Spring 2015 Beauty trends Revealed

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Spring 2015 beauty trend


Something big is happening in the world of makeup right now. One of the biggest changes to emerge in Spring 2015 beauty trends is the shift towards a no makeup look. Now the no makeup look isn’t exactly new to the runway, what is new is how well it’s being received.


What does that mean for us? Exactly what it sounds like. Less contour, less glitter, less glam. More bare faced makeup. It doesn’t mean you’re still not wearing the stuff, it’s just applied to look like you’re not wearing much of it. Oh and the hair looks air dried. I’m not kidding.


While a lot of you might not like the idea of going back to basics, (let’s face it, we’ve gotten pretty accustomed to the uber glam, Kim K, Persian princess way of life) I like to think of it as transitioning to a more effortless glam look. Which is actually the look I love the most.


How to achieve this? Here are some tips on getting that effortless glam look:


1. It’s all about blending your makeup. Once you’re done blending, go back and blend some more.

2. You can still contour & highlight, just apply it with a very light hand. Also see #1.

3. Start off with less product and build. It’s easier to stop adding product than it is to take stuff off.


spring 2015 makeup trends


As for hair?

1. When curling your hair hold your iron in place for half the time you normally do. This will give you more tousled waves than curls.

2. For braids, loosen and pull apart pieces of your braid after it’s done.

3. Think sombre not ombre. Sombre is ombre with a more subtle color transition.


spring 2015 hair trends


What do you think, are you ready to tone down your look?

Fifty Shades of Grey Makeup?!

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Fifty-shades-of-grey opi


Ok unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past 2 years you’ve heard of the book/movie Fifty Shades of Grey. I’m sure most of you have probably even read at least the first novel and probably half of you are counting down till the movie is released (umm I don’t blame you, I mean have you seen Christian Grey??!)


What you probably haven’t heard of is the slew of Fifty Shades of Grey makeup products that have been released in anticipation of the film’s release date. So I figured I’d share some with ya!


Introducing the Fifty Shades of Grey OPI collection. As with most OPI theme collections, they have the full sized polishes as well as the mini kit. I love the mini kits because you get to try all the colors without committing to a full bottle.

fifty shades of grey opi nail polish

Makes sense that it would consist primarily of shades of grey. Think about it.


Next up we have Makeup Forever. These guys went nuts and created 3 different fifty shades of grey beauty kits.

The first is the Desire me Cheek set.


fifty shades of grey makeup forever desire me


It contains 2 blush colors and a highlight shade from their artist shadow collection. Plus you get an angled brush and cute satchel. Pretty.


For those of you looking for a more complete makeup collection, Makeup Forever also has the Give in to me set which contains eyeliner, mascara, a quad shadow set, lipstick and gloss. The shadows are pretty, you could definitely do a sexy soft smokey eye with these shades.


fifty shades of grey makeup forever give into me


For the lip lovers out there, Makeup Forever also has the Tease me lip sets with their infamous long wear aqua rouge lipstick, gloss and liner. There are two different color combos available- a Berry Set & a Nude set so you get a decent selection.

Make-up-for-ever-fifty shades of grey tease-me-berry Makeup forever fifty shades of grey tease me nude

What do you think, will you be picking up any of the sets?

Vegas Nay Stardust Tour 2015

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vegas nay stardust tour 2015


A couple weeks ago I went to the Vegas Nay Stardust Tour 2015 at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. To say it was an amazing day would be an understatement. It was unreal. First off the convention room was gigantic and decorated so beautifully! Second, it was pretty much a packed house, so many people flew in from all over the place for this event.


vegas nay stardust tour 2015 cosmopolitan


Naomi (Vegas Nay) is the woman behind the tour and also the woman behind the most successful beauty account on Instagram- she has over 3.6 million followers! Naomi is so kind and even more beautiful in person. She’s pretty far along in her pregnancy so I was so surprised by how much energy she had throughout the day.  She was so kind to her fans as well, meeting and taking pictures with everyone. Here are Naomi and I. Such an unreal moment :)


deepa berar vegas nay stardust tour 2015


Naomi was one of the many artists that offered up their expert knowledge via on-stage demos. Her gorgeous model was actually her sister! A few of the tips I picked up from her- Make sure you get a facial at least once a month and this is the best concealer for mature skin.


