The Skinny Confidential Part 2! How to Make Money Blogging + the 3 Keys to Success

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the skinny confidential how to make money blogging


Here’s part 2 of my interview with Lauryn Evarts and Michael Bosstick from The Skinny Confidential! In this part of the interview Lauryn and Michael get into some awesome topics from how to make money blogging, to the #1 book they recommend for first time bloggers, plus fun things like does Michael prefer wearing jeans or dresses LOL.


Before we get to the interview, I have some exciting news! I have the winner for my Personal Makeup Lesson package! Akansha Agarwal, come on down!! Haha, I always wanted to say that. Akansha, check your email I’ll be sending you a message shortly :) So excited to get started! Thank you for all of you that entered, you had to see it, I cut up all the names and put it in a bag and everything LOL. You can see the whole thing on my snapchat :)


Without further adieu, here’s the vid!



Oh and I’m making a list of who I want to interview next, I’d love some suggestions! Who would you guys be dying to interview?

The Skinny Confidential on the Business of Blogging, Branding & Marketing tips!

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the skinny confidential interview


Ok so I know I’m pretty fortunate to have interviewed some pretty amazing people, but I have to say this latest one is by far one of the best ones I’ve gotten the opportunity to do! I got to sit down with Lauryn Evarts and Michael Bosstick from my all time fav blog The Skinny Confidential.


Lauryn’s aesthetic sense, approach to branding and creativity are unreal! Combine that with Michael’s incredible depth knowledge of business and you have a combination that is unbeatable. It’s no wonder she has over 200k followers on both Facebook & Instagram, has been featured on Gary Vaynerchuk’s the #AskGaryVee show and the #himandher Podcast Lauryn and her fiancee Michael just started is blowing up!


This girl is unstoppable and a total inspiration. Not to mention kind, incredibly generous and so down to earth. If you are passionate about anything in life and want to make it your career, you have to watch this interview.



Meet Social media Queen Sunny Lenarduzzi

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Sunny Lenarduzzi Interview


If you haven’t heard of Sunny Lenarduzzi just yet, I’m confident you’ll be hearing a whole lot about her in the very near future. Sunny is a fellow Canadian girl and a total Social media maven. I first heard of her when my friend Jackie sent me a link to one of her videos dispensing invaluable social media tips. You guys know how much I love inspirational women and especially female entrepreneurs..Well it’s safe to say that I’ve been hooked ever since! That’s why I knew I had to interview her for my Inspirational Women series. Read on :)


Tell us a bit about yourself

I live in beautiful Vancouver, BC.


How did you first get into Social Media?

My background is in broadcasting and after reporting at the 2010 Winter Olympics, I decided I wanted to transition from tradition to digital media. I started an online magazine and fell in love with the online space and social media. Organically, I started attracted clients and I’ve been very fortunate to run my business for 6 years.


How did you know you wanted to make it your full time career?

My kindergarten teacher nicknamed me ‘social butterfly’ and I’ve always had an affinity for creating conversation with anyone, anywhere. That curiosity and love for communication, has made allowed me to do work that never feels like ‘work’. I love what I do, and that’s why I chose to spend my time doing it.


Sunny Lenarduzzi Social media tips


What are your 3 biggest Social media tips for people who want to be successful online?

I call it my A.C.E. strategy – build AUTHORITY in your space, be CONSISTENT in your tone, aesthetic and content schedule,  and ENGAGE with your community.


What is you absolute favourite Social Media platform to use?

YouTube is hands down my favourite platform. I love creating video content and I love the community on that platform.


Now because this is a beauty/lifestyle blog, we want to know- What are your 3 can’t leave home without beauty products?

Carmex lip chap, sephora sable powder compact, and Lancome Grandiose mascara.


lancome grandiose mascara


You have done an amazing job creating a career out of your dreams, congratulations on all your success! Do you have any advice for other girls when it comes to living their dream?

Thank you! Follow your feelings. I can’t stress this enough. Trust yourself, trust your vision and trust yourself to make the right decisions for you. I have trusted my gut in my biggest career choices and it always pays off, even if it’s not obvious at first.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I remember saying to my parents when I was in high school “I want to build a media empire”. And that crazy dream is what I see myself executing over the next 5 years – I’ll be creating valuable multimedia content across platforms, I’ll have written at least 1 New York Times Best Selling Book, and I’ll have a small but mighty crew that is consistently growing the business.


Thanks for sharing your life and tips with us Sunny! Check out Sunny’s incredibly informative Youtube videos here and follow her on Twitter here.


