. Derek and I went to see the new Star Wars film in 3D. Yes I love the Star Wars franchise, it was part of my childhood and always takes me back to that time :) We had heard it got good reviews and it was so, so good you guys.


Week 3 Watching Star Wars


After Star Wars we headed to one of our fav restaurant in San Diego, Parc Bistro. They have an amazing happy hour and are well known for their oysters. So good.


Week 3 Oysters at Parc Bistro SD



That was the week! This week is going to be super busy because Derek will be off for most of Christmas week and I want to get as much done as possible so that we can spend quality time together.


Are you guys ready for Christmas? Has anyone had acrylic nails and if so, how long did you keep them for? Who else loves Oysters?!

My Life- Physicians Formula Event & Jackie’s Baby Shower

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Week 3 Physicians Formula Event Planta Deepa Berar


Back with another recap post for you guys/a little behind the scenes peak into my life! As long as you guys want to read these, I will keep posting them ;) Last week was a pretty fun, busy one! It started off with a trip to Toronto for a PR event with Physicians Formula. They threw at it Planta restaurant in Yorkville which is just so, so nice.


Week 3 Physicians Formula Event Planta


The decor is just beautiful with copper and black and green leaves everywhere. If you watch my Insta stories, you’ll remember the jewelry armoire Derek and I redid in black & copper. I was trying to think about what to do with the pillows and totally had the same green leaf pattern in my mind! So crazy to walk in and see it decorated like that there!


Week 3 Physicians Formula Event Planta Restaurant


Onto the products! I already love their butter bronzer so I was looking forward to seeing their new collection. There are a few things that I am super excited to use. Mainly the Rosé all day serum, the eyebrow gel and the butter highlight. It is so, so pretty and has a nice purple iridescence to it. You guys are gonna love it ;)


Week 3 Physicians Formula Event Rose Serum


I didn’t realize it, but they actually have a pretty extensive foundation range in terms of colors! It’s always nice to see when companies cater to a broad skin tone range.


Week 3 Physicians Formula Event Foundation


Ok onto the food at Planta. One word- delicious. My fav thing they served was a chia seed pudding smoothie bowl. I am definitely going to be recreating this. The base was chia seed pudding, with a bit of smoothie on top as well as fruit and the most amazing Muesli mix. Yumm.


Week 3 Physicians Formula Event Planta Smoothie Bowl


More of the decor! Don’t you just love the swan?! Derek and I actually have one of those pineapples. I won it at one of those Vanity Fair events I attended in LA a couple years ago.


Week 3 Physicians Formula Event Planta Decor


I posted a Christmas green makeup look on Instagram last week using the new Too Faced Chocolate Gold palette as well as a “How to say no to people” video with tips on turning down holiday invitations politely.


Week 3 Deepa Berar Makeup


So you guys remember how my friend Jaclyn Colville had her baby girl right? Well she had her baby shower this past weekend! It was at her mom’s place and you can see where she gets her decor sense from, it seems to be a strong gene in the Colville family!


Week 3 Jackie's Shower Dessert Table


I didn’t mean to at all but my makeup and outfit went really well with the rose gold theme haha!


Week 3 Deepa Berar


I mean, that tree!!!! It is like every woman’s Christmas tree dreams come true!


Week 3 Jackie's Shower Rose Gold Christmas Tree


They had so much yummy food, including a skor/cream cheese ball Jackie made. Unreal. I should’ve gotten a pic of it!


Week 3 Jackie's Shower Rose Gold Decor


The Bella’s back together!! I always forget to look at the actual camera when I’m taking phone pics lol. Anyways, it was such a treat to see my girls :)


Week 3 Jackie's Shower BellaTrois


Little Baby Evie! There are no words to describe how adorable this little girl is. And she’s so good too! She went from person to person, no fussing. Swear she looks like a little doll :)


Week 3 Jackie's Shower Baby Evie


After the shower my mom and I ended up getting an invite to an impromptu holiday dinner party that my cousin Sandeep and his wife Linda were throwing. Remember the 3 Easy Holiday hair hacks video I posted last week? Well I used one of the tips- threw a hair band into my hair, changed my top and you can’t even tell it’s the same day haha ;)


Week 3 Holiday Fun


Hangin with the ladies. The company was great, the food was amazing and the wine was flowing. Their daughter Pia who was studying even ended up chillin with us for the evening! Last minute get togethers are always the best :)


Week 3 Impromptu Holiday Party


What did you guys get up to this week? Has anyone tried Physician’s Formula? What’s your fav product?

2nd Weekly Recap- Holiday Spirit and Family Fun!