vegas nay stardust tour 2015 live demo


Ok one my 2 fav moments of the whole day- watching Scott Barnes do a full live makeup demo. Scott was JLo’s makeup artist back in the day when JLo was everything and he is the one responsible for the JLo glow. He’s also one of the 2 people that inspired me to be a makeup artist in the first place (the other is Kevyn Aucoin). So watching and learning from him was like a dream come true for me.


scott barnes vegas nay stardust tour 2015


My other fav moment was getting to meet him. I actually met Scott a bunch of years back when he was up at Holts in Toronto promoting his makeup line. I think I was pretty openly excited about him bring there that he came over to my chair, grabbed the brush from the artist that was demoing on me, and did my makeup. I nearly died I never wanted to wash my face ever again.


deepa berar scott barnes vegas nay stardust tour 2015


Besides makeup demos we got to see a few live hair demos by celebrity hairstylist, Artak. I would equate watching him in action to what it would’ve been like watching some of the biggest painters like Michaelangelo or DaVinci paint. A true artist, so meticulous and undeniabley talented. His one fav hair product to do pretty much anything? This one here.


Artak vegas nay stardust tour 2015


Another amazing moment was meeting this lady right here- Ely Marino. I’ve been following Ely on Insta for a while and I love seeing her pics in my feed! She’s crazy talented and takes amazing pics! Her husband was on stage talking about the best cameras for close up makeup pics. The general consensus across the board, the Canon 5d Mark iii is tops for just about everything.


deepa berar ely marino vegas nay stardust tour 2015


One of the funniest moments of the day was when the founder of Too Faced Cosmetics, Jerrod Blandino took the stage. This guy is hilarious. Definitely gave me a new appreciation for Too Faced, although I already obsess over their Better than Sex mascara.


jerrod blandino too faced vegas nay stardust tour 2015


Missy Lynn was there as well doing a demo. Missy is super sweet and kind and absolutely gorgeous. I love her youtube videos!!


deepa berar missy lynn vegas nay stardust tour 2015


Another surreal moment was meeting and interviewing Teni Panosian. Teni is hands down my absolute fav youtuber of all time. She is gorgeous and kind and sweet and crazy intelligent. I absolutely love women like her. I got the chance to interview her and I’ll be posting that as part of my inspirational women series in a bit.


teni panosian vegas nay stardust tour 2015


All in all the Vegas Nay Stardust Tour 2015 was well worth the trip to Vegas (like that’s ever a chore anyways). I’d def recommend it to anyone looking to learn and be inspired :)

The best Red Lipsticks for Indian Skintones

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deepa berar red lipstick mac cosmetics


Today’s post is all about lips. Red lips in particular. With it being the holiday season and all, there is no other time when this vibrant shade is more popular than now, yet a lot of women just don’t seem to think that red suits them.


Well I’m here to tell you that you absolutely can wear red, it’s just a matter of finding the right shade for you. That’s why I compiled a list of the top red lipsticks for Indian skintones.



red lipsticks for indian skin


Ruby Woo

My personal fav although it can be a little drying, it is the perfect bright red.

Russian Red

A true classic red- perfect for beginners.

Lady Danger

Has a strong orange undertone, great for those of you looking to dip your toes into red.

Relentlessly Red

A gorgeous vibrant red pink.


My fav dark red tone.


Perfect for those of you that are looking to go a little more on trend with the dark burgundy lip look.


These are all MAC Cosmetics shades. To get the look from the pic above, check out this tutorial.

Do you have any favs you would add to the collection? If so, please share with us in the comments!


What’s in my Professional Makeup Kit

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My professional Makeup kit thumbnail


So a lot of you have been asking me to post a video on what’s in my professional makeup kit and I finally got to recording it!

First off my kit is a Zuca that I got from MAC. There are a number of reasons why I love it, but mostly because of how durable it is. Plus it has a ton of compartments and pockets for organization.



Mac Zuca



I break down how I organize all my stuff and all the essentials for your kit in this video. Check it out :)




Oh and I figured out what that thing is called- a spatula. And the arts supply store that I go to is Curry’s.

October Favorites & CONTEST Announcement

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monthly favorites oct 2014 thumbnail



I finally recorded my first every monthly favorites video!! I know one of the things you guys have been telling me is that you want more product recommendations.