Get to know Youtube Guru Teni Panosian (Miss Maven)

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Interview with Teni Panosian (Miss Maven)


My absolute favorite Youtube beauty guru ever has got to be Teni Panosian. This girl is so incredibly sweet and talented and her videos are so much fun to watch! I was fortunate enough to get to interview her for my series on inspirational women.


In the interview Teni shares with us where she gets the inspiration for her videos from and some tips on staying motivated. Here’s the vid-



Get to know Rock heiress Sophie Simmons!

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Get to know Sophie Simmons


I was fortunate enough to meet and interview rock heiress Sophie Simmons at a recent event in LA. Sophie is the daughter of Gene Simmons and co-star of 2 reality shows- Gene Simmons Family Jewels that followed the lives of Gene Simmons and his family and featured a teenaged Sophie (which I totally used to watch) and Shannon & Sophie, which focuses on the relationship between Sophie and her mom Shannon Tweed.


sophie simmons marie mini dress


At the young age of 22 Sophie Simmons has already turned herself into quite a trail blazer. She has been very vocal about the portrayal of unrealistic body images in the media. At a size 8/10 Sophie is proud of her body & flaws and refuses to conform. I’m not gonna lie, that’s something that I myself have struggled with my whole entire life so it’s really amazing to see women like Sophie embracing their curves and encouraging other women to follow suit.


sophie simmons kate lace dress


She recently launched her own clothing line that caters to those inbetween sizes (between the “regular” sizes and plus sizes) that most of us are lost in. That’s why I knew I wanted to feature her as part of my inspirational women series.


Deepa Berar and Sophie Simmons


You can listen to our interview below:



How amazing is she? Definitely an inspiration!


Get to know Youtube Hair guru Silvia from Ellebangs!

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If you haven’t heard of Ellebangs yet, you are seriously missing it. Silvia’s Youtube Channel is full of incredibly helpful hair tutorials from how to trim your bangs to how to correct brassy hair. On top of that she is so sweet and endearing in her videos, I knew I had to feature her as part of my Inspirational women series!


As you recall I was up in San Francisco around New Year’s and had the chance to sit down with Silvia from Ellebangs to talk to her about how she got into the business, what her fav hairspray is and what’s next for her.


Here’s the full interview:



Who do you think would be perfect for my next inspirational woman?

Bella Trois: Our favorite Bloggers & Vloggers

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The Bella Trois girls and I wanted to share some of our biggest social media inspirations with you: our favorite bloggers and vloggers.


These are the people that influence our beauty, fashion and lifestyles and we love them so much that we wanted to share the women who inspire us with you guys. We’re all about female empowerment!! Remember, (one of my fav sayings) a flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms.


Here’s the vid ;)



Meet Indian YouTube Beauty guru Kaushal Beauty!

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Indian Youtube beauty guru Kaushal Beauty


Ok so you guys have no idea how excited I am about this Inidan Youtube beauty guru Kaushal Beauty!! She definitely has raised the bar when it comes to youtube videos (my videos are definitely inspired by hers) but I think it’s her positivity that I love the most. Not only is she super pretty (aren’t all Gujarati girls??) she is a genuinely nice person and it definitely comes across in her videos, her posts and even Kaushal beauty’s boyfriend’s posts (which I LOVE to read btw).


Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am Indian, Gujarati to be precise. I grew up in England and did move to the USA briefly but have been back in the UK ever since :)


How did you end up creating a YouTube beauty channel and how did it grow to over 200,000 subscribers?

I have blogged for years in my spare time and after about 3 years of blogging I decided to start making some videos here and there (which are sadly deleted because they were really bad, and I was clearly very nervous in them!) LOL. I’m not too sure how I’ve got over 200,000 subscribers now?! I feel like I closed my eyes and opened them to that! It’s been a crazy few months, I’ve gotta say!


Kaushal beauty


What are your 3 can’t leave home without beauty products?

Hmmm, three beauty products I can’t leave the house without… That would have to be SPF, Mascara and blusher! Okay and some tinted lip balm! And maybe some concealer… I think this goes to show how much of a beauty junkie I really am!


You do a lot of tutorials on Bollywood looks. Who is your fav bollywood actress & why?

My all time favourite has to be Madhuri Dixit. She is beautiful, elegant and not to mention an amazing dancer! I used to dance to all her songs growing up. Now-a-days, it will have to be Deepika Padukone – she’s such a babe!


Kaushal beauty quotes


You have done an amazing job creating a career out of your dreams, congratulations on all your success! Do you have any advice for other girls when it comes to living their dreams?

