The #1 Tip to Crushing Your Goals with Life Coach Jesse Brisendine

Tuesday, January 23, 2018 0 0

Jesse Brisendine on the Deep Beauty Podcast


You guys might recognize that face, that’s Jesse Brisendine, life coach extraordinaire, also the man that changed my whole entire life. I worked with Jesse back in 2014 for 9 months. Back at the end of 2013 I was feeling extremely unfulfilled, stuck, hopeless and was just sitting there with all of these dream and goals and no idea on how to make them a reality.


Enter Jesse. I stumbled upon a video of his on youtube and immediately jumped on his blog and read a bunch of entries. He was doing a challenge to do 1,000 new things in a year and it was so inspiring. I contacted him and within that first Skype meeting I could tell there was something different about him.


By the end of the 9 months I was a completely different person, actually I was becoming the person I always dreamt of. I had confidence, strength and a the world is mine attitude. Since then life has only gotten better. The tools and strategies Jesse taught me have stayed with me and I know I can get through anything that life throws my way.


I’m so incredibly excited to share him with you all on the podcast, he talks about the #1 tip to crushing your goals. Please Subscribe to the Podcast and follow Jesse on Facebook, Instagram and check out his website.


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