It seems there are new products out every week these days and new trends. With that my personal makeup regime is constantly changing which I’m sure a lot of you can relate to- one month you’re totally into a particular product, the next it’s something entirely different.


That’s why I think monthly favorites videos are so great, because this way I can let you know what I’m super into (and what works) for the moment.


Another different thing about this video- I recorded it at the beach! I’m currently in San Diego, California and it is so absolutely gorgeous here that I had to share it with you. I apologize about the wind sound, I’ll look into getting a mic for next time.


Before we get to the video, here is the CONTEST announcement I promised!

Contest November 2014 Deepa Berar

1st place winner gets an amazing giveaway basket from Redken, plus a 1-on-1 3o min Skype beauty q&a session with me!

2nd place winner gets a 1-on-1 30 min Skype beauty q&a session with me!


To Enter: Follow me on my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram -> all @deepaberar & Subscribe to my blog here.

Contest winner will be announced on my blog on November 7th!


Now for my October favorites video. Enjoy!



How to become a Makeup Artist & The Story of my Success

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A new video is up answering a question I get from a lot of you guys- how to become a makeup artist. I talk about that plus include a bit of info on how I got started and the path that lead me to where I am today.


Hope it helps! If you guys have any other questions or want to see me do more of these talking videos, comment on this post :)



POLL: What do you want to see me cover?

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So I have a question for you, but first off I have to say THANK YOU to all of my readers for supporting me by reading my blogs, watching my videos and liking my Facebook & Instagram posts. I absolutely LOVE posting for you. I didn’t realize in the beginning just how much fun this journey would be and to receive and read your positive & encouraging comments along the way, well just makes me want to do more for you and to make this blog the best it can be.


In order for me to do that, I would love to know what exactly you would like to see me cover? Please take a second and vote on the options below. You can choose multiple answers. If you have any more suggestions, please comment on this post.



Also please share this blog with your friends as I’d love to help as many people as possible! Thanks!


XO, Deeps ;)


How to get your Makeup to look its best & last all day

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I was back on CHCH yesterday, this time host Annett Hamm and I were discussing products you can use that will help your makeup to look its best and also to last all day long.

If you missed the segment, I have the clip right here for you:



Have you tried any of these products before?

Seven beauty & fashion Must haves for Summer!

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Summer is finally  here!! (Ok fine technically we still have a week left but I decided to skip over spring altogether, can you blame me?). The best part about summer besides the parties and the good weather? The clothes and the makeup of course!!


seven summer must haves

I put together a list of my seven beauty & fashion must haves for summer to help you on your next shopping trip ;)


Crop top

This summer is all about the crop top. Now don’t worry if you don’t have a flat midriff, I definitely don’t but there are still options like pairing it with a high waisted skirt or there are even dresses where it looks like a crop top & skirt but it’s all attached. Yay!


Harry Josh blow dryer

You can tell that celeb hair stylist Harry Josh put a lot of care into crafting his first ever tool before releasing it because not only does this hair dryer have the highest power of any hair dryer with an 80mph airflow but it also has the longest lasting motor at 2000 hours. You can find it here.


UD electric

We’re all so used to summer meaning bright lips, and while that’s still on trend, this summer is all about colorful eyes. By far my fav palette has to be the Urban Decay electric palette with all of its neon goodness <3


tarte amazonian clay

There is nothing worse than melty makeup in the hot, humid air! There’s no need to have to deal with this problem as technology has come so far and there are some great waterproof and resistant foundations that will stay put like this Tarte Amazonian clay one.


Body chain

Ok I don’t know about you, but I don’t exactly have a beach in my backyard so I’m not living in bikinis all summer long. That’s why I’m loving the body chain over your tank top trend, you can still rock the look wherever you live!



Dry Shampoo is EVERYTHING. Let’s face it, most of us don’t have the time to wash our hair every day, that’s why this product is a saviour. You can extend the look of first day hair to the 2nd, 3rd and yes even 4th (hey don’t judge- you know we’ve all done it at some point!) day. My fav is the Batiste dry shampoo.


UD All nighter setting spray

Ok just like your hair needs hairspray to stay put, your makeup needs a setting spray. It’s all about the Urban Decay All nighter setting spray, this stuff works wonders anddd it’s paraben free yay!


What is your must have for summer 2014?