Join me at my Makeup Masterclass with INGLOT!

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Deepa Berar INGLOT Makeup Masterclass


Exciting news for you guys..I’m doing a Makeup Masterclass with INGLOT!! Can not wait to meet you all and share some tips & tricks with you guys.


The event is taking place at the INGLOT at Yonge & Dundas Square (eek!) on July 16th at 9:30am. Guys it’s going to be such a fun day! There are going to be:


Refreshments- light breakfast and drinks
Full lesson on how to do a -Glittery Cut Crease-
Option to follow along with products from INGLOT
Meet n’ Greet
20% off all products
Goodie Bags!!!


Here is the link to sign up-> Makeup Masterclass

Can’t wait to see you all!!

Fav INGLOT products

Talking Wedding Beauty on CHCH Morning Live!

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bridal beauty trends with Deepa Berar on chch morning live


We are continuing the wedding beauty trend discussion with my latest appearance on CHCH Morning Live!  Guys, these TV appearances are so fun to do. Lots of work, lots of coordinating and lots of planning, but so much fun. My CH fam are always so fun to work with and host Annette Hamm helps keep these segments so fun and fast moving!


Goody Fountain Flip Make Up For Ever Ultra HD


We did a hair demo and a makeup demo this time and talked about the hottest wedding beauty trends for 2017. You guys are going to LOVE the hair demo, we used the Fountain Flip kit from Goody and it is literally so, so easy to use and makes your hair look all fancy and stuff 😉

For the makeup we talked Make Up For Ever skin boosters and Ultra HD products which are so good especially for weddings. Loving the HD Foundation sticks, we did a little contour demo with those and talked about how to help your makeup artist make your skin look its best for the big day.


Goody Hair and Make Up For Ever on CHCH Morning Live


If you guys follow me on snap (@deepaberar) you would’ve seen a little behind the scenes from the day. So fun.

To watch the video, click here.

NARS Liquid Blush Collection Launch Hopson Grace Toronto

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Deepa Berar NARS


Ok so how many of you are NARS fans in here? I am and have always been a huge fan!! So when I received the invite to their launch event for the NARS liquid blush collection it was an immediate heck ya I’ll be there! Plus my friend Gillian Okopny was going to be there demoing the collection. Gillian is the lead artist for NARS and just the nicest person and so hard working! So happy for her and her accomplishments 🙂


NARS Liquid blush collection


Ok onto the event. It was held at the Hopson Grace building in Toronto, a really nice spot for events! One of the things I love about these events I’m so lucky to attend is the attention to detail when it comes to the setup, so impressive.


NARS Liquid blush event Toronto


I mean look at how beatuifully laid out all the snacks and drinks are? Loved the prosecco, they put actual strawberries in it, so delicious!


NARS Event Hopson Grace 2017


Onto the collection. One thing about me is as much as my makeup time is my zen time, I don’t like to spend a lot of time doing it on a daily basis. That’s why I’ve shied away from liquid/cream blushes in the past, it just always seemed like an extra step to your routine. These blushes totally changed my mind.


NARS Gillian Okopny


The blush has a liquid consistency to it and blends sooo beautifully onto the skin. It’s so perfect for those of you that love the natural, dewy skin look and so gorgeous for spring! Not to mention the fact that you can use it on your eyes & lips as well. Gillian applied a wash of color onto the model’s eye crease to add some warmth to the look. Such a gorgeous affect.


NARS Whatmakesyoublush Demo


There are 4 shades: Orgasm (peachy pink with gold shimmer), Torrid (Warm coral with golden shimmer), Luster (Sheer golden apricot) and Dolce Vita (Matte dusty rose). My fav has to be Dolce Vita. Perfect for us mid skin tone gals. I’m definitely going to play around with these and use them in a tutorial for you guys! Question- what’s your fav NARS product?


Mine are the following:

Soft Matte Concealer

Radiant Creamy Concealer

Sheer Glow Foundation

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2017 Mother’s Day Gift Guide- Beauty Edition

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Mothers Day 2017 Gift Guide Make Up For Ever


I’m back with a new beauty post for you guys, I know, I know, it’s been a while since I posted product recommendations, but not to worry cause here is your 2017 Mother’s Day gift guide! Yes, yes that is my mommy and me, way back in the day. Must’ve said something hilarious cause she is cracking up lol.


Back to our gift guide! Let’s start off with this Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Skin Booster. First off it increases skin’s hydration by 400%. Sooo good for mom’s who have concerns with fine lines or dehydration.


