The truth about Makeup Wipes

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makeup wipes


I’m sure most of you have tried makeup wipes at some point in your beauty regimen, am I right? I get it, I mean they’re fast and convenient and you don’t have to get up and go all the way to the bathroom to use them. You can sit in bed and clean off your makeup all while watching 2 Broke Girls (how funny is that show btw?).


Just cause you can do something doesn’t mean you should though. I mean I’m completely capable of eating Cheesecake Factory cheesecake every single day, doesn’t mean I should. Let’s be real here, all that sugar and dairy ain’t good for no one. Just like makeup wipes aren’t exactly the best thing for your skin.


What’s so bad about them?

Well for one thing they are loaded with chemicals that are designed to cleanse your skin and break down makeup. You’re probably arguing with me and telling me that’s a good thing. Technically you would be right. Cleansers need surfactants and emulsifiers to do their job, however, when you aren’t rinsing those chemicals off your face, all your doing essentially is breaking down the makeup, wiping some of it off with the cloth and smearing the residual makeup and cleanser all over your face.


I know I’ve definitely noticed that my skin never looks or feels completely fresh after using a wipe. Plus the day after I use a wipe I can guarantee my skin will be dull looking and there’ll be some dry patch that developed somewhere on my face. The one day I went and grabbed some coconut oil on a cotton pad, wiped my face with it and lo and behold, tons of makeup still came off my skin.



Not to mention that most wipes contain alcohol which is super drying on your skin. Plus if you’re like me and suffer from eczema you definitely want to stay far away as makeup wipes will only aggravate any flare ups and potentially trigger one as well.


So promise me you will think twice the next time you go in for a wipe! That or at least remember, wipes=cheesecake. No good.


Meet the newest It brushes on the block

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MAC masterclass brushes


There’s no denying that the makeup game has totally been stepped up by the seriously skilled artists out there. I mean hop on Instagram at any given moment and you are bombarded with perfect makeup posts. Makes you kinda wonder how they did it. I mean honestly, they can’t all be photoshopped.


Well, wonder no more, cause I am here to help! Ok so I know these brushes didn’t actually just come out, but, the way they’re being used is new and totally not what MAC intended them for. So. Meet your newest best friends.


The MAC Linear 1 brush was intended to be a liner brush.  It’s real use? Perfecting your lip game. Line your lips with lipliner, fill in with lipstick and grab some concealer and the linear 1 brush and trace along the edge of your lip, cleaning up the lip line and making that lip color pop. You can also use it to set the edge of your lips with powder which helps prevent your lip color from bleeding. Perfect for those bright/dark lip hues.


mac linear 1 brush


The Oval 3 cream/liquid blending brush is the perfect brush when it comes to highlighting/contouring your nose. It’s the perfect shape, width and density to perfect those lines, deposit color and blend. Seriously, try it, it’s a total game changer!


mac oval 3 brush


Last but not least, we have the Oval 6. Way too awesome to just be used to apply foundation! It’s actually the ideal brush for contouring and highlighting. Follows the contours of your face beautifully and allows you to manipulate how heavy or light handed you want to apply the product.


mac oval 6 brush


There you have it! If you don’t have these brushes yet, trust me, you need them in your life. Are there any brushes you guys are dying for these days? Let me know, I’d love to hear!


Want a complimentary Online Makeup Lesson with Me?

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Online Makeup lessons with Deepa Berar


You guys I am sooo incredibly excited because I have a big announcement to make…

I’m launching online makeup lessons!!  I have been doing in person makeup lessons for years. A while back I had the idea to broaden my reach globally and do them over skype, and voila, online makeup lessons were born! You get to work 1-on-1 with me and the entire experience is tailored to your unique needs.


In honour of this, I am giving away a full Personal Makeup Lesson course (valued at $275) to 1 lucky reader! Stay tuned on how to enter ;)


Here are the different packages I currently offer:


Personal online makeup lessons


Online Professional Makeup course


This last one is brand new and in response to the gazillion questions I get on starting a blog.


online blogging course


Interested in signing up for the contest?

Fill out the form at the bottom of this page. Each person that enters will also receive a complimentary 30 minute online makeup lesson with me!


I also have more information on my hire me page. Plus watch the blog as in a couple days I’ll be posting my professional makeup rates. I’ve been a freelance makeup artist for YEARS but only for select clients. Well not anymore, this chick is taking the show on the road! Watch out world ;P


The best Spring 2016 Beauty products

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best spring 2016 beauty products


It’s finally Spring people!! Although I’ve been cheating a little in that I’m currently in San Diego, California, trust me I’ve been watching the weather reports for back home and I’m sooo glad we finally turned the corner! What’s the best part about Spring? The new beauty products of course!! I’ve got my picks for the best spring 2016 beauty products for ya right here.


We’re gonna start with the Inglot Rise & Shine collection, namely the nail enamel. I’m in love with all the pastels from the collection, not to mention how the enamel is specially formulated to allow your nail to breathe which prevents that nasty yellowing from occurring. Which is great if you’re like me and would rather change your color every few days than be stuck with the same shellac polish for 3 weeks *shudders*.


