Love and Loss with Ashini Desai

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Love and loss on the Deep Beauty Podcast


Ok we are back with another Deep Beauty podcast episode! I am planning on posting them every other week for the next little while, just seems to be more manageable with my crazy schedule. Anyways, today’s episode is a pretty heavy one and so important to listen to. We are talking with Ashini Desai about love and loss.


Ashini Desai on the Deep Beauty Podcast


Ashini’s story is an incredible one of love that started off in high school, where she met her boyfriend, Tyler. They ended up going their separate ways after school ended as many people do. A while later Ashini received the heartbreaking news that Tyler passed away tragically in a car accident. They were no longer together at the time, but the impact it had on her was huge and she wanted to share her story with all of you to show you that it is possible to find moments of beauty and happiness after loss.


Love and Loss the Deep Beauty Podcast


Seriously, such a sweet girl. Thank you so much Ashini for being on the podcast and for being so brave as to share your story with the people that need to hear it. If you want to reach out to Ashini, you can message her at

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