Our first Bella Trois video is up! It’s a tea party theme :)

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The girls and I wanted to give you ideas on fashion, beauty and a diy sandwich for a garden themed tea party. It is bridal shower season and the garden party is the most popular theme bridesmaids go with.


bellatrois tea party

We had so much fun shooting this video and hope you’ll enjoy it too. Let us know what else you would like to see us do.

Without further adieu, here is our first official Bella Trois video:


Best beauty looks at the 2014 Oscars

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I’ve got my best beauty looks from the 2014 Oscars last night! I don’t know about you but I get so excited for the Oscars primarily for the red carpet. I have to say though that last night’s show fell kinda flat when it comes to fashion. The hair & makeup however was great. Here are my top picks-

We’ll start with the clear cut winner from last night, Lupita Nyongo. Loved the glowy skin, coral lip & the headband.  I know a lot of people were kind of not sure about the headband, but it suited the look perfectly and made her look like an angel :)Oscars-2014-Lupita-Nyongo-2oscars-2014-lupita-nyongoNext is my runner up, Kate Hudson. She always manages to look like she is beyond glowing, like lit-from-within glowing. The dress was amazing too.Oscars-2014-Kate-HudsonSpeaking of a natural glow, we all know that part of the glow Olivia Wilde has is because she’s carrying that genetically blessed child in her belly, but I love how they combined a thicker winged out liner with an elegant updo and those big earrings. Gorgeous.oscars-2014-olivia-wildeLoved that Kerry Washington took a risk and did something different by first of all letting her hair down, looks great, and that vampy lip, so gorgeous.Oscars-2014-Kerry-Washington

Lastly I have to give homage to Maria Menounos hairstyle. Whoever did it, did an amazing job. Definitely a look I’ll try in the future.Oscars-2014-Maria-Menounos

Before I go I just want to congratulate Adruitha Lee and Robin Matthews, the makeup & hair team from the film Dallas Buyers Club. They won an Oscar for their work in the film, but what’s amazing about that is their budget for the entire film- $250. Un-freakin-believable. These are the kind of women I’m inspired by and respect.

What were your fav looks?

The 6 best beauty & fashion looks from the 2013 Emmys

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Did you get a chance to catch the 2013 Emmy’s last night? My fav part had to be the beginning when all the past hosts joined last night’s host, Neil Patrick Harris on stage, too funny, especially Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, love those two!

The red carpet was equally as entertaining, it’s actually been quite a while since I’ve been so excited by a red carpet. If last night was any indication, glamour is back! Here are the 6 best beauty & fashion looks from the 2013 Emmys.

Let’s start with my fav dresses. Kerry Washington pretty much gets it right every time and this dress was no exception. It fit well in all the right places, she looked gorgeous.

Emmy 2013 Kerry Washington

Speaking of dresses with a good fit, Sofia Vergara wowed in this gorgeous red lace number. I especially love the detailing around the waist.Emmy 2013 Sofia Vergara

Now onto the 2 best burgundy dresses of the night! The first one here is worn by Heidi Klum. The neckline is so fun and the sequins totally set the detailing of the dress off.Emmy 2013 Heidi Klum

Kaley Cuoco’s fashion is so much fun, I love to see what she is wearing because she always has a girly touch to her image! Love the way this dress totally cinches in her waist, making her look TINY and then flairs out. So beautiful.Emmy 2013 Kaley Cuoco

Now for my fav beauty looks. The first is Emily Deschanel, the sister of Zoey Deschanel. I feel like her look is old hollywood meets new hollywood with the romantic, waved updo paired with the neon pink lips. Very modern.Emmy 2013 Emily Deschanel

Of course Julianne Hough would end up on my list! Those eyes get me every time. What I did want to point out to you though is how the makeup artist uses the eyeshadow in a way to compliment her eye shape. Julianne has little eyelid space when she opens her eyes, you mostly see the crease. Her makeup artist carries the darker shadow up quite a bit into her crease to take advantage of that extra space and balance her eyes. Great technique for those of you with similar eyes.Emmy 2013 Julianne Hough2And the icing on the cake was, my fav show Breaking Bad won for best dramatic series!! Did you watch? What were your fav looks?

It’s all in the details- Top picks from the 2013 Critics Choice awards

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With the 2nd awards show of the season now over, it’s clear that the looks get better and better as the awards get bigger and bigger. What was clear about last night’s 2013 Critics Choice Awards was that the devil is in the detail. From the dresses to the hair and the makeup, there was tons of fun & inspiring looks on the red carpet last night!

Here are my top picks-

It was so much fun to see designers take pretty simplistic looking dresses and throw some fun on the back, like Emily Blunt’s beautiful cream gown. The criss cross at the back combined with the fit of the dress and the gorgeous red lips, amazing!

Critics choice awards 2013 emily bluntAnother gorgeous dress (and such a surprising design) was worn by Jessica Chastain. Not many women can pull this off, but she totally rocked it. I mean who doesn’t want an embellished bow on their back?!! So much fun.

Critics choice awards 2103 jessica chastainMy fav overall look by far had to be Jennifer Lawrence. Again the design of the dress is so simple, it’s the belt and the train that really makes it stand out.