Next up, The Beauty Counter. Has anyone tried their products? Gotta say I am impressed. This is perfect for the mom who is into decor because the packaging is gorgeous and would look great on any counter! The Beauty Counter Sugar body scrub feels so good on the skin and their Sheer lipstick is super moisturizing with a sheer coverage and one of their best sellers.


Mothers Day 2017 Gift Guide Beauty Counter


Next up is Eau Contemporaine fragrance in Coton. Smells so fresh and pretty! This is the first cosmetic fragrance Simon’s is carrying so you know it’s good. There are two other scents, Soie which has more floral & woody notes; and Lin which has more of a musk scent with bergamot. They’re all so nice! Lin is my fave.


Mothers Day 2017 Gift Guide Eau Contemporaine


Lastly is the Burt’s Bees lip line. Have you guys checked out Burts Bees lately? I have to admit, I used to only go to them for their lip balm (my every day lip moisturizer!) but they have totally expanded their line of lip products. They’ve got lip oils now, lipsticks and lip crayons to mention a few. This is great for the mom that’s into natural products.


Mothers Day 2017 Gift Guide Burts Bees


Have you guys done your Mother’s Day shopping yet? I’d love to know what you got her!

Friends, Family & Photoshoot Fun!

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Deepa Berar Makeup Artist Freelance


Howdy peeps! Hope you guys are having a fantabulous day so far. Happy Cinco de Mayo to y’all! And happy weekend, it’s just a few hours away so hang in there! So I am sharing a little photoshoot fun that I had last week with my friends & family. I had the girls over to my place and did their hair & makeup and took some pics to revamp my portfolio. For those of you not in the know, I have been a professional Makeup artist for 12 years now (time flies!!).


Deepa Berar Makeup Brushes


So the idea behind the photoshoot was to update my portfolio. While I’ve done a ton of freelancing over the years, for some reason I don’t have a ton of pics of my work other than my 5 gazillion selfies on Insta haha.


Deepa Berar Makeup Artist


Jackie & Cara who you’ll remember from our Bella Trois days came over last week for some much needed catch up time. It had been almost a year since we’d all been together at the same time! Can’t believe how fast time flies, it’s crazy. Anyways it seemed like no time had past at all.


Deepa Berar Portfolio Jaclyn Colville 3


How stunning. I mean of course I immediately thought to call my Bella girls, aren’t they just so gorgeous?!


Deepa Berar Cara Cameron


Deepa Berar Portfolio Cara Cameron


I also had my beautiful cousins over a few days later to shoot some South Asian inspired looks (and let’s be real, any excuse to hang out with them is a good one). They looked so great! Natural born models if you ask me.


Deepa Berar Portfolio Mona Berar


Loved using the NYX glitter on these girls, NYX has so many different colours to choose from and their glitter primer is hands down my fav glitter glue.


Deepa Berar Portfolio Monique Berar


Has anyone tried the Ciate liquid velvet lip products? I used the shade Bitter Sweet on Preet below. It’s really nice cause it’s not drying at all and the colour selection is gorgeous!


Deepa Berar Portfolio Preet Singh


What do you think of the pics? You can check out more of my portfolio here, and my pricing is up here. Message me at if you need a Makeup Artist in the Greater Toronto area 😉


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100 days of Makeup!

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100 days of makeup deepa berar

In case you’ve been wondering where all of my fresh content has gone, I’ve been living in Youtube & Instagram lately! In particular I’ve been obsessed with creating looks for the 100 days of Makeup challenge on Instagram.


Thought I’d share a few of my favs:






So that’s where I’ve been posting, but I have to admit, I’ve really been the missing the blog. I’d love to hear what you guys have been upto! How’s your 2017 coming along?

Best of the Billboard 2016 beauty looks

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billboard 2016 beauty


Did you guys catch the Billboard music awards last night? Ok I was kinda bad and only tuned in for like a minute to see our girl Priyanka Chopra announce an award, what can I say, life happens and I was at a birthday party for my cousin’s son. Also Superbad was on and I can never pass up an opportunity to watch. One of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen, I swear I’m dying ever time!!


Anyways, all of that didn’t stop me from tuning in to watch the celebs kill it on the red carpet! Loved a bunch of the looks last night, mostly the smokey eyed ones, seems to be very on trend at the moment. As usual, I have your best Billboard 2016 beauty looks 🙂


billboard 2016 britney spears


First off we’re gonna talk about the queen of course, all hail Britney. I know some of you might not agree with me on this one, but I LOVED the throwback lip. Very Laguna beach circa 2005, you remember, back when everyone was wearing Myth lipstick from MAC? What can I say, I’m a sucker for a good throwback!