Onto the next fav item for spring, this one is more of a collection. I’m talking Kardashian hairstylist Jen Atkin’s new product line, Ouai haircare. Who doesn’t want Kardashian hair? If these products are going to bring me any closer to that look, then I am down. In all seriousness, these products are really impressive. My favs are definitely the texturizing spray and the dry shampoo, which btw is completely colorless, perfect for us dark haired girls.


Spring 2016 beauty ouai haircare


Next up is the Becca shimmering blush. Becca is known for their skin perfectors which are amazing highlighters that give you a gorgeous-yet-subtle glow, so it’s no surprise that their blushes would be flawless as well.  Perfect for those of you that are in love with the strobing technique.


Spring 2016 beauty becca shimmering blush


If you know how much I love natural/organic products (I mean how many times have you heard me go on about toxins??) you’ll know how in love with Bite beauty I am. Namely their new Amuse bouche collection, which btw can I have all of them please?! Stunning colors, amazing wearability.


Spring 2016 beauty bite beauty amuse bouche


Ok if you are a sucker for killer packaging you will LOVE  the Tarte rainforest of the sea collection. I mean. Look at that right there. Gorgeous. Great color collection as well in their shadows and lip products, although I haven’t heard too many great things about the foundation. Like all things I think it’s subjective to each individual skin type/tone, etc so definitely give it a try before you buy if you are thinking about purchasing the foundation from this collection. Everything else is game though.


Spring 2016 beauty tarte rainforest of the sea


Ok this last one is for the serious contour/highlighting junkies (you know who you are), the Make up for ever pro sculpting face palette is unreal. Great color choices, great coverage and amazing for covering dark circles. I mean DARK circles. Just look at that orange shade. Like all Makeup Forever products, a little goes a longgg way so build thin layers rather than throwing a glob of it on all at once. Jus sayin, I’ve seen it happen.


Spring 2016 beauty makeup forever pro sculpting face palette


Am I missing anything from this list? I’d love to hear what products you guys are excited about!


How to Choose the Right Bronzer for you on CHCH Morning Live

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Deepa Berar CHCH Morning Live all about bronzers


I was back on CHCH Morning Live yesterday, talking about how to choose the right bronzer for you. I wanted to show several different types of bronzers so I decided to demo the bronzers live on air. My friend Sejal and her friend Alicia were kind enough to agree to be on CH with me (you might’ve seen Sejal in some of my other segments). Watch the full clip here and read on to find out all about these bronzers!


If you’re looking to pick up a new bronzer but not sure which one to choose, the four bronzers I demo’d were:


MAC Bronzing powder


MAC Golden Bronzing powder


Body Shop Honey bronze face gel


body shop honey bronze


NARS Multiple in Vientiane


nars vientiane


Josie Mara Argan liquid gold self-tanning oil


josie maran argan liquid gold self tanning oil



Time Saving Makeup ideas

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Time saving makeup ideas


One of the biggest reasons why a lot of women don’t bother with makeup is the time it takes to put it on. That’s what I hear anyways. I can understand that, I mean I can just see the crazy household morning rush with three kids to feed, dress and get out the door, not to mention the dog that won’t stop barking and knocking things over and then the milk spilled on your business suit and the toast is burnt and your husband is standing in the corner watching some lame prank video, completely oblivious to it all. Ok maybe I can’t fully understand it, but I can empathize.


So what I decided to do was to put together a list of time saving makeup ideas that could help you look and feel your best before you face your day. After all that’s what 2016 is all about right?! All you need is 5 minutes. Just 5 minutes and you can do sooo much with your look, I promise.


Hack 1.

Simplify your routine. Ok admittedly you’re gonna need a little time on a weekend to go through all your stuff and weed out the things you know you’re never gonna use. You don’t have to trash it or donate it just yet, all I want you to do is pick 1 thing from each category below and keep that aside for your daily routine. If you don’t have all the items, get your butt to a MAC or Sephora asap.

Here’s your checklist:


Everyday makeup checklist


Hack 2.

Keep said items in a spot that is easily accessible, clean and organized. Always put your items back in that spot, and don’t put anything else there. I mean it. Nothing else. Not even in a pinch.


Hack 3.

Follow the routine listed below. Every. Single. Day.


Makeup application order

Hack 4.

Invest in your tools & keep on top of replacing used items. I can’t stress enough how much using the proper brush will affect your final look. You’ll need a concealer brush, powder brush and blush brush for sure. Those are your basic minimums. PLEASE remember to replace your mascara every 2 months. We don’t like bacteria in and/or around our eyes. Ain’t nobody got time for that.


Hack 5.

Know when to play with your makeup. The best time to try different colors/products/techniques is after the kids are asleep and you’ve had a glass of wine (not quite 2, we’re not trying to lose an eye here) and are going to wash your face. Why’s this the best time? Cause you can make all the mistakes you want and no one will have to see it, silly!


