My Life- Decluttering My Life + Back to San Diego!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018 0 0

Week 13 Travelling to San-Diego


Hello from sunny San Diego!! I’m back visiting with the hubs for a few weeks! Always so great being together. Plus I’ve got Genbeauty LA coming up in March. Is anyone else going? If you see me, say hi!

So last week was pretty hectic. Doing the long distance thing definitely requires a TON of organization. Luckily I love being organized so that helps. Still there’s a lot that goes into planning your life. I might just do a video with tips to help you guys that are in LDR’s. Let me know if you’d want to see that.


Week 13 Declutter Challenge


So we wrapped the Declutter Challenge in the Deep Beauty Facebook group! I think this was our most successful challenge so far! The ladies were really into it and we got a lot of clutter tossed. My room definitely looks a gazillion times better!


Week 13 Jackie's Daughter Evelyn Harper


I also got to see one of my really good friends Jackie and her baby Evie. I hadn’t seen them since her baby shower a couple months ago! Evie is so freakin adorable and such a good baby.  Jackie is such a good mom. She makes it look so easy!!

We got to record a blindfolded makeup challenge, so excited to share that with you guys. It’s hilarious and so much harder than I thought!


Week 13 Chef LaVelle Eggs Benedict


So I got into San Diego on Friday. It was sunny and gorgeous as usual but a little chilly. Not complaining though, I absolutely Southern California and any time I get to spend with Derek is amazing.


Week 13 Derek and I out for Indian Food


I took him to have dosa. He loves Indian food but has never tried dosa before. He loved it 🙂


Week 13 Tiramisu at Cucina Urbana


We headed out to one of our fav Italian restaurants in SD on Saturday night, Cucina Urbana. I just love the vibe there and the food is amazing.


Week 13 Charcuterie and Walking Dead


Yesterday was the return of Walking Dead!! So fun. Hubs did up a delicious charcuterie board, we had some rose and watched the show. Do you guys watch? It’s really good but I just want them to find a cure already. I guess the show would be over then. Oh one thing I’d love to do is go to a live recording of Talking Dead. That would be so much fun!!

That was my week! What show are you guys crazy about?

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