Britney’s MUA used Surratt Moderniste lip pencil and YSL Rouge Pur Couture in #10 on her lips.


billboard 2016 demi lovato


On to one of my fav celebs, Demi Lovato. Love, love, love her message about self confidence and loving yourself as you are right now. So refreshing. Also LOVE her smokey eye/nude lip combo, swear this look is so big right now. So rocker glam.


You can use YSL’s Kajal in black, smudged around the eyes to recreate the look.


billboard 2016 lucy hale


Pretty Little Liar’s Lucy Hale rocked the look as well, although her lip was a little less nude and a little more natural, still looked amazing. Have you ever noticed how nice kajal rimmed eyes looks on people with that darker ring around their iris? Just makes their eyes pop even more.


Use MAC shadow palette in Purple to recreate Lucy’s soft smokey eye.


billboard 2016 rihanna


Not a huge fan of Rihanna’s hair at the awards show, but her makeup was on point. Really though, she has some of the most gorgeous eyes I’ve ever seen that she can pull off pretty much any look.


Use a soft fluffy brush like MAC #217 and NARS Albatross to recreate that gorgeous inner eye highlight Rihanna has. While you’re at it, add some to the top of your cheekbones to brighten.


billboard 2016 gwen stefani


Ok I had to add this last one, not because of the actual makeup, but because of the message. Gwen Stefani wore a totally different look than she usually does. Gone was the signature cat eye liner and red lip, instead she had very bronzed skin, bronze eyes and a nude lip. So glad she is experimenting. We can all fall into patterns of loving a certain look (myself included) but it’s fun to experiment and play! It keeps life fun and fresh and is a great message for yourself internally because it detaches you from correlating self esteem with looking a certain way. Makeup is meant to be fun, it’s not meant to mask the world from seeing the true you.


What looks did you guys love? Share with me in the comments!


The Top 3 Nail trends you have to try for Spring 2016 !

Monday, May 9, 2016 2 0

nail trends spring 2016


So today on the blog we are talking the 3 hottest nail trends you need to try for Spring 2016! The thing I like about the nail trends for this season is that the look is a lot more minimalistic than we’ve been seeing in the past several years. Minimalistic=Easy to do..see my thinking?!!


Don’t get me wrong, I love all the bedazzled, adorned, vamipresque nails on Insta but they look so complicated to do. You guys must’ve seen the marble nail tutorial where you put a drop of a bunch of different nail colors into water and then dip your nail in and it looks really cool and marbley? But then you have to repeat the process on every single nail. Sounds sooo time consuming. Beautiful, but ain’t nobody got time for that!


That’s why I’m so excited about this Spring’s nail trends! Onto the looks..


nail trends spring 2016 graphic lines


Ok so a lot of runways were sporting the graphic lined look. So chic and pretty and easy to do. Just grab some tape and you are good to go. You can do double/triple lines in the same or different directions, it’s really up to you how experimentive you want to get, plus it’s a lot easier with nail tape 😉


nail trends spring 2016 matte finish


So while the matte finish look has been around for a while, it’s definitely having a moment this spring. Not only is the matte trend big right now, but you can rock the matte look in different ways. Do all your nails in the matte finish, do a couple on each hand or even just part of your nail like the model above.


nail trends spring 2016 mettalic


Finally one of the biggest trends seen on the runways was metallic nails. A lot of gold and very shiny. Again it’s up to you how you want to wear this look. Get creative! The great thing about nail polish is that you can wipe it right off if you don’t like how it looks 🙂


Have you guys seen any nail trends for Spring that you’re dying to try? Share with me!


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Mother’s Day Beauty Gift Guide

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Mother's day gift guide 2016


Mother’s Day is right around the corner!! Have you guys done your shopping yet? It’s ok if you haven’t, just kidding it’s really not, you’re the worst kid in the world ;P

I kid, I kid. In all seriousness I’m sure there will be tons of people shopping this weekend, picking something up for their beautiful moms. I’m here with a list of the perfect gifts for the beauty fanatic mothers out there!


