My Life- The 1st LaVelle Party + Oscars Fun!

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Week 14 The first LaVelle party and Oscars fun


We’re back in Cali baby! This week was pretty quiet until the weekend which was so much fun. Not only was it my fav time of year aka the Oscars, but Derek and I threw our very first dinner party ever! Who knew adulting could be so much fun haha.


Let’s take this back to ealier this week. Derek and I headed out for dinner at Barrio Star in Bankers Hill. We’ve been trying to be more veggie conscious so we ordered lettuce wrap tacos. So, so good and the decor in this place is super pretty!


Week 14 Dinner at Barrio Star


So you guys know my brother and sister in law used to live in Cali, but other than that I don’t have much family here except for my cousin Shailly and her family which I’m so grateful for. Shailly grew up in Ludhiana, India and because we used to visit India a lot when I was growing up I got to know her and her sister Kitty pretty well. So whenever I visit San Diego, we always make sure to see each other. Usually Derek and I head up to her house which is beautiful and in a gated community up in the mountain but it was time to have them over so it kicked our butt into this home improvement frenzy.


Week 14 Dresser Before


We had been searching and searching for a dresser to hold all my makeup for EVER. We just couldn’t find anything that was perfect for the space plus the right feel. We were heading home from another unsuccessful search at Ikea when we magically found this dresser by the garbage outside. Talk about divine intervention. Not only was it the perfect size, but it was also in great condition.


Week 14 Dresser After


So we brought it home, sanded it and primed and painted it and turned it into this!! I am loving furniture makeovers. So much fun, and ever since Jackie showed me how easy it could be by using spray paint, it’s just taken the whole intimidation factor out of it.


Week 14 Dresser knob before


We even redid the knobs. With only spray paint!! How crazy is that?


Week 14 Dresser knob after


So Shailly and fam came over for dinner on Saturday night. Derek was so excited to get to cook for them. He made cuban food which was so delicious. He’s so good to my family, I’m so lucky 🙂

Can you believe it was my first time trying cuban food? I know I’m Canadian and we love to travel to Cuba and all, but I have never ever been.


Week 14 First LaVelle party


This takes us to Oscars Sunday. My cousin Monique and I started a new tradition last year, a WhatsApp Oscars drinking game. Genius right? 😛

We had so much fun last year just the two of us that we decided to do it again this year with more girls. We just grabbed some rules online- like anytime Jimmy Kimmel mentioned Matt Damon you’d have to drink. Needless to say we were pretty happy by the end of the night, haha.


Week 14 Oscars Drinking Game Whatsapp Party


So ya this was definitely a fun week. Any time I’m in San Diego with Derek is a fun week!

Question- Did you make any Oscars predictions and if so did you get them right? What was your fav pic from this year?


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