Ok so let’s all make a pact that we’re going to revamp our makeup routines and get a pretty, everyday look going. If you want to see mine, here’s the video I did breaking it all down. Now I don’t have kids a dog or a hubby so I can take 10 minutes, but I promise when I need to simplify I can get it down to 5.



How to Create your Signature Look

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On a previous post I had discussed how putting a little effort on the outside helps boost your self confidence on the inside. The biggest reason a lot of people don’t bother is because of the time it takes. I can completely understand that, there have been days where I don’t want to be bothered either but I know I’ll end up feeling low energy and it’ll throw my day off a bit. So I’ve had to figure out a way around this and the best thing I’ve come up with is to create your signature look.


So how does this help exactly? If you know what your look is, it cuts a TON of time and effort out of the whole getting ready process. Trust me, there’s a reason why in most of my pics I’m wearing MAC Please Me lipstick. I know it works for me so I don’t have to think about it. One less decision to make might seem like a minute thing, but having a bunch of less decisions to make saves a lot of time and mental energy.


Ok so now we know why we’re doing what we’re doing, now how do you figure out what your signature look is? I’ve got it all down to a few steps for you:






Get online and start going through images of makeup, hair and fashion. I’d suggest sticking to one category at a time so as to not feel overwhelmed by the process. Start collecting these images so you can sort through them later.


Once you have them all collected go through and start eliminating the ones you know for sure aren’t you. Like you might see an image of an actress with a gorgeous red lip, but you know deep down inside you would never wear that, so delete the image. Keep in mind you’re looking for your every day look so you have to be comfortable wearing it every single day.


Once you have the makeup, hair and fashion pics, get to the mall and try things on. You won’t know how it looks on you until you try it on, certain colors/products will suit you, some won’t.


Invest in key items!! This will save you a bunch of time and a lot of headache. Items such as a good blow dryer, waving wand, makeup brushes, a great jacket, good boots. These will make a world of difference in how polished your final look is.


Nail down a routine for your application (i.e. concealer, then powder, then brows, then mascara) and stick with this. I can’t tell you how much time this saves.


Organize your products keeping only the minimum ones you’ll use in your everyday routine accessible and keep everything in the same place. People are always telling me how organized I am but I’ll let you in on a little secret- I am incredibly impatient. So the less time I have to spend looking for something, the better.


One last tip- for your fashion, invest in pieces that you are super comfortable in and flatter your shape. If you don’t love it, do NOT BUY IT!!! Trust me if you aren’t insanely in love with it, it’ll sit in your closet and you’ll always feel like you have nothing to wear.


What do you think? Do you have any tips you’d add to this list? Please let me know if this helps!


Halloween Makeup Hacks on CHCH Morning Live

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Halloween Makeup DIY


I can’t believe Halloween is right around the corner, it came up so fast this year! This Halloween I wanted to challenge myself a little. As you guys probably know, I’m totally not a special effects makeup artist, but I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone this year. So when I was trying to figure out what to do for this month’s beauty segment on CHCH Morning Live, I decided to ignore that little voice in my head (the fearful one) and put myself down for Halloween makeup hacks.


Deepa Berar CHCH Makeup segment


I played around with DUO Adhesive and learnt how to create a realistic looking wound. Trust me it looked so gross in person haha. Caramia (one of our Bella Trois girls) was an awesome sport and played up the part perfectly! We also drew on bloody tears, paled out her skin and made her look even more dead with greyish eyeshadow on the hollows of her cheeks, temples and jaw.


Halloween Makeup Hacks


Click here to watch the segment!

Strobing 101: Everything you need to know about this Hot new Makeup Trend!

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Strobing 101 Everything you need to know


I’m sure by now most of you have heard about Contouring. Just pop the hashtag #contour into Instagram and you’ll find over 1.2 million posts! You might have even thought to try it, or tried it and found the technique to harsh for your face. Well not to worry my friends, I have the solution to make your features pop without bronzer, ABH or dark foundation.


Welcome to Strobing. What is strobing you ask? It is the technique of highlighting key areas of your face to make your features pop, enhance and brighten your overall look. Here’s what you’ll need:


Strobing basics


A great highlighting powder (or cream if you prefer), one that suits your skin tone. For skintones my shade or darker, opt with a powder that has a gold/bronze shimmer in it. I like MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Powder in Soft and Gentle or my other fav NARS Highlighting Blush in Albatross. Those of you with pink undertones can opt for a champagne shimmer like Benefit Cosmetics Watt’S Up Highlighter.


You’ll also need a good quality, natural hair brush like the MAC Mini Tapered Blending Brush #221 or a nice fan brush like the MAC Brush 184 Duo Fibre Fan Brush.


Strobing explained


Once you have the necessities, follow the map guide above and you’ll be all strobed up and ready to go!




– Apply with light brush strokes, don’t use too much pressure- It’s easier to apply more than remove!


– Use a powder for a simpler application. It’s easier to work with than liquids/creams


– Take the flash test! Take a pic after you apply and use the flash on your phone. If it looks too bright under your eyes, you’ll know to either use a different shade or less product


Have you tried this technique? Let me know what you think in the comments!