My Life- NYX Love You So Mochi Event & Good Eats

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Week 7 NYX Event and Good Eats


Hey guys, back with another My Life post for ya! Derek and I are about to head out to meet up with his friends and then I head back to Canada in a couple days. Can’t believe how quickly this trip flew by! I don’t want to think about leaving, but you gotta do what you gotta do and I need to get back to work. Miss my CH fam! Plus I’ve got a couple of Valentines segments coming up, I’ll let you all know when they’re on 😉


Week 7 Acai Bowl WestBean Coffee Roasters


So this week was a lot of fun and there are so many pics to share. I discovered a new coffee shop and tried an acai bowl for the first time. How come nobody told me they were so delicious?! Definitely going to have to start making these at home. This one was from WestBean Coffee Roasters in San Diego. The acai part was semi frozen and tasted like ice cream. Yumm. I also got to meet up with my Canadian friend Melis! She’s a youtuber as well. Hey what can I say, Canadians tend to flock to each other!


Week 7 Deepa Berar MelisMelis


Derek made the most amazing seafood salad the other day. He was trying out a new salad dressing recipe and it was unbelievable. Artichoke & lemon base and then some herbs mixed in. Sooo good. I’m really going to miss his cooking when I go back home.


Week 7 Chef LaVelle Seafood Salad


Saturday Derek and I were invited to the launch party for the Love you so Mochi collection by NYX in LA. Here’s the makeup I wore. You guys know how much I love my NYX Glitters!


Week 7 NYX Love You So Mochi Event Makeup


The party was at Elevate Lounge which was on the top floor of one of the high rise office buildings in Downtown LA. It was really nice cause the walls were windows that went only halfway up. Felt like you were outdoors and there was an amazing view of downtown. They’ve really done a great job revamping the downtown area.


Week 7 NYX Love You So Mochi Event Elevate Lounge LA


Derek and I. He really is the best party partner. Such a good sport! He was trying to make sure I got in some pics when I went all fan girl over the other Youtubers there.


Week 7 NYX Love You So Mochi Event Derek and I


They had displays with the collection, a few different picture walls with different props and a Mochi ice cream station.


Week 7 NYX Love You So Mochi Event


Derek and I again. Look at that smile 🙂


Week 7 NYX Love You So Mochi Event Derek and Deepa


They also had some dancers that did a performance and giant TV screens playing makeup tutorials!


Week 7 NYX Love You So Mochi Event Dancers


I got to meet Chrisspy again! You guys might remember my pic with her a while back. That was at the cocktail party for Genbeauty Toronto. She was so nice then and this weekend too! Her and her friends are super fun and I got to chat with them for a bit.


Week 7 NYX Love You So Mochi Event Deepa Berar Chrisspy


And I got to meet MannyMUA!! So cool!! He was so nice and his makeup was amazing, but of course it would be he’s so talented!


Week 7 NYX Love You So Mochi Event Deepa Berar MannyMUA


Swag bag! Guys, I’m so in love with this palette. You guys are going to love the collection. The highlights are amazing and the Powder Puff lippies are super nice.


Week 7 NYX Love You So Mochi Collection


Have you guys been to LA? What’s been your favourite makeup collection lately?


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