Makeup 101: Advanced Face Brushes

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Makeup 101 Advanced Face Brushes


We are back with another Makeup 101 video for you guys! In this one we go over some advanced face brushes that could be a good addition to your makeup brush collection.


Like I mention in the video, you don’t have to purchase these exact ones, this is just meant to give you a general guide as to what to look for when adding to your brush kits.


The brushes in this video are perfect for highlighting, contouring and achieving a flawless blush look.



Sephora PRO Airbrush Concealer Brush #57

CoverFX Contour Brush

Sonia Kashuk Tools No 17

Crown Brush Contour

Sonia Kashuk Fan Brush


Here’s the video. Let me know what else you would like to see me cover in our Makeup 101 series ;)


Makeup 101: Basic Eye Brushes

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Makeup 101 Basic Eye Brushes


Back with another Makeup 101 video for you guys! We are continuing with our Basic Brushes series with your basic eye brushes. These brushes are the bare minimum you need in your collection to create a beautiful eye makeup look.



MAC #195 Concealer Brush

MAC #239 Eyeshadow Brush

MAC #217 Blending Brush

MAC #263 Angled Eyeliner Brush

Anastasia Beverly Hills #12 Eyebrow Brush


Makeup 101: Basic Face Brushes

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Makeup 101 Basic Face Brushes


Guys it’s finally here! Your Makeup 101 series has officially kicked off with this video right here, all about your basic face brushes. So excited about this series guys because you guys have been requesting this for so long.


We are going to be doing  a monthly focus, with this month being all about brushes and tools. The first video here is a breakdown of your basic face brushes, we are going to go through basics first and then get into advanced brushes and of course maintenance.



Pur Powder Brush (limited edition)
Similar one is the MAC #150

MAC #129 Blush Brush

Luxie #510 Foundation Brush

MAC #188 Duo Fibre Brush

MAC #195 Concealer Brush

Here’s the video ;)


The Biggest Beauty Trends for 2018!

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Beauty Trends 2018


Yup you read that right, got your biggest beauty trends for 2018 right here for ya! I’m excited about the look for spring, super pretty. Spring colors and fall colors are the best aren’t they! These were the most popular beauty looks seen on the runways for Spring/Summer 2018.


First up is a look I’ve been wearing a lot lately, smudgy brown eyeliner. My fav product to achieve this look- MAC Eye Kohl in Teddy. Apply it along your lash line and smudge it out with a q-tip or pencil brush.

Beauty Trends 2018 Smudgy Brown Eyeliner

Next up we have your glowy highlight. Highlight and contour has been around for a while now, but the difference this year is there’s less emphasis on contour and the highlight is used not just on cheeks but on eyes as well. The resulting look is an overall glow. So pretty. Loving the Charlotte Tilbury Bar of Gold for this.


Beauty Trends for 2018 Bar of Gold Charlotte Tilbury


Finally, and this is the most fun trend of the season, pastel eyeshadows are making a comeback! Pastels are so pretty and fun to work with and the NYX Love you So Mochi palette has some pretty great colors to pull this look off. Not to mention how creamy they feel. Love.


Beauty Trends for 2018 NYX Cosmetics Love you so Mochi Palette


Which trend are you most excited about?

Going Back to Basics with our Makeup in the New Year

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Back to basics Makeup


So you guy all know that I’ve been a professional makeup artist for 12 years now and have been doing makeup tutorials on youtube for about half that time. I’ve had a blast creating intricate looks and combining different colors and glitters and all that fun stuff. But, I had an interesting conversation with some of my cousins a little while back. My cousin Mona said she loves to see all the looks that I come up with, but it doesn’t feel like something she could realistically recreate.


That hadn’t even occurred to me to be honest with you guys. She suggested I do some looks that use just 1 or 2 shadows, something simple she can do at home. My cousin Monique chimed in and said that sounds like a good idea but probably not very exciting for me to do. Which is true, but when I think about how all I really want to do is to help people feel beautiful on the inside and out, I thought maybe I should consider Mona’s suggestion.


