Spring 2016 Fashion trends

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Spring 2016 fashion trends


While it might not seem like it outside (at least here in Toronto), Spring has officially arrived! We may not be able to wear our fav spring 2016 fashion trends just yet, but we can definitely get our closets ready ;)


This spring is a little all over the place, we’ve got everything from romantic, girly stuff (love) all the way to the I’m-pretending-I-don’t-really-care street style. Come on. We know you care.


Anyways, let’s go into what you can expect for spring! I’m starting off with the latin inspired ruffle trend. Kinda reminds me of about 10 years ago I’d say when those layered frills were super popular. Cute look.


Spring 2016 fashion trends ruffles


Next up we’re going to take a look at my personal fav trend for spring, bare shoulders! So excited for this modern take on the look. You can even wear a bra still!! Lol I know I’m a little excited, it’s just hard sometimes for a girl to pull off bare shoulders. Who feels me?


Spring 2016 fashion trends off the shoulder


Bedroom wear. Is it just me or is everything from the early 2000’s suddenly making a comeback?? Not to say that I don’t like this trend, I do, jus sayin. I love those lingerie inspired tops that are all satin & lace, super pretty. Love this dress too.


Spring 2016 fashion trends lingerie


Denim on denim on denim. I mean us Canadians have been rockin this look for ages already haha. This look was seen everywhere on the runways for Spring 2016 so I think it might actually turn out to be a thing. Kinda cute.


Spring 2016 fashion trends denim


Now for the last trend, we’re talking street style. I see street style as basically I’m gonna throw on whatever I feel like, but rock it with confidence and maybe throw a designer in there somewhere. Whatever your definition of street style is, it’s a huge trend for this season.


Spring 2016 fashion trends street style


If you guys want some more spring 2016 fashion trend inspo, check out these articles by Elle and PopSugar.


Bella Trois goes to Toronto Fashion Week Fall 2015!

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Bella trois Toronto fashion week


It’s great to be back in Toronto! Not only is it one of the best cities in the world, but there is literally so much to see and do, my schedule has been crazy packed since I got back!


One of the best things about being back? World Mastercard Fashion Week. The Bella Trois girls and I got to attend the Pink Tartan show at Toronto Fashion Week Fall 2015 last week. We were invited by Redken and Maybelline to check out the trends and all the fun that goes on backstage before the show!


We had the best time ever because we actually got to interview Pink Tartan designer, Kimberly Newport Mimran and her incredibly inspirational husband and founder of Joe Fresh, Joe Mimran. We put a little video together for you guys, check it out! Oh and the show was fantastic, you are going to love what’s coming out for Fall 2015 ;)



Stay tuned, we’ve got more footage for you, plus our interview with…Jeanne Bekker!!

LA Fashion Week 2015

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los angeles fashion week 2015


This past week has been pretty busy with events as it’s LA Fashion Week! It’s also my last week in California as I’ll be heading back home soon.


I ran into my friend Sarah Shahryar, an Afghan pop star and TV host from Orange County and just super sweet and so fab.


fashion council la maker city


LA  Fashion Week is held in a few different locations, all of which are close to downtown LA and the Staples Center. The Vilorija show which is in these pictures was held at Maker City LA. Maker City is great as they really support a lot of emerging designers in the LA Fashion scene.


fashion week la


I totally loved the rompers and shorts in this show, super cute.


la fashion week






I had a great time at the shows! Can’t wait for Toronto Fashion Week :)

My Fav new Accessory- My pretty (inspired by) Chanel Cell phone case

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Pretty cell phone case


I had to share my favorite new accesory, my pretty cell phone case! It’s no secret that I am obsessed with anything Chanel inspired and as soon as I saw this Chanel cell phone case by Park Avenue Accessories I had to have it!


Chanel cell phone case


The great thing about this case is that it has compartments for everything you would need for a night out. A slot for your ID, Credit cards, 2 lip gloss holders. It also comes with a cute chain that turns it into a wristlet so you don’t have to carry it.


Girls cell phone case


It comes in a few different colors, I just wanted to go for the classic white & gold- or is it really blue & black? ;P


Park Avenue Accessories


To pick up your own, visit Park Avenue Accessories.

Station Hollywood Fashion show

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Deepa W Hollywood


Last week I attended a fashion show at the W Hotel in Hollywood. It was held in the same place as the last event I went to at the W, but the setup was completely different and it was a night time event. I love how LA just comes alive at night, and where the W is situated (in Hollywood) there are just always a ton of tourists out and about, exploring this amazing city.


W Hollywood patio


I’ve always loved the W’s I’ve been to around the world, they just have this uber trendy-chic vibe to it. Like this outdoor fire pit- so gorgeous.