Critics choice award 2013 jennifer lawrence2She also gets my top vote when it comes to hair & makeup. The makeup artist took a pretty basic concept in terms of a red lip, and put just the right spin on it by varying the shade ever so slightly with a hint of a pink undertone to it. Something to keep in mind the next time you wear a red lip! Also the hair is so beautifully done, striking the right balance between elegant and messy.

Critics choice awards 2013 jennifer lawrenceAnother gorgeous makeup look was Naomi Watts smokey eye/neutral lip combo. It takes an elegantly done side swept hair style and adds some edge to the look.

Critics choice awards 2013 naomi wattsStay tuned for some more beauty & fashion fun from this Sunday’s 2013 Golden Globes!

Beauty & Fashion inspiration from the 2013 Peoples Choice Awards

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The Peoples Choice awards aired last night and you know what that means, awards show season has begun!!! Whether you’re into watching the shows or just the red carpet, there’s no denying how much fun it is to see the different looks on all the gorgeous celebs! If you’re looking for some beauty/fashion inspiration for 2013 stay tuned to the blog for all my recaps.

Starting with last night’s show- here are my top picks :)

By far my fav hair/makeup look of the night belonged to Taylor Swift. The bronze smokey eye totally makes her eyes pop and the updo is just so perfectly unstructured yet not too messy. Not to mention that plunging neckline..wow!

people-choice-beauty taylor-swiftMy 2nd fav makeup look of the night goes to Sandra Bullock. It’s not a very elaborate look, but we’re not used to seeing her rock a bright lip and it suits her so well! I would love to see her experiment more with her lip colors.

peoples-choice-awards-2013 sandra-bullock-Ok now for fashion fun! My fav dress of the night by far was worn by Rachel Leigh Cook. We haven’t seen much from her lately so it was nice to see her back on the red carpet. The cut of this dress was just so pretty and feminine and ok, I’ll admit maybe not very fashion forward (I’m sure Joan Rivers is gonna have something to say about it), but still it was just so nice and flowy. I mean we don’t have to be risque with fashion all the time, do we?


Another dress that gets major points was the gold & black one worn by Naomi Watts. The cut is so simple and the gold sequins just adds a fun visual element to the look. Not sure how I feel about her hair, but still it’s not enough to knock her off the list.

peoples-choice-awards-2013 naomi-watts-And now for the final look, this girl deserves the award for overall hotness. We’ve seen Allison Sweeney go through so much over the years, receiving so much criticism for her weight which is utterly ridiculous cause not everyone is designed to be a size 0 (present company included) nor is it healthy to strive to be. As the host of the Biggest Loser, she has been training and eating healthy for so many years now and it’s amazing to see her transform her mind & body in a the healthy way. Hollywood needs more role models like her!!

peoples-choice-awards-2013 alison-sweeney-What was your fav look of the night?

Best Makeup at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards

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The 2012 MTV Movie Awards were on last night, and while it’s never as exciting as the music awards, having Russell Brand as a host is always a good thing. Even when he’s not at his funniest, his facial expressions still crack me up and I love his self deprecating humor. It’s never good to take yourself too seriously, right?

Anyways, there were some pretty awesome dresses last night, and that peplum thing is really having a moment. My hat goes off to Elizabeth Banks for pulling off that lace number, she looked hot!

Here are some of the best makeup looks from last night:

Christina Ricci, by far my fave. I love the angle of the eyeshadow, really exaggerated out to a point, it totally suits her eyeshape!

Emma Stone. The contrast of the bright pink lipstick paired with the pale pink in the dress was cool. She even talked about how they base her makeup off her outfits usually.

Lucy Hale. Her pink lips matched her dress and because the shade complimented her skintone, it worked beautifully.

Julianne Hough. Always one of my favs, I love how they really take advantage of her bright eyes and find a way to make them pop without drowning her in too much makeup. Hint: It’s all about the inner corner eye highlight ;)

Kristen Stewart. The smokiness of her eyeshadow combined with the disheveled hair all worked so well together on her.

Top 2012 Billboard Music Awards Makeup

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If you’re a big TV fan, your thumb was prob pretty sore last night from all the channel changes between commercial breaks as there were way too many good things on last night!! Between the Kardashians, Celebrity Apprentice & the 2012 Billboards Music Awards it was a pretty crazy good TV night. Not to mention the series premiere of Mrs. Eastwood & Company. But I digress. The real fun was the makeup & fashion at Billboard last night! Here are some of my fav looks, and some great inspiration for your next night out ;)

Carrie Underwood- she decided to go with a silver/metallic smokey eye which went so beautifully with her dress and paired it with the perfect pale lip for her skintone.

So thoroughly impressed with Taylor Swift last night. Not only does the strong eye makeup & straight hair look awesome on her, but check her out in this amazing Elie Saab dress!

Julianne Hough just always looks gorgeous in everything. She has that classic California look and her makeup artist does an amazing job at enhancing her natural glow rather than drown her in too much makeup.

Miley Cyrus…this one I wasn’t too sure about posting cause the hair and outfit are pretty distracting, but if you watched the show you would have noticed that her makeup looked flawless and very striking. Call me old fashioned, but I find it sexier when more is left to the imagination. Love the necklaces though. And the shoes.

Check this out!

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I did a shoot with my good friend Merav recently, and she decided to practice her graphic design skills to come up with an awesome comp card for me! What do you think, looks pretty cool I think..Merav you’re the best