Daniel Pillai on Coming Out in the South Asian Community

Monday, September 3, 2018 0 1

Daniel Pillai on Coming out in the South Asian Community


Hey hey, I am back with another Inspirational interview & Deep Beauty podcast for ya guys! This one I have been trying to make happen for so, so long. I’ve known Daniel Pillai for quite some time now and he has always been so kind and warm and I knew I just wanted to share him with all of you!! Daniel has been such an inspiration, and shares his story and advice on coming out in the south asian community. For those of you that are from our community, you know that this can be such a tough thing to go through and what an amazing thing to have someone like Daniel who not only carries himself with integrity and class, but who is willing to put be vulnerable and share his story with everyone in hopes of helping just one person going through the same thing.


Oh! And thank you so much for baring with me guys as I settle into my new life in San Diego! For those of you that don’t know, I finally got the green light from the Government to come and live with Derek in Cali. Finally. What a long road. I have half a mind to record a “How to survive a long distance relationship” video but I feel like I need to get Derek to do it as he was the saint through all of it. Sigh. Anyways, onto the video, here it is!



You can get in touch with Daniel through his website, danielpillai.com and follow him on Instagram! Also don’t forget to Subscribe to the Deep Beauty Podcast on iTunes 😉

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