The Best Valentine’s Gift for Makeup Lovers

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The best valentine's gift for makeup lovers


Ahh Valentine’s entire day dedicated to love, romance and husbands freaking out over what to buy for their wives 😛


I absolutely love Valentine’s, like I was saying on Instagram, I get that you should treat your signifcant other like gold everyday, but there’s nothing wrong with a day dedicated to romance. Anyways, those are just my two cents, I’m a sucker for love and being a newlywed isn’t helping lol. Onto the best valentine’s gift for makeup lovers!


Lori Greiner Deluxe Cosmetic Organizer


Ok so if you guys are like me, you know what you want when it comes to makeup. You know which brands work for you, which shades suit you best and what you’re comfortable with wearing. Makes it hard for anyone to purchase the right makeup for ya. Well not to worry, I have the solution for you!


Makeup Organizer


A cosmetic organizer obviously!! I mean, what else is more perfect? We’re doing the declutter challenge this month in the Deep Beauty Facebook group, and one thing it’s got us doing is organizing!


Lipstick Organizer


I LOVE this Lori Greiner deluxe cosmetic organizer for that. It has compartments for pretty much any shaped makeup, not to mention how many lipsticks you can fit into this thing. The perfect gift.


Cosmetic Organizer


Plus it’s cute, closes to look like a mini jewelry armoire so you won’t see clutter (visual clutter ends up as clutter in our brain) and has a mirror built into the lid. Did I mention that it’s the perfect gift for makeup lovers?


Cosmetic Armoire


You can pick this up at Bed, Bath & Beyond. So ladies, copy & paste this blog post and send it over to your hubby. You can thank me later 😉


Makeup Armoire


What would your perfect Valentine’s gift be?


This post was sponsored by Bed, Bath & Beyond, as usual all opinions are always my own.

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