What I Eat in a Day AIP Meal Ideas

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What I Eat in a Day AIP Meal Ideas


Back with another what I eat in a day AIP video for you guys! A bunch of you have been requesting more of these, and I will try my best to record more. If you haven’t heard of the AIP diet, it is known as the autoimmune paleo or protocol diet. It’s an elimination diet meant for people suffering from autoimmune issues as it removes all foods that can cause sensitivities in the body, allowing you to heal and test which foods you react to.


It’s what I followed when I was going through alopecia and lost most of my hair. I definitely don’t eat this way anymore as it is a very restrictive diet, but it’s also not something that you’re supposed to be on forever. I would like to however get back to a cleaner way of eating. Baby steps. I just barely made it back to the gym!! You can follow along with my 1 month gym challenge on my Insta stories, and join me if you like 😉


Here is the video. Hope it gives you guys some good meal ideas.



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