The Perfect Eyebrows

Saturday, November 7, 2009 1 0

How to get the perfect eyebrow shape for your eyebrows:

A.      Hold a pencil vertically. Rest it against the edge of your nose and point directly up. This is where your eyebrow should begin.

B.      Take the pencil again and position it so that it goes from the corner of the nose to the iris. This is where the highest point of the arch should be. Hold the pencil straight up at the outer edge of the pupil. This is where the arch should likely begin.

C.      Position the pencil from the corner of the nose to the end of the eye. This is where the eyebrow should end.

D.      Now hold the pencil horizontally. The eyebrow beginning and end should be level with each other.

It’s best to lay the markers down first with a pencil and then go in, 1 HAIR AT A TIME, and tweeze. Another tip that is pretty useful is to cover the hairs that you need to get rid of with concealer first so that you can get a little preview of how the eyebrows will look. Hope this helps.

Blend it and forget it

Monday, November 2, 2009 0 0

The key to great eye makeup is to blend, blend, blend. Then when you think you’re done, go back and blend some more. Blending is a broad term though, I remember when I was a novice I was so confused by what this actually meant. Basically it starts with a good blending brush. Something like the #217 brush from MAC. It’s dome shaped so you pick the product up with the tip of your brush and the shorter bristles around the tip do all the work for you. To take it a step further, and this is the important part of getting a professional look, with a clean brush blend the edges of where your eye shadow ended. This will make it seem as though the color fades out, rather than there being a definite line where it stops.

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False Lashes

Sunday, October 25, 2009 1 5

The subject of false lashes can be a touchy one, as most women really want to wear them, but have a tough time applying them. Here is a step-by-step guide on applying false lashes. Hopefully this will help and you won’t have half a lash hanging off your eye by the end of the night:

1.       Make sure the lashes aren’t too wide for your eyes. Take them out of the package and rest them on your own lashes. If they look too wide, trim off the excess, always cut from the outer (longer) corner.

2.       Apply your eye shadow and a couple of coats of mascara. This will give your false lashes a good base to sit on.

3.       Apply a thin strip of glue to the rim of the false lashes. Allow to air dry for 30 sec, if you think you need more glue, add a bit then. Allowing the time to dry lets the glue get tackier and therefore much easier to apply. The glue I love to use is DUO from MAC . It’s actually a surgical adhesive, so you know it will do the trick.

4.       Now line up the false lashes to your eyes. Center them so that they aren’t too close to the inner corner of your eye, or too far out. Push the middle down first (most people find it useful to use something like a q-tip to push it down) then the outer and inner corners. To know if you have applied them on the right part of your eye, just imagine that you have put a really thin coat of eyeliner on, and aim for that spot.

5.       If you want you can add another coat of mascara, however if you want to reuse the lashes I advise against it as you will have to clean them and that can relax the curl of the lashes.

6.       You are set to go! To remove, hold down the corner of your eye and simply peel off. Be sure to do this before you wash your face. If you feel it pulling, you know you have gotten some glue on your natural lash. Simply soak a q-tip in water and hold it to that spot for 30 sec. This will melt the glue and the lash should come off easily.

7.       Before reapplying, simply peel the glue off from the previous use and repeat the steps above. Most lashes will hold their shape for up to 5 uses.

Good luck and have fun!!!