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Week 17 Berar Family Easter 2018 Shenanigans


Happy Tuesday guys! Hope y’all are doing well. I’m headed off to see the kiddies in Ottawa tomorrow and you guys have been asking for another My Life Post so I thought I’d get one up for you before I headed over! This one is from another one of our fun Berar family parties back at Easter. I had just gotten back from my last Cali trip and it was really nice to see family again.




My brother and fam came down for the weekend which was really nice. We got to spend some good time with Kai & Rai. Isn’t Rai just adorable?! They both are too cute for words. We headed over to Little Monkeys play gym in my hometown Burlington on the Saturday. Ok seriously I was totally wishing I was a kid again cause that place is way too much fun!! So much for kids to do and climb and play, why didn’t we have things like this when I was a kid?!


Week 17 Berar Family Easter 2018 Little Monkeys Burlington


The family was coming over on Sunday around noon so we figured we’d get up and ready a little early so we could shoot some family pics.


Week 17 Berar Family Easter 2018 Berar Family


My Dad put his Panama hat on Kai. Too cute for words! He just turned 2 this past weekend, I have no idea where the time goes. It honestly feels like just yesterday we all headed down to San Diego when he was born. That day was so much fun, my parents, me, Dipti’s parents and her brother Hemant all hung out at an Indian restaurant across the street from the hospital while he was being delivered. As soon as we got the green light we headed over to the hospital to meet the little guy! He was the first grandchild in both of our families so we were a little excited. Ok a lot excited.


Week 17 Berar Family Easter 2018 Kai Berar


The family arrived and the fun began! For my makeup I decided to recreate the Deepica Mutyala makeup tutorial I followed for the YouTube video I posted a couple videos ago. I can’t get enough of this look!! It’s basically warm browns on the eyes, cheeks and lips.


Week 17 Berar Family Easter 2018 Deepa Berar


It was so nice to see everyone. Distracted me from missing Derek for a few hours. Here are my cousin Daman, his wife Charan and our cousin’s daughter Pia. The nicest people!


Week 17 Berar Family Easter 2018 Family Fun


The guys being silly and my Chachi. We definitely had a good amount of drinks that day for sure. Everyone was in a fun mood that day!


Week 17 Berar Family Easter 2018 The Guys and Lady


Ok saved this little princess for last. I mean. How cute is Leeya?! Swear she is so photogenic and looks even cuter in person if that’s possible. She’s definitely giving me a run for my money in the selfie department 🙂


Week 17 Berar Family Easter 2018 Deepa and Leeya Dhillon


So that was Easter! We are catching up slowly yet surely. Still having podcast issues plus I’ve been sooo crazy busy lately!! Have any of you started a podcast? Drop your links in the comments, I’d love to listen 😉

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