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Week 2 Recap Holiday Party Deepa Berar and Leeya


Back with your 2nd weekly recap for you guys! I was surprised by how many of you that read the first one, it was really touching. As long as you guys want to read them, I will keep posting them:)


This week was a pretty busy one, more so towards the weekend. The week itself was pretty much the same as usual, makeup and blogging and youtubing. I posted 2 videos on youtube this week, a Holiday makeup tutorial and a Holiday beauty hacks vid. I’m trying to stick to a twice weekly video schedule, hopefully I can manage to keep it up during the holidays! This week I’ll be posting a Holiday hair hacks video and a Deep Beauty one ;)


Week 2 Recap Holiday Makeup Tutorial


Friday was the holiday tree lighting ceremony in downtown Burlington. My mom and I have wanted to go to this for several years now but she’s either out of town, or I am and the one year we were both home for it there was a huge snow storm that day. So we were determined to make it to this one and the weather was perfect! Not too cold and no snow. The tree was gigantic, it’s right in front of the city hall if you want to check it out.


Week 2 Recap Christmas Tree Burlington City Hall


There were so many people that attended, after the tree lighting they were all going for the walk around the downtown core which ended at Spencer Smith Park. I love downtown Burlington, it’s so pretty and the park is amazing, and it was even better with all of the decorations and lights everywhere.


Week 2 Recap Downtown Burlington Ontario Tree Lighting


My mom with her candle. It was cute to see everyone with their families, it was really special.


Week 2 Recap Burlington Tree Lighting Ma


The local businesses even got into the holiday spirit! Coffee Culture was giving out free hot chocolate and The Works was giving out turkey burgers. I had been meaning to try their food for a long time and let me say it was the best turkey burger I’ve ever had!


Week 2 Recap Burlington Tree Lighting Works Burgers


So I was busy taking pics for the blog when all of a sudden I hear “Deepa Massi!”. My cousin Deep and her daughters just happened to be there! It was so nice seeing a friendly face and the kids are so cute they always make you smile. We got to catch up for a bit before they headed down to the lakefront.


Week 2 Recap Burlington Tree Lighting Kiddies


Ok so I’m totally not vegan (although I think about it sometimes) but my absolute fav vegan spot is Kelly’s Bake Shoppe. Well it’s more of a bakery and they make the most delicious vegan, gluten free desserts. Plus I am in LOVE with their branding. On point. Isn’t their shop the cutest?!


Week 2 Recap Burlington Tree Lighting Kelly's Bake Shoppe


Me in my winter gear. Trying to enjoy this winter as much as possible, there’s no such thing as winter in San Diego. Plus I’d rather have a positive outlook about the weather as, well, there’s nothing you can do about it so might as well find a way to enjoy it. Hence the cute hat, scarf, coat & boots lol :)


Week 2 Recap Burlington Tree Lighting Deepa Berar


We ordered the brownie and split it. So yummy. If you ever have the chance to check it out, try the red velvet cupcake. It’s delicious.


Week 2 Recap Burlington Tree Lighting Kelly's Bake Shoppe Brownies


Next we headed over to my cousin Reena’s house. Her and her sister Preeti were holding an open house. It was a great setup! Reena was selling her jewelry and Preeti was selling her bath bombs and soaps she makes. I picked up a pair of earrings and a necklace Reena made. She’s so talented!!


Week 2 Recap Reena's Open House


They have a parrot named Oscar. Oscar is the cutest. I was trying to get him to say “How you doin” like Joey from Friends. I swear he was staring at me so intently, trying to pick up on how to say it. They are really smart animals!


Oh and in case anyone is wondering the lipstick I’m wearing is the Birthday Suit liquid lip from Tarte and MAC Whirl lip liner.


Week 2 Recap Me and Oscar


Shoppers Drug Mart sent over the cutest advent calendar! I can’t remember the last time I had one. This one has mini nail polishes from Quo by Orly. Check out my Insta stories to see the daily nail polish :)


Week 2 Recap Quo by Orly Advent Calendar


Saturday my cousin Daman and his wife Charan had a few of us cousins over for a fun holiday get together. I haven’t been home for the holidays for the past few years so it was really nice to be able to attend one get together before I head to San Diego next week. Loved the holiday food spread. There was veggies, fruit, a charcuterie board, empanadas and endless drinks of course ;) If anyone knows the name of those round orange things, let me know. We couldn’t figure it out for the life of us. It had tons of tiny little seeds in it and had a sweet/sour taste to it.