Let’s start off with skin care:


Caudalie Vinoperfect Get Glowing Set

Caudalie is  a great line to combat dull looking skin because of all the antioxidants and viniferine their products contain. The set come with the Vinoperfect Radiance Serum which helps reduces the appearance of dark spots, the Glycolic Peel gives the skin a beautiful glow and the Vinoperfect Cell Renewal Night Cream resurfaces your skin as you sleep. What mom wouldn’t love all that?


mothers day caudalie get glowing set


Josie Maran Sweet Argan Decadence Head to Toe Hydrators

If your mom is a Josie Maran fan, or into natural products at all, she is going to LOVE this set. It includes the Argan Sugar Balm Body Scrub, Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter, the 100% Pure Argan Oil Light and the Argan Infinity Lip and Cheek Creamy Oil in Everlasting Honey. The thing I love about Josie Maran’s products besides the fact that you just feel good knowing that what you’re putting on your skin isn’t loaded with toxins, is that her products leave your skin feeling so smooth and your skin looks so pretty and glowy.


mothers day 2016 josie maran sweet argan decadence


Ok moving on to the beauty lovers out there!


Blendsmart Automated Makeup Brush System + Foundation Brush Head Starter Set

Ok this thing is super cool and perfect for the techy mom (if I was a mom, I’d die for this) it’s a foundation brush that spins. I know. Basically you dab your fav foundation onto your skin and then whip this puppy out. It blends your foundation into your skin so that you look even and covered but like you’re not wearing anything. Amazing!! The brush actually spins at 190 RPM leaving no lines or streaks, and the best thing is you end up using less product in the long run. Plus it takes less time to apply than a regular foundation brush! Bonus 😉


mothers day 2016 blendsmart-automated-makeup-brush-system


Tartelette 2 In Bloom Amazonian Clay Palette

Ok so if your mom is anything like mine, this gift is it. Honestly, my mom hasn’t met an eyeshadow palette she didn’t like. She still complains that she doesn’t have enough makeup. She has more eyeshadows than all my aunt’s combined! Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree I guess 🙂

Anyways, this palette is absolutely stunning. Tarte always kills it with their packaging. This set contains the perfect mixture of neutral, smokey, matte and glitter which makes it incredibly versatile and the perfect Mother’s Day eyeshadow palette in my (humble) opinion.


mothers day 2016 Tartelette-2-In-Bloom-Amazonian-Clay-Palette


Last but not least, hair:


Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Experience Kit

So we’ve all heard of anti-aging skin care, but anti-aging hair care? Meet Alterna. Ok so I’m not the biggest fan of the term anti-aging because it makes aging seem like a bad thing, but to be honest with you guys, I am grateful for the wisdom and self awareness that comes with every year that passes.

Ok that aside, the Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging line moisturizes, protects color treated hair and shields your locks from the damage of the sun. Plus the caviar extract, vitamin C and cytokines make your hair stronger and healthier too. Sounds good to me!


mothers day 2016 alterna-caviar-anti-aging


What are you guys getting your mom’s for mother’s day? I’d love to know!


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The truth about Makeup Wipes

Thursday, April 28, 2016 0 1

makeup wipes


I’m sure most of you have tried makeup wipes at some point in your beauty regimen, am I right? I get it, I mean they’re fast and convenient and you don’t have to get up and go all the way to the bathroom to use them. You can sit in bed and clean off your makeup all while watching 2 Broke Girls (how funny is that show btw?).


Just cause you can do something doesn’t mean you should though. I mean I’m completely capable of eating Cheesecake Factory cheesecake every single day, doesn’t mean I should. Let’s be real here, all that sugar and dairy ain’t good for no one. Just like makeup wipes aren’t exactly the best thing for your skin.


What’s so bad about them?

Well for one thing they are loaded with chemicals that are designed to cleanse your skin and break down makeup. You’re probably arguing with me and telling me that’s a good thing. Technically you would be right. Cleansers need surfactants and emulsifiers to do their job, however, when you aren’t rinsing those chemicals off your face, all your doing essentially is breaking down the makeup, wiping some of it off with the cloth and smearing the residual makeup and cleanser all over your face.


I know I’ve definitely noticed that my skin never looks or feels completely fresh after using a wipe. Plus the day after I use a wipe I can guarantee my skin will be dull looking and there’ll be some dry patch that developed somewhere on my face. The one day I went and grabbed some coconut oil on a cotton pad, wiped my face with it and lo and behold, tons of makeup still came off my skin.



Not to mention that most wipes contain alcohol which is super drying on your skin. Plus if you’re like me and suffer from eczema you definitely want to stay far away as makeup wipes will only aggravate any flare ups and potentially trigger one as well.


So promise me you will think twice the next time you go in for a wipe! That or at least remember, wipes=cheesecake. No good.