That combined with the fact that I’ve had a bunch of requests for simpler topics over the past while gave me an idea (shout out to Violet!). Starting in the new year I am going to do a series of Back to Basics makeup videos. It’ll be like attending a Makeup 101 class and I am super excited to help you guys!! I’ve already been collecting video ideas, if you guys have any requests as to what you would like to see/learn, please let me know in the comments.


Looking forward to helping you guys out even more!!

5 Easy Holiday Beauty Hacks

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5 Easy Holiday Beauty Hacks


We are on Day 2 of our #25daysofchristmas beauty! I’ve got 5 easy holiday beauty hacks for you guys. I was trying to think of super easy things you could all do at home while taking the winter weather into consideration, I think you guys are going to like this list ;)


Here’s the video! I have links for all the products in the description.



Holiday Beauty Inspo!

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Holiday Beauty Inspo Deepa Berar


Guys it’s finally here!! The 25 Days of Christmas beauty starts tomorrow!! So freakin excited because I have tons of fun beauty inspo for you guys, plus it means the Christmas season is finally here! Currently listening to a Christmas playlist on Google play music and dreaming about the lights, the decorations, the trees and presents and parties and happiness, it really is the most wonderful time of the year :)


I am so excited to share my Christmas joy with you all that I have some serious holiday beauty inspo in this post for you guys. I’m sharing my fav looks from last year’s 25 days of Christmas beauty. I hope you guys don’t get annoyed with my Christmas joy, I already know Derek will haha.


First off got a green smokey look for you.



A little silver and blue glitter ;)  This one was actually Dipti’s fav  



Ok those of you that like a more subtle look will appreciate this next one. Great for holiday parties ;)



Now we’re moving to the opposite end of the spectrum lol. Holiday beauty inspo for my makeup lovers!!



Finally a dark lip look paired with dark glittery eyes. So fun.



Also wanted to include some hair inspo as well ;)  



Halloween Makeup Masterclass at Inglot Toronto

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Deepa Berar Makeup Masterclass


Got another Makeup Masterclass for you guys! This time we are doing a Halloween mermaid inspired look ;)


It’s taking place at the INGLOT at Yonge & Dundas Square in Toronto on Sunday the 22nd of October 2017.


You will be supplied with a face chart to take notes plus the chance to ask me any of your beauty questions
Light refreshments will be provided
Gift bags will be given to every attendee! 
INGLOT is offering 20% OFF all purchases during the event
Event begins at 9:30am, doors will be closed from 10am


Places are limited!!
To sign up click the link-> Halloween Makeup Masterclass

Deepa Berar Inglot Canada Makeup Masterclass

GenBeauty Vlog Toronto 2017

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Deepa Berar GenBeauty Vlog Toronto 2017


Did anyone else get a chance to make it out to GenBeauty in Toronto last weekend? It was seriously so much fun and a whole weekend event. I know you guys have been asking for more vlogs from me, so I am trying my best! Still getting used to the idea of filming myself in public, but I figured an event like GenBeauty would be the perfect place to get used to vlogging as we were surrounded by other creators doing the exact same thing!


GenBeauty Toronto 2017 Creator Day


We started off the weekend at Creator Day which took place at the Corus Media building by the waterfront in Toronto. Such a cool spot! The walkway by the water is so picturesque and the building is huge and has this giant slide right in the middle.


Deepa Berar AlbInWonderland


I got to meet a bunch of creators that I’ve connected with on Instagram and some I’ve seen at other events. There was a donut wall (yes people were eating the donuts), brand demo’s and panels to learn from. The highlight was definitely listening to Michelle Phan speak!


After all the fun filled day was the cocktail party. This year it took place on the rooftop of the Thompson hotel. You might remember the Thomspon from the episode of the Kardashians I was on. I love that spot!


