Creator Day in LA with IPSY!

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Week 16 Ipsy Creator Day LA 2018


Ok we’re playing catch up with the My Life posts! Let’s take this back to Creator Day with IPSY in LA a few weeks ago. Guys, it was so, so much fun and informative and just so inspiring! First off, lets start off with how incredibly gorgeous that flower wall is? It was done by Physicians Formula and the perfect backdrop to their new Rose serum.


We started off the day with a little breakfast. There were several brands that had booths set up which was amazing. Genbeauty can be pretty crazy so it was nice to be able to connect with the brand reps in a much quieter and more intimate setting. I got to chat with the ladies at Derma E, which has been a long time fav of mine for many, many years now. I love how natural their products are! I dunno, in my mind I am a wellness girl who eats super clean, exercises consistently and doesn’t put any toxic chemicals on my face ever. Lol, so far from the truth, but hey I’m a work in progress and we will get there eventually 🙂


Week 16 Ipsy Creator Day LA 2018 Derma E


They had some amazing, informative panels this year. Last year was good too, but I really loved the studio set up session they had. The speaker was Jeff who actually works at IPSY studios and does the filming so he definitely knows what he’s talking about when it comes to lighting, camera settings, etc.


Week 16 Ipsy Creator Day LA 2018 Studio Setup 101


Here’s little old moi. I posted this pic on snapchat. I’ve been having a weird moment with snapchat lately. I hardly ever use it anymore because I use Instagram stories more, but every now and then I miss it and go post on it. I dunno, kinda feels like it’s not really relevant anymore. Anyone else feeling the same?


Week 16 Ipsy Creator Day LA 2018 Deepa Berar


Another panel they had featured Olympic gold medalist turned Makeup artist Michelle Carter. How awesome is that?! My friend Maryam and I got to chat with her after and she is just the sweetest. I can officially say I met an Olympic gold medalist. Really cool.


Week 16 Ipsy Creator Day LA 2018 Michelle Carter


Ok guys I finally got to check out Hum. I’ve heard so many good things about this company. They make vitamins that focus on beauty from within- deep beauty?? 😉

I’m definitely going to try some of their products out and I will report back to you guys!


Week 16 Ipsy Creator Day LA 2018 Hum


Ok easily my fav panel of the day was the one featuring Lilly Ghalichi!! I nearly died when I saw her name on the schedule. I absolutely LOVE her line of false lashes and yes I used to watch Shahs of Sunset. The panel featured a bunch of entrepreneurs with beauty lines (including the creator of Hum). We got to hear their stories on the many, many problems and mistakes they made while trying to launch their lines and how they overcame them. You guys know how much I love entrepreneurs, I mean it is what I went to school for!


Week 16 Ipsy Creator Day LA 2018 Lilly Ghalichi


We ended the day off with the infamous Genbeauty Cocktail party. This one was at Poppy nightclub in West Hollywood. The venue was nice, it was a little smaller but I loved how they had booths everywhere so we got to sit which is great for this old lady over here. Swear ever since I turned 40 I just can’t survive in heels anymore! Or can’t be bothered, same thing. It was so nice cause we got to meet a lot of the other creators and I got to make some new friends too 🙂


Week 16 Ipsy Creator Day LA 2018 Cocktail Party



All in all it was an amazing day as usual, I don’t think the IPSY team can go wrong, they treat us creators so well. Can’t wait for the next one! Have any of you been to Genbeauty? What did you think?


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