What I Eat in a Day AIP Meal Ideas

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What I Eat in a Day AIP Meal Ideas


Back with another what I eat in a day AIP video for you guys! A bunch of you have been requesting more of these, and I will try my best to record more. If you haven’t heard of the AIP diet, it is known as the autoimmune paleo or protocol diet. It’s an elimination diet meant for people suffering from autoimmune issues as it removes all foods that can cause sensitivities in the body, allowing you to heal and test which foods you react to.


It’s what I followed when I was going through alopecia and lost most of my hair. I definitely don’t eat this way anymore as it is a very restrictive diet, but it’s also not something that you’re supposed to be on forever. I would like to however get back to a cleaner way of eating. Baby steps. I just barely made it back to the gym!! You can follow along with my 1 month gym challenge on my Insta stories, and join me if you like ;)


Here is the video. Hope it gives you guys some good meal ideas.



Common AIP Diet Myths

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Common Myths About the AIP Diet


Hey hey guys, I’ve got a new video for my AIP followers! We are talking some of the most common myths about the AIP diet.


I get a TON of questions from you guys about the diet so I figured I’d answer them all in one spot aka this video! I go over some common misperceptions about the auto immune protocol and share my experience following the diet.


Here’s the video! Let me know if you have any requests for videos in the comments below ;)



1.5 Year Alopecia Update

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One and Half Year Alopecia Areata Update


I have an Alopecia update video here for you guys! Can you believe it’s been a year and half since the Alopecia first started?! It feels like so long ago and also no time at all. I remember how terrifying it all was when it was happening. It fell out for 5 months straight and I lost 70% of the hair on my head.


The scariest part was the unknown. I had no idea if my hair would stop falling out or if I would ever have hair on my head again. Now 1.5 years later almost all of it has grown back in and still continues to grow in every day.


I share my story on what I’ve done and where I’m at now in this journey with Alopecia areata in today’s video.



Let me know if you have any requests for videos!

Hair Styling Tips for Alopecia Regrowth

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Hair Styling Tips for Alopecia Regrowth


New video up for you guys! This one has been highly requested and I wanted to test out a bunch of different hair styling methods before I shared my hair styling tips for alopecia regrowth. Even if you don’t have alopecia, these tips will help out those of you that have a tough time taming frizz or just even if you want to have a polished finish to your look.

DryBar Tiny Tress Press

The tools I mention in the video:


Bellami Waving Wand

DryBar The Tiny Tress Press

GHD Patinum Styling Iron


Here’s the vid! Let me know if you guys try these tips out and what you think ;)


What I Eat in a Day AIP

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What I eat in a day AIP Diet


Ok guys, I know you’ve been requesting this one for a while now and Derek and I finally got to recording it, here is my very first What I Eat in a Day AIP video!!


I know the Autoimmune Paleo diet is a really tough one to be on, so I hope this gives you guys some great ideas on what to eat. I promise there are some great meals you can still have and you don’t need to feel deprived while treating your autoimmune disorder


Here’s the video!



Let me know if you guys have any requests and please subscribe ;)

How to Deal with Alopecia Emotionally

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How to deal with alopecia emotionally


Back with another Alopecia vid for you guys! This one has been requested by many of you and to be honest is one that I’ve wanted to record for you for a while now. We are talking about how to deal with alopecia emotionally.


It’s a lot to go through and process and deal with. I am by no means an expert on mental health, all I know is what helped me get through it and if I can help any one of you, well then that makes going through it all worth it.


Here’s the video. Please subscribe to my channel!



How to Fill in Bald Spots & Cover Thinning Hair

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Back with another hair post for ya guys! This one is all about how to fill in bald spots and thinning hair. When I first got the Alopecia I was searching for everything and anything that I could do to stop it and regrow my hair. When I finally accepted what was going on with me, I started trying to figure out what I could do if it never grew back.


Enter Toppik. Even though my hair is growing back and almost fully now, I still have one very visible bald patch right along my hairline and thinner spots in some areas. So I’ve been trying everything under the sun to fill in spots that a) looks natural and b) is easy to use.


How to fill in bald spots with Toppik Hair Fibers


Toppik’s hair fibers look almost like real hair! They come with a sifter that you can use to fill in spots, or you can get the Hair perfecting kit (which I highly recommend) comes with a pump and optimizer that allows you to be very precise with your placement. You all know how much of a perfectionist I am, so trust me when I say the kit is vital.


