How to Cover Grey Hair for Thinning Hair

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How to cover grey hair for thinning hair


New video is up for you guys! So when I was going through alopecia, the last thing I wanted to do was touch my hair let alone put anything on my scalp. I let my grey hairs grow in and that did not help with how I was feeling at the time. If you’ve ever gone through this, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. When I found out that Garnier was releasing a product that could not only cover greys, but required minimal hair touching and doesn’t need to go directly on your scalp, I jumped on the opportunity to collaborate with them on this video!! This is also perfect for those of you that have general thinning hair.


Garnier Express Retouch for Grey Hairs


Garnier Express Retouch comes in a cylindrical bottle with a sponge tip applicator. The dye is pre loaded at the bottom of the barrel which it makes it super easy to use and not messy at all. You simply dab the dye right onto your grey hairs and voila, greys are gone! It really is that simple to use. There are 5 different shades to choose from and the effect lasts until you wash it out. Also it is transfer proof so you don’t have to worry about it ending up all over your pillow.


Check out my vid to see how exactly to use it:



What other products do you guys swear by to cover greys or for thinning hair?

Hair Styling Tips for Alopecia Regrowth

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Hair Styling Tips for Alopecia Regrowth


New video up for you guys! This one has been highly requested and I wanted to test out a bunch of different hair styling methods before I shared my hair styling tips for alopecia regrowth. Even if you don’t have alopecia, these tips will help out those of you that have a tough time taming frizz or just even if you want to have a polished finish to your look.

DryBar Tiny Tress Press

The tools I mention in the video:


Bellami Waving Wand

DryBar The Tiny Tress Press

GHD Patinum Styling Iron


Here’s the vid! Let me know if you guys try these tips out and what you think 😉


Talking Wedding Beauty on CHCH Morning Live!

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bridal beauty trends with Deepa Berar on chch morning live


We are continuing the wedding beauty trend discussion with my latest appearance on CHCH Morning Live!  Guys, these TV appearances are so fun to do. Lots of work, lots of coordinating and lots of planning, but so much fun. My CH fam are always so fun to work with and host Annette Hamm helps keep these segments so fun and fast moving!


Goody Fountain Flip Make Up For Ever Ultra HD


We did a hair demo and a makeup demo this time and talked about the hottest wedding beauty trends for 2017. You guys are going to LOVE the hair demo, we used the Fountain Flip kit from Goody and it is literally so, so easy to use and makes your hair look all fancy and stuff 😉

For the makeup we talked Make Up For Ever skin boosters and Ultra HD products which are so good especially for weddings. Loving the HD Foundation sticks, we did a little contour demo with those and talked about how to help your makeup artist make your skin look its best for the big day.


Goody Hair and Make Up For Ever on CHCH Morning Live


If you guys follow me on snap (@deepaberar) you would’ve seen a little behind the scenes from the day. So fun.

To watch the video, click here.

Your Guide to Easy Holiday Hair!

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Guess what…the Holidays are right around the corner!!! There is probably no one more excited about the holidays than me. Ok maybe a few people, but seriously, isn’t this the best time of year?! Everyone is in a good mood, all the houses and store are all decorated and not to mention all the parties! Seriously. Best time of year. Ever.


Now I understand that with all the parties comes that pressure to look your best, but don’t fret my pet, I’m here to help! I’ve put together a helpful guide to easy holiday hair. Like really easy. See there are these hair kits, and all you do is follow the directions on the box, and literally your hair looks like you paid a gazillion bucks to get it done. I know.


Onto the hair kits! Ok first up is probably the chicest, it’s the Goody Simple Styles Vintage Twist kit. Think super fancy office party. Works best if your hair is curled before hand, gives a gorgeous texture to the look and makes the style very easy to recreate. Seriously. All you do is gather your hair into a ponytail, roll the hair towards your head and pin in place.




