Australia Vlog- Surprising My Bestie!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018 0 0

Australia vlog Surprising my Bestie


Hey, hey, back with another video for you guys!! So I feel somewhat settled back into a schedule now being back home in Burlington. We’re coming close to (hopefully- fingers crossed!!) the last few months of this long distance journey so I’m just trying to hold it together until Derek and I can finally be together permanently.


So here’s what I decided- I’m going to be posting a new video once a week on Mondays and a Podcast episode every other week most likely on Wednesdays. Oh and the My Life posts are switching over to Day in the Life videos of which I’ll probably be posting once per month for now.


This is what I can manage realistically because as you can imagine, it is a LOT to move your entire life from where you grew up to the other side of the continent. I just want to always keep you guys up to date and let you know what to expect from me. Once I’m moved and settled, I can not wait to get back to sharing a ton of tips with you guys!! Literally makes my life to help you all 🙂


Anyways, here’s part 1 from my Australia vlog! You get to see the reaction on Sonalee’s face when I surprised her. So fun.



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