Toppik Hair Fibers


The colored hair thickener is amazing for bald patches. You want to color the scalp and then add the fibers to make it look as natural as possible. I do a step by step in the video below on how I get it to look natural (esp if your bald patch is right by your face like mine).


***Toppik Canada is offering 10% off most products until Oct 15th to all of you guys!! Just head to toppikcanada.ca and enter Promo code “ToppikTen” and shop away!***


So anyways, I really wanted to find a solution to share with you guys since I get tons of messages from you on what you can do with your own hair. Hope this helps!


Here’s the vid!



Question- Have you guys tried Toppik? What do you think?


Talking Hair Styling Tips for Alopecia on CHCH Morning Live

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Hair styling tips for Alopecia on CHCH Morning Live


Did you catch our segment on CHCH Morning Live today? Host Annette Hamm and I talked about my journey with Alopecia and I shared some hair styling tips for Alopecia. I recently stumbled upon Toppik, a series of products designed to give your hair the appearance of fullness. I collaborated with them to show viewers how to get a little bit of that confidence back seeing as it’s Alopecia Awareness month.


Hair Styling for Alopecia using Toppik Canada


Toppik Canada is being so generous to all of the viewers and to you guys as well! They’re gifting everyone 10% off of almost ALL of their products for the month of September!! Just use the code “Toppikten” on their website and shop away ;)


Hair Styling tips for Alopecia using Toppik Canada by Deepa Berar


Here’s the segment. Also I’ll be doing a full tutorial using the products very soon, so watch out for that.



All About the AIP Diet

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All about the AIP Diet


Hope you guys are all doing well! What’s everyone’s summer plans? I am so excited because my bestie will be here tomorrow night! I get 8 glorious weeks of girl chat, makeovers, wine nights and shopping, can not wait! Ok, ok, onto the post. So you guys have asked me a TON of questions about the AIP diet which is what I follow for Alopecia. I would say I was 95% strict AIP for about 2 months and then not so strict and now on a modified version and about 90% strict at this point.


Hey if you didn’t grow up eating the healthiest it takes time to get used to eating this way, so don’t beat yourself up if it’s tough to stick to. No one is perfect, but as long as you keep trying I promise you it gets easier and easier.


So what is AIP exactly?

It’s the Auto Immune Paleo Diet. The rules are as follows:


AIP Diet Rules


I know it seems really restrictive, but I promise you there is a lot that you can eat and it doesn’t have to be boring. It’s a lot of protein and veggies, some fruit and you just have to get a little creative in the kitchen. Which is what we did. Derek being a personal chef and all, he was totally my lifeline throughout it. He taught me how to add a ton of flavour without compromising the rules. If you want I will share some of our recipes with you guys.


I know you’ve asked for What I Eat in a Day videos, and we will be working on some for you all very soon. So anyways, I had to find hacks and things that helped me get through it and decided to put my top tips on surviving the AIP diet into a video for you guys, and here it is:



Let me know if you have any questions about AIP!


Shop the Post:

Alopecia Update 9 Months

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Alopecia Update 9 Months Deepa Berar


New vid up for you guys! So it’s been 9 months now since my Alopecia first started and since then you guys have been requesting an update video on how things are going. So I listened and recorded an alopecia update video with how things are going now, what I’ve been doing to grow my hair back and modifications I’ve made to the AIP diet.


For those of you that don’t know about the Auto Immune Paleo Approach book by Dr Sarah Ballantyne, it’s been a game changer for sure. It’s full of all sorts of scientifically rooted facts about how the body reacts to foods that cause inflammation. Definitely worth a read if you are going through auto immune issues.


The Paleo Approach


Other than that, I’m sharing all of the vitamins/supplements I’ve been taking with you below. Like I mentioned in the video, when the alopecia first started it seemed like I was at Whole Foods picking up something new every week! Anything to help grow my hair back, which is now finally happening so I figured I’d share my vitamin list with you all in hopes that it could help.





Vitamin D






L Glutamine


Here’s the video. Like I mention in the video, I’m here if you have any questions or need to just talk about what you’ve been going through. Don’t hesitate to comment below ;)