Alright, the next one you might be familiar with. I used the Goody Simple Styles Fancy Fishtail kit in my Diwali Get Ready with Me video! Takes a minute to master this style, but I promise you, once you’ve got it down it’s sooo easy to do. Plus looks super cute with the gold beads.




Ok talk about the easiest kit to use. The Goody Simple Styles Gibson Roll kit is literally a hair band with an elastic attached to it. 1 simple piece and makes your hair look like it took hours to do when it literally takes like 1 minute tops. Don’t believe me? Watch my appearance on CHCH Morning Live to see just how easy it really is 😉




I am obsessed with this look. I’ve been trying to figure out how to recreate this for ages, ever since Blake Lively stepped out onto the red carpet rockin this look at the Met Ball back in 2013. Such a cool style and sooo different from the regular beachy waves look. The Goody Simple Styles Bubble Pony kit contains a piece that has an elastic at one end with 3 mesh hair stuffers that help you create the 3 distinct bubbles. Genius.




This kit is for my girl that wants to nail down that effortless chic look. The Goody Simple Styles Downtown Bun kit is perfect for that messy bun look, plus it contains a pretty clip in flower if you want that extra touch. So pretty.




Which one is your fav look out of all of them? It’s so hard to decide!! Tag me in your holiday hair pics, I’d love to see what you guys came up with 🙂


5 Easy Hair Hacks!

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5 easy hair hacks


You guys have been asking for it, so I am going to deliver!! More hair tutorials will be up on the channel for you, starting off with this one right here, my 5 easy hair hacks.


I’ve put together 5 tips/styles for you guys to be able to extend your shampoo for a whole week. Yes you heard me right, a whole entire week! My easiest and fav tip out of all of them involves this amazing brush right here:


goody clean radiance copper bristle brush


It’s the Goody Clean radiance cushion brush. Makes your hair super soft and shiny. Sounds like a win-win to me! Wait till you see what I did with it 😉


Anyhow, here’s the video and the rest of the tips! Let me know if you guys have any requests!



Quick and Easy Hairy Styling tips

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quick and easy hair styling tips


Alright so we tackled time saving makeup tips to help speed up our daily beauty routines, now we’re continuing onto the hair portion of our Deep Beauty series. This time we’re talking tips on how to cut the time it takes to style your hair, plus extending the life of your hairstyle and finally quick and easy hair styling ideas.


The main thing you want to remember is to think of your hair as a work in progress throughout a week. Yes I said it, one entire week. As in you’re only washing your hair once. In the entire week. No I’m not insane. Yes most weeks I only wash my hair once. And no I don’t walk around with a greasy mop on top of my head. Ok, now that we’ve got that aside, let’s move onto the tips!


Plan your hair washing day.

Ok so I will usually wash my hair on say a Thursday, sometimes Wednesday, depending on what I’m filming/shooting etc that week. I like to wash my hair during the second half of the week cause it’s nice and fresh looking for the weekend.


Start with a good blow dry.

So with the fact that we’re only washing our hair 1/week, we can afford to spend a few extra minutes to make sure our blowout is on point. I like to flip my head over and get into the roots to give it volume from the get go. Get yourself a good quality boar bristle round brush and sandwich your hair inbetween the brush and the blowdryer to get the smoothest finish. Finish your blowdry with a quick cold blast from the hair dryer to seal in shine.


Meet your new best friend, Dry Shampoo.

Dry Shampoo is a product that you use to soak up excess oil from your scalp between blow drys. Most people will wait until their hair is all greasy before they use it. I’m gonna fill you in on a major tip. Start using it from Day 1. I know some of you might think it’s a waste of product, but honestly it’s not. If you use it from the first day you are delaying the rate at which your hair gets greasy. Who doesn’t like that? I mean. Want the best results? Use the Batiste Dry shampoo. Hands down the BEST  one out there.


Curl your hair on Day 3/4.

Ok so now this is how you get your hair to stay looking fresh over the week. You’ve had straight hair for the first couple of days, now it’s time to change up your style by adding in some waves. I like to use a 1″ waving wand. Start the curl below your ear length and leave an inch of hair out at the ends to get a sexy, effortless chic look.