It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do. The best advice I could give to anyone is, work 10x harder on your dreams than you are now. All the hard work you put in, will help in the outcome. One last thing I would say is always stay positive about your dreams too. Try not to create too many doubts that stand in the way of them :)



All about Kaushal Beauty


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I don’t even know what I’ll be doing in 5 days time, let alone years hehe! But I would like to be married, living somewhere sunny with a life filled with lots of love and happiness :)


Thank you so much Kaushal for being so generous with your time and answers! To watch Kaushal’s videos click here and don’t forget to head over to her blog for more Kaushal Beauty! For more interviews from my Inspirational women series, click here.

Get to know Beauty guru Farahdhukai!

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I first came across Farah Dhukai about a year ago and was immediately blown away by her. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, but she is extremely down to earth (can you tell I love people like that??) and posts really great YouTube videos. I have been wanting to feature her as part of my inspirational women feature on my blog for a while now and we finally made it happen!! Make sure you subscribe to her youtube channel and to mine of course! ;)


Tell us a bit about yourself.

I was born and raised in the beautiful City of Toronto, but my parents and their parents etc etc were born and raised in East Africa. If you go all the way back then my family originates from India. A lot of people get confused when I say my family is from Africa so when people normally ask me what my background is, I say East African Indian lol


farah dhukai 2


How did you end up creating a YouTube beauty channel and how did it grow to over half a million subscribers?

There are a couple reasons why I first started…which I talk about in my “Draw my Life” video, however, first and foremost, I was just in a rut.. no motivation, no ambition, I had suffered a deep loss and I felt like I was going no where in life and one day I was browsing the internet and came across some beauty tutorials on youtube and thought to myself that I could do this too (this was my alter-ego confident girl in me because believe me, I was SUPER shy) SO I grabbed my camera and just started filming things that I knew, that I thought I could share with people. I’m so glad I decided to start filming because it not only helped me get out of my shell and not be as shy, but it also helped fill a void within me. I can’t even believe I’m at over half a million viewers! I never thought that people would want to watch me as much as they do! I’m so thankful that they do! Honestly though, I wouldn’t have been able to grow without the help of my husband, Sal and the support of my family always encouraging me to just be myself. And of course, all of my viewers that have become a part of my family!


What are your 3 can’t leave home without beauty products?

I CAN’T live without something moisturizing for my lips, whether its a moisturizing lipstick, lip balm, tinted lip balm, or lip gloss.. I always need something that’s hydrating on my lips otherwise it drives me insane! Even though I make beauty videos, I’m such a tomboy lol I don’t even have a make up bag in my purse (believe it or not) soooo If I had to choose two other things, it would definitely be perfume (that’s beauty related right?) and powder.


farah dhukai


What is you absolute fav Indian outfit to wear?

Definitely Anarkali! Don’t get me wrong, lenghas and saris are SOOO beautiful but nothing compares to the comfort of an Anarkali!


You have another channel with your hubby and I love the two of you together, you’re too cute! How did you two meet?

Thank you so much! My husband and I met through a mutual friend many years ago and although that friend isn’t in our lives anymore, Ill always be grateful to them for bringing me the love of my life!


farah dhukai and husband


You have done an amazing job creating a career out of your dreams, congratulations on all your success! Do you have any advice for other girls when it comes to living their dream?

Thank you so much I really appreciate it! The best piece of advice I can ever offer anyone is to be themselves. In today’s world, I feel like we’re always losing ourselves to be able to fit in etc etc. so Be yourself. Be passionate about what you’re doing and give it your 100%. Dreams don’t work unless you do, so put in that work, give it all of you and you’ll be living your dream in no time.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself being a mom, enjoying life with my husband and of course, growing as a person and growing my channel. I’d also love to have my skincare line, that my husband and I are working on, available at Sephora. That would be a dream come true! But for now, we’re available online at


You can follow Farahdhukai on her youtube channel here.

Everything you wanted to know about Tamanna Roashan from Dress Your Face

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Tamanna Roashan and Deepa Berar


I’m so excited to finally post this! I had the amazing opportunity to fly out to Chicago and not only attend a Dress your Face makeup workshop but I also got to sit down and interview the one and only Tamanna Roashan.

I had an amazing time at the workshop and learnt tons!


Tamanna and Deepa Berar DYFChicago2014


Tamanna was so sweet and the workshop was fantastic. There was so much to learn and she was so patient with teaching us everything, she didn’t hold anything back. Her team made sure everything ran smoothly and her hubby, well let’s just say you can tell that they care very deeply about each other and that they treat DYF as a joint effort.

Here’s my makeup after the workshop.


Deepa Berar dress your face


And here is our interview :)



I am loving interviewing these inspirational women! If you want to know more about Tamanna check out our other interview. Is there anyone you love that you would like me to interview? If so, let me know in the comments.

xo, Deeps