GenBeauty Toronto 2017 Urban Decay Naked Heat


The party was so much fun and the goodie bag was RIDICULOUS! So many fun things to try out for you guys. Oh! I almost forgot to mention one of the best gifts we received from the weekend was the new Urban Decay Naked Heat palette! Literally was waiting under our chairs after we returned from lunch. Guys, it’s seriously sooo beautiful. I will def do a tutorial for you.


GenBeauty Toronto 2017


The next day was GenBeauty at the Metro Convention Centre downtown. So. Many. Brands. It was like a dream. We got to meet the PR reps for each brand and preview some of the new products coming out. Guys! You are gonna die when you see the new Benefit concealers. You can use it over your concealer and it makes everything look flawless. I’ll share more, promise!


Deepa Berar MAC GenBeauty Toronto 2017


Fav booth of the event? MAC of course! It was so exciting to see MAC at GenBeauty. You all know I worked with them for 6 years, and trust me leaving was not an easy decision. But everyone has to move on at some point. Anyways, it was just good to see them embracing the whole social media world. I even saw my friend Tamara and my ex assistant manager Michael Ho who is incidentally a trainer now!


So onto the vlog, oh trying my best to step up my editing game so please let me know what you think!



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Best of the Billboard 2016 beauty looks

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billboard 2016 beauty


Did you guys catch the Billboard music awards last night? Ok I was kinda bad and only tuned in for like a minute to see our girl Priyanka Chopra announce an award, what can I say, life happens and I was at a birthday party for my cousin’s son. Also Superbad was on and I can never pass up an opportunity to watch. One of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen, I swear I’m dying ever time!!


Anyways, all of that didn’t stop me from tuning in to watch the celebs kill it on the red carpet! Loved a bunch of the looks last night, mostly the smokey eyed ones, seems to be very on trend at the moment. As usual, I have your best Billboard 2016 beauty looks :)


billboard 2016 britney spears


First off we’re gonna talk about the queen of course, all hail Britney. I know some of you might not agree with me on this one, but I LOVED the throwback lip. Very Laguna beach circa 2005, you remember, back when everyone was wearing Myth lipstick from MAC? What can I say, I’m a sucker for a good throwback!


Britney’s MUA used Surratt Moderniste lip pencil and YSL Rouge Pur Couture in #10 on her lips.


billboard 2016 demi lovato


On to one of my fav celebs, Demi Lovato. Love, love, love her message about self confidence and loving yourself as you are right now. So refreshing. Also LOVE her smokey eye/nude lip combo, swear this look is so big right now. So rocker glam.


You can use YSL’s Kajal in black, smudged around the eyes to recreate the look.


billboard 2016 lucy hale


Pretty Little Liar’s Lucy Hale rocked the look as well, although her lip was a little less nude and a little more natural, still looked amazing. Have you ever noticed how nice kajal rimmed eyes looks on people with that darker ring around their iris? Just makes their eyes pop even more.


Use MAC shadow palette in Purple to recreate Lucy’s soft smokey eye.


billboard 2016 rihanna


Not a huge fan of Rihanna’s hair at the awards show, but her makeup was on point. Really though, she has some of the most gorgeous eyes I’ve ever seen that she can pull off pretty much any look.


Use a soft fluffy brush like MAC #217 and NARS Albatross to recreate that gorgeous inner eye highlight Rihanna has. While you’re at it, add some to the top of your cheekbones to brighten.


billboard 2016 gwen stefani


Ok I had to add this last one, not because of the actual makeup, but because of the message. Gwen Stefani wore a totally different look than she usually does. Gone was the signature cat eye liner and red lip, instead she had very bronzed skin, bronze eyes and a nude lip. So glad she is experimenting. We can all fall into patterns of loving a certain look (myself included) but it’s fun to experiment and play! It keeps life fun and fresh and is a great message for yourself internally because it detaches you from correlating self esteem with looking a certain way. Makeup is meant to be fun, it’s not meant to mask the world from seeing the true you.


What looks did you guys love? Share with me in the comments!