My Life: Travelling to California & Star Wars 3D!

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Week 3 My Life Deepa Berar


Hello hello hello peeps! I am back with another recap post for you guys, this one is full of pics because it’s been a pretty busy week. Only 1 week left till Christmas! Hope you guys are all done with your Christmas shopping, I still have a bunch left to do. I know, I know, anyways onto my past week!


I headed back to San Diego this past week to spend Christmas/New Years with the hubs 🙂


Week 3 Flying over California


Despite how hard long distance can be, I will never get tired of that view. I mean. It’s approx a 5 hour flight to San Diego from Toronto without a stopover so it can be a long day. I love how airlines are getting better at providing onboard entertainment these days. I ordered some wine and watched War Dogs and Keeping up with the Joneses.


Week 3 Travelling to Cali


If you guys have been following me on Insta stories you might’ve noticed that I’ve had acrylic nails for the past several months. Well it’s definitely taken a toll on my real nails because when I went to get a fill the manicurist was showing me how weak they had gotten. So got rid of the tips and we’re back to short nails! So weird adjusting back, but I can definitely type a lot faster now, haha.


Week 3 Nails


Speaking of nails, have you guys entered my GIVEAWAY? Contest ends midnight tomorrow. You get to win all of these polishes from QUO by Orly. Instructions are in the pic below. Link to the group is here.


Week 3 Giveaway


Back to the week! I headed over to one of my absolute fav malls on this planet, Fashion Valley. I love it for a number of reasons, but the main one being it’s an outdoor mall. We don’t have stuff like that back home, so the first time I went (way back when we were visiting my brother in San Diego) I fell in love. It’s just like a regular mall with escalators and all, it just doesn’t have a roof.


Week 3 Fashion Valley Ornament


I mean, can you imagine palm trees in your mall?! Plus it has most of the stores you’d need like Sephora, MAC, Zara etc plus a Cheesecake Factory. My Canadian fam knows how big of a deal that is. I mean I’ve heard that it’s like a 2-3 hour wait at the Cheesecake Factory in Yorkdale. Insane