Use a hair primer.

I know you guys know all about face primers, you’ve heard me mention them enough, but alot of you probably don’t know about hair primers. Hair primers is applied after washing and while the hair is still damp and guess what it does? Extends the life of your hairstyle. Bonus points to whoever got that one right! There are some really great ones out right now like the Living proof Prime Style extender. Now for the last tip..


Play with your hair!

Don’t be afraid to switch it up and try out new styles. Braids have never been bigger than they are right now, you can try the classic Lauren Conrad bangs braid, a half up french braid or even full on dutch braids. Just get in there and start playing. The more comfortable you get with it, the quicker you’ll be able to do your hair because you’ll have this arsenal of go to styles that you won’t have to think about at 7 in the morning and because you practiced, it’ll take you no time at all.


Do you have any tips you’d like to add? Let us know in the comments 🙂

How to Create your Signature Look

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On a previous post I had discussed how putting a little effort on the outside helps boost your self confidence on the inside. The biggest reason a lot of people don’t bother is because of the time it takes. I can completely understand that, there have been days where I don’t want to be bothered either but I know I’ll end up feeling low energy and it’ll throw my day off a bit. So I’ve had to figure out a way around this and the best thing I’ve come up with is to create your signature look.


So how does this help exactly? If you know what your look is, it cuts a TON of time and effort out of the whole getting ready process. Trust me, there’s a reason why in most of my pics I’m wearing MAC Please Me lipstick. I know it works for me so I don’t have to think about it. One less decision to make might seem like a minute thing, but having a bunch of less decisions to make saves a lot of time and mental energy.


Ok so now we know why we’re doing what we’re doing, now how do you figure out what your signature look is? I’ve got it all down to a few steps for you:






Get online and start going through images of makeup, hair and fashion. I’d suggest sticking to one category at a time so as to not feel overwhelmed by the process. Start collecting these images so you can sort through them later.


Once you have them all collected go through and start eliminating the ones you know for sure aren’t you. Like you might see an image of an actress with a gorgeous red lip, but you know deep down inside you would never wear that, so delete the image. Keep in mind you’re looking for your every day look so you have to be comfortable wearing it every single day.


Once you have the makeup, hair and fashion pics, get to the mall and try things on. You won’t know how it looks on you until you try it on, certain colors/products will suit you, some won’t.


Invest in key items!! This will save you a bunch of time and a lot of headache. Items such as a good blow dryer, waving wand, makeup brushes, a great jacket, good boots. These will make a world of difference in how polished your final look is.


Nail down a routine for your application (i.e. concealer, then powder, then brows, then mascara) and stick with this. I can’t tell you how much time this saves.


Organize your products keeping only the minimum ones you’ll use in your everyday routine accessible and keep everything in the same place. People are always telling me how organized I am but I’ll let you in on a little secret- I am incredibly impatient. So the less time I have to spend looking for something, the better.


One last tip- for your fashion, invest in pieces that you are super comfortable in and flatter your shape. If you don’t love it, do NOT BUY IT!!! Trust me if you aren’t insanely in love with it, it’ll sit in your closet and you’ll always feel like you have nothing to wear.


What do you think? Do you have any tips you’d add to this list? Please let me know if this helps!


How to fix Hair dye mistakes

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How to fix hair dye mistakes


Ok so I have a confession to make and this is hard to admit cause my most watched video is my How to dye your hair ombre video, but I recently messed up big time on my hair. Big time. Not in the video, those instructions are still fine, but after. In my defense though, I’m not a hairstylist so I don’t really know the background of how these chemicals work, but boy have I educated myself big time now and I’m going to share with you how you can fix your hair dye mistakes.


So we’ll start off with the fact that the one basic thing you need to understand is that the box dye you buy from the drugstore/Walmart is chemically wayyy different from the professional dye you purchase at places like Sally’s beauty supply. I’ll explain more on that in another blog post that I’ll put up in the next week or so.