Week 2 Recap Holiday Party Food


Ok so this next pic has to be my absolute fav of the week- a 5 people family group hug!! It started off with me and Nayan (my cousin Kelly’s son, you can see her daughter Leeya at the top of this post) and then slowly people joined in until we were 5. So cute :)


Week 2 Recap Family Group Hug


The fam :) always so much fun with these guys!


Week 2 Recap Holiday Party The Fam


How was your guys weeks? Did you have any holiday parties?


The Very 1st Weekly Recap Post!

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Deepa Berar November 2017 The 1st Weekly Recap


So there’s this blogger Taralynn McNitt that I have been following for years, I mean we’re talking since 2012. I found her when I first started researching healthy eating and honestly what’s kept me reading since then is reading about her life. She does a weekly recap post where she takes you through her past week and it is full of so many great pics and inspiration on healthy living and it is such a fun read because she is just so down to earth and you feel so connected to her.


So I had an idea to start this on my own blog. I want to be transparent with you guys and let you in on how I approach life. Plus I would LOVE  to connect with you all on a deeper level. So here’s my very first weekly recap post! We are gonna kick this off with my weekend in Ottawa. When I got back from San Diego I went to Ottawa to spend time with my sister in law and my nephew Kai.


Deepa Berar November 2017 Kai


He is just the cutest. He’s only a year and half but off the charts height wise because my brother is 6’4″. Crazy right?! My grandpa (Dadaji) was super tall as well.


Deepa Berar November 2017 Happy at Nordstrom cafe Ottawa


One of my oldest friends Happy lives there so we got to meet up for dinner as well. We went to Bazille, the restaurant inside Nordstrom which was super cute. She is one of the most positive people I know,  plus she’s super easy going and on this never ending pursuit to be the best version of herself. One of my fav things about her. You have to be so selective of the company you keep, so surround yourself with people who inspire and uplift you. That’s so, so important.


Deepa Berar November 2017 Faraway Greens Golf Darts


Speaking of keeping great company, Sunday I headed to Faraway Greens to meet up with Jasmina and Monique. The cold weather is in full swing so Jasmina & Gil’s indoor golf facility is hopping again. It’s always so fun there, seriously, Mary and I played a round of golf darts and we both got bullseyes!


Deepa Berar November 2017 CHCH Morning Live


My segment on CHCH Morning Live Monday morning. I always have a great time with Annette Hamm! For those of you that don’t know I work at CH as one of the makeup artists. They are so kind and supportive of my career & travels and letting me do my beauty segments. We talked about Holiday beauty. So fun.


Deepa Berar November 2017 Estee Lauder Canada Holiday Event


I was also invited to the Estee Lauder holiday preview event in Toronto. Have to say these events are sooo much fun. So much planning goes into every single detail! Like for instance at this event they had an ice skater. Skating in the middle of the room. So crazy!


Deepa Berar November 2017 Estee Lauder event Ice Skater


Loved the hot chocolate bar, such a great idea. They had all sorts of ingredients you could put into your hot chocolate.


Deepa Berar November 2017 Estee Lauder Holiday Event All that Glitters Hot Chocolate Bar


There was an artist teaching us how to recreate the holiday art work on Estee Lauder’s packaging this holiday season. You guys know how much I love creating art so you can only imagine how much I loved this part. You can see my creation at the top of this post ;)


Deepa Berar November 2017 Estee Lauder All that Glitters Event


On Thursday it was Thanksgiving in the US and I was really missing it. It’s just such a fun time to be in the states! Plus Derek was off work for 4 days so it was really hard to be away when we would’ve really enjoyed that time together. Here’s a little throwback pic I posted on Instagram from my last trip. There’s a place called Baja Beach Cafe in Pacific Beach that sells a gazillion different margaritas that are literally the size of your head. I usually get the jalapeño margarita. DELICIOUS.



Next up was Black Friday shopping! So fun. My mom and I hit up the malls in my hometown- Burlington, Ontario. I got some stuff that I could wear to work. I’ve been in California for the past few winters so my winter clothing options are kinda low. Plus did a little shopping around for Derek’s stocking ;)        


Deepa Berar November 2017 Raiders Home Decor        


No, I did not buy him this although I’m sure he would’ve loved it lol.    


Wrapped up the week with a little brunch with my cousins Reena & Preet. Preet wanted some help makeup shopping so we decided to meet up for brunch before hand. She ended up buying the Fenty Beauty foundation and it looked amazing on her skin. Great coverage! She got the beauty blender sponge to go with it and the Caudalie Beauty Elixir spray to give the look a more natural finish.      


Deepa Berar November 2017 Brunch with Girlfriends      


That was my week! Question- What would you guys like to see more of on the blog?