W Hollywood outdoor bar


Now onto the show. Emblem has a showroom in LA where they carry designers with such diverse styles. The thing I like about that is because the clothing styles are so different and fresh from what you see people normally wearing, it really opens your mind when it comes to expressing yourself through fashion.


Here are pics from the show. First up is Ashley Michaelsen.

Ashley Michaelsen



Chasensully Locardi


Inder Dhillon.

Inder Dhillon W Fashion Show


Talina Hermann.

Talina Hermann

What to wear: Fall Winter 2014 Fashion- 71 Stanton

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71 Stanton fall 2014 fashion


I recently attended an event in LA (yes I’m still in California, and no I’m never coming back..jk) and got to check out the fall winter 2014 fashion collection for this really cool clothing line- 71 Stanton. I mean look at their showroom..so cool.


71 Stanton showroom


The designer is originally from South Korea and I got to talk to her about how she loves having her own store rather than being solely carried by boutiques. Her clothes have even been featured in Lucky Mag. Loving this shirt dress.


71 Stanton shirt dress


Yu mentioned how she designs stuff that she would wear which I think is missing with a lot of designers, so no wonder I pretty much fell in love with her entire collection. Her style is really cool, kind of NYC meets LA.


71 Stanton Jewelry Fall 2014


71 Stanton fall winter 2014 fashion


71 Stanton Fall fashion 2014


The event was emcee’d by Sazan Barzani, my new fav Youtuber! Not only is she gorgeous, but she is super sweet and extremely generous with her advice. I also had the pleasure of meeting Melissa M and her sister, two really awesome fashionistas from Orange County.


71 Stanton Sazan Barzani Melissa Mazariegos Chang


The top I’m wearing is from Forever 21 and the jeans are H&M.


How to Accessorize your Boots

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accessorize your boots


It’s that time of the year again, the time when the sandals go away and the boots come out. While that can mean a decrease in temperatures and daylight, it doesn’t have to mean a decrease in your fun with fashion!

I came across a fashionista wearing these boots the other day and had to share it with you! She accessorized her boots with 2 necklaces! I loved the look and it got me thinking about how you can accessorize your boots.

You’ll want to start with your fav pair of boots and go through your jewelry drawer. There are 3 types of necklaces that will work best, which one you choose will depend on your personal style.


boot jewelry

This one is for the glam girl. You can go nuts depending on how big the jewels on your necklace are, take out those statement necklaces you have in your collection and see what works.


boot jewelry


This is a little more edgy, a little more rocker chic. If you’re super into leather & torn jeans you’ll love this.


boot jewelry


This one can be the most simple look depending on how delicate the necklace is. This is perfect if you want to try the look but are a little more laid back with your style.


What do you think? Would you/Have you tried this? Let me know in the comments!

Bella Trois at Toronto Fashion Week!

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Bella Trois at Toronto Fashion Week


So remember how I went to World Mastercard Fashion Week in Toronto right before I left for California? Well I went with the Bella Trois girls and we filmed a video of our fun night!


Caramia got a go pro, which is like the funnest (is that a word?) camera in the world. It’s tiny but records in super high def. We attended the Pink Tartan show, which, I mean Kimberly Newport-Mimran is one of my fav Canadian designers. The clothes were amazing!


We got to hang out backstage and interview the lead hairstylist, makeup artist & nail stylist and find out what the trends are for Spring/Summer 2015.


Here’s the video! Can’t wait for the next Toronto Fashion Week :)



How to Make your Bindi Stay on All day

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Bindi how to


One of my favorite parts of getting glammed up in Indian outfits is wearing a Bindi. I’m sure a lot of you feel the same way and besides the henna trend, bindi’s are crazy popular too right now! The only problem is they can be hard to keep on. Plus forget about second time use. Well I’m here to help! Here’s a step by step on how to make your bindi stay on.


What you’ll need:

A bindi. Obvy.


how to make your bindi stay on 2


Eyelash glue in either clear or white. You can try black but it might be visible once the bindi is on so it’s always safer to go with the clear/white stuff.


How to make your bindi stick


How to apply it:

Apply a good layer of the glue to the back of the bindi. Be careful not to apply too much as you don’t want it to seep out around the bindi.


How to make your bindi last all day


Allow the glue to dry for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. Then making sure you position it exactly where you want it to go, apply it to your forehead. As a general guide it’s good to aim for the bottom of the bindi to land between your eyebrows.


Deepa Berar yellow suit


Repeat the same process for the little bindis. I find it easier to use tweezers when applying these ones.


How to wear a bindi


Using tweezers allows you to make sure your hands remain glue free.


Make your bindi stay on


And your bindi ends up right where you want it.


Deepa berar bindi how to


Et voila! Now you can enjoy your party without worrying they’ll fall off!


Deepa berar bindi


What do you think, have you tried it before? Do you have any other tips/tricks to keep your bindi on? If so, please share with us all in the comments! xo