Ok so what happened to me was I was using professional hair dye on the bottoms of my hair (the red ombre’d part) and drugstore box dye on the roots which were darker. When I decided I wanted to eliminate the ombre and just make my hair all one color, I used my go to professional dye all over my hair. What ended up happening was that the parts that were drugstore box dyed didn’t pick up the dye and only my roots and bottoms did. Leaving me with this dark strip of hair where the drugstore box dye was. I basically looked like a skunk. A red skunk. Not a good look lol.


If you’ve ever had a problem like this, don’t worry this is easily fixable! I went to so many hair stylists who had so many different solutions that sounded incredibly complicated and I was so deflated. Until I found out about L’Oreal Color Zap.



loreal color zap


This stuff is unbelievable and pretty easy to use. The instructions are on the package, but basically once you mix the contents up, you apply it to the areas where you messed up and it removes the dye, leaving fresh hair that can be colored to whatever shade you want.


If you don’t believe me just check out the before and after at the top of this post! If this post helps even one of you I’ll be so happy. Let me know if you’ve made this hair dye mistake in the comments or if you have any questions.


The 4 Steps you Need to add more Volume to your Hair

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Jaclyn Colville Deepa Berar Hair


One of the things that I hear most women ask about when it comes to their hair is how to get more volume & body. While it might seem like something I’ve never had to personally struggle with given the fact that I have super thick, Indian hair, I actually spent a lot of time striving to figure this out. My hair is fine to medium, there is just a ton of it on my head so it doesn’t have a ton of body to it naturally.


That’s why I wanted to put together my top tips on how to add more volume to your hair and help you get that thick, luscious mane you’ve wanted for so long!


First up is investing in a good volumizing mousse. You spray it directly to your roots while your hair is damp. I usually go section by section and then blow dry my hair upside down. This will add lift and thickness to your roots which helps your hair look more voluminous. My personal fav is the Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus.


big sexy hair root pump plus


Now that you’ve taken care of your roots, the next thing you’ll want to do is use a good texturizing spray on the mid to tips of your strands. You spray this sparingly into hair and using your fingers, scrunch the bottoms of your hair. Bumble and Bumble makes a great thickening one called Dryspun Finish


bumble and bumble dryspun



Now I don’t know about you, but when I do all this on my freshly washed hair it looks amazing, but by the 3rd day, my hair looks like it’s plastered against my scalp again. That’s where thickening powders come in. Thickening powders have a grip to them that instantly plumps up your roots and gives your hair that lift you had on the 1st day. Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion is fantastic, just be careful about carrying it around with you. If you knock it around too much the texture changes and it’s not as easy to use.


aveda hair potion


Now one of the best old fashioned ways to get that lift and volume you desire is to do it mechanically. I mean using a teasing comb/brush. Now not just any old teasing comb/brush will do, you need to invest in a good quality one if you want that professional look. Plus the higher quality your tools are, the easier they are to use. Trust me I was horrible at teasing my hair until I invested in this bad boy right here- the Cricket Carbon Teasing Comb.


cricket teasing comb


Do you have any tips you’d add to this list? Share them with us in the comments!

How to Apply a Tikka

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tikka application how to


So you love the look of a tikka but every time you try to wear one all you see is bobby pins everywhere and it usually ends up halfway down your forehead by the end of the night. Contrary to how simple it looks, applying a tikka can be a little tricky, just like how tricky applying a bindi can be


Well I’ve got your foolproof guide on how to apply a tikka.


Here are the items you’ll need:


what you need to apply a tikka


Now just follow the step by step. The key is in teasing your hair and crossing the pins. Crossing bobby pins locks them into place. The eyelash glue is extra security to make sure the tikka stays put through the inevitable jago dance.



how to apply a tikka


For the makeup from this look check out my Arabic cut crease makeup tutorial.


Do you have any additional tips? If so please leave them in the comments for all of us 🙂