How to Cover Grey Hair for Thinning Hair

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How to cover grey hair for thinning hair


New video is up for you guys! So when I was going through alopecia, the last thing I wanted to do was touch my hair let alone put anything on my scalp. I let my grey hairs grow in and that did not help with how I was feeling at the time. If you’ve ever gone through this, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. When I found out that Garnier was releasing a product that could not only cover greys, but required minimal hair touching and doesn’t need to go directly on your scalp, I jumped on the opportunity to collaborate with them on this video!! This is also perfect for those of you that have general thinning hair.


Garnier Express Retouch for Grey Hairs


Garnier Express Retouch comes in a cylindrical bottle with a sponge tip applicator. The dye is pre loaded at the bottom of the barrel which it makes it super easy to use and not messy at all. You simply dab the dye right onto your grey hairs and voila, greys are gone! It really is that simple to use. There are 5 different shades to choose from and the effect lasts until you wash it out. Also it is transfer proof so you don’t have to worry about it ending up all over your pillow.


Check out my vid to see how exactly to use it:



What other products do you guys swear by to cover greys or for thinning hair?

3 Easy Holiday Hairstyles

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It’s Day 6 of our #25DaysofChristmas beauty!! I have 3 easy holiday hairstyles for you guys. To follow along head to my Instagram 😉 I know hair can be a little intimidating, which is why I wanted to give you guys super easy hairstyles you can recreate for your holiday parties.


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5 Easy Holiday Beauty Hacks

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5 Easy Holiday Beauty Hacks


We are on Day 2 of our #25daysofchristmas beauty! I’ve got 5 easy holiday beauty hacks for you guys. I was trying to think of super easy things you could all do at home while taking the winter weather into consideration, I think you guys are going to like this list 😉


Here’s the video! I have links for all the products in the description.



Holiday Beauty Inspo!

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Holiday Beauty Inspo Deepa Berar


Guys it’s finally here!! The 25 Days of Christmas beauty starts tomorrow!! So freakin excited because I have tons of fun beauty inspo for you guys, plus it means the Christmas season is finally here! Currently listening to a Christmas playlist on Google play music and dreaming about the lights, the decorations, the trees and presents and parties and happiness, it really is the most wonderful time of the year 🙂


I am so excited to share my Christmas joy with you all that I have some serious holiday beauty inspo in this post for you guys. I’m sharing my fav looks from last year’s 25 days of Christmas beauty. I hope you guys don’t get annoyed with my Christmas joy, I already know Derek will haha.


First off got a green smokey look for you.



A little silver and blue glitter 😉  This one was actually Dipti’s fav  



Ok those of you that like a more subtle look will appreciate this next one. Great for holiday parties 😉



Now we’re moving to the opposite end of the spectrum lol. Holiday beauty inspo for my makeup lovers!!



Finally a dark lip look paired with dark glittery eyes. So fun.



Also wanted to include some hair inspo as well 😉  



How to Fill in Bald Spots & Cover Thinning Hair

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Back with another hair post for ya guys! This one is all about how to fill in bald spots and thinning hair. When I first got the Alopecia I was searching for everything and anything that I could do to stop it and regrow my hair. When I finally accepted what was going on with me, I started trying to figure out what I could do if it never grew back.


Enter Toppik. Even though my hair is growing back and almost fully now, I still have one very visible bald patch right along my hairline and thinner spots in some areas. So I’ve been trying everything under the sun to fill in spots that a) looks natural and b) is easy to use.


How to fill in bald spots with Toppik Hair Fibers


Toppik’s hair fibers look almost like real hair! They come with a sifter that you can use to fill in spots, or you can get the Hair perfecting kit (which I highly recommend) comes with a pump and optimizer that allows you to be very precise with your placement. You all know how much of a perfectionist I am, so trust me when I say the kit is vital.


Toppik Hair Fibers


The colored hair thickener is amazing for bald patches. You want to color the scalp and then add the fibers to make it look as natural as possible. I do a step by step in the video below on how I get it to look natural (esp if your bald patch is right by your face like mine).


***Toppik Canada is offering 10% off most products until Oct 15th to all of you guys!! Just head to and enter Promo code “ToppikTen” and shop away!***


So anyways, I really wanted to find a solution to share with you guys since I get tons of messages from you on what you can do with your own hair. Hope this helps!


Here’s the vid!



Question- Have you guys tried Toppik? What do you think?


Wedding Hair Tutorial: Bride or Bridesdmaid

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Goody Amp it Up Hair Kit

Guys! I have a really, really fun video for you all today! Not only is it a super easy to recreate wedding hair tutorial, but it features one of my best friends, Jaclyn Colville.


Jaclyn Colville Puppy


You might remember Jackie from our Bella Trois days. She’s honestly such a sweetheart, one of the nicest people I have ever met. We had a total blast recording this as we were doing a little photoshoot at her place before hand. Ok a major photoshoot to freshen up our blogs, so watch out for that soon! The pics are amazing. My fav part was shooting her and her dog Petie. He is beyond adorable. I want (are you paying attention Derek?!).


Goody Amp it Up Brush


Back to the wedding hair! Goody just released a new brush collection, Amp It Up, which is perfect for your full, voluminous hairstyles. Whenever you style your hair in any sort of updo or whatever look you are creating that requires volume, it’s always a good idea to blow dry it first with a round brush. Even if it’s already dry, it just adds a polished look to the hair and a little extra lift.


Goody Brush and Comb Set


Guys you know how much of a fan I am of the Goody Simple Styles hair kits, they are the easiest things to use in the world, my fav has to be the Spin Pins kit. Two pin you corkscrew into your hair and it holds your bun in place. Genius.


Goody Spin Pins


Here’s the video!



Have you guys tried any of their kits? What are your favs?

5 Easy Hair Hacks!

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5 easy hair hacks


You guys have been asking for it, so I am going to deliver!! More hair tutorials will be up on the channel for you, starting off with this one right here, my 5 easy hair hacks.


I’ve put together 5 tips/styles for you guys to be able to extend your shampoo for a whole week. Yes you heard me right, a whole entire week! My easiest and fav tip out of all of them involves this amazing brush right here:


goody clean radiance copper bristle brush


It’s the Goody Clean radiance cushion brush. Makes your hair super soft and shiny. Sounds like a win-win to me! Wait till you see what I did with it 😉


Anyhow, here’s the video and the rest of the tips! Let me know if you guys have any requests!



Kareena Kapoor Hair tutorial from the film Ki & Ka!

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kareena kapoor hair style ki and ka


Who else is obsessed with Kareena Kapoor’s hair in the film Ki & Ka? The cute mid ponytail is the perfect look for day old curled hair. Looks like you put a ton of effort into your hairstyle but it’s really just some strategic teasing & pinning 😉


Here’s how to recreate this look!



Alia Bhatt Hair tutorial from the film Shaandaar

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Alia-Bhatt-Shaandaar hair


Alia Bhatt looks adorable in her latest film with Shahid Kapoor, Shaandaar. There are so many great looks in this film from the fashion, to the makeup, but best of all was her hair. I know a lot of you have been asking me to post more hair tutorials, so I decided to do an Alia Bhatt hair tutorial based on this look above from the film Shaandaar.


It’s basically two french braids, pinned to the side with the hair curled down towards the front. Oh and I also discovered this awesome new hairspray, works really well and smells great too- Amika Obliphica Touchable Hairspray




Here’s how to get the look! Hope you guys like this tutorial. If there’s anything specific you want me to film, please let me know in the comments!! xo



Sonam Kapoor Hair tutorial from the film Khoobsurat

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Sonam Kapoor is one lucky girl. Not only did she get to grow up as the daughter of famous actor Anil Kapoor, but she is the first actress to star in a Bollywood Disney film. I couldn’t think of a better person for the role!


Sonam in real life has turned herself into quite a style icon. From her fashion, to her hair & makeup, everything she does is immaculate. Her hair in the film Khoobsurat is perfect and a great go to look.


Here’s how my Sonam Kapoor Hair tutorial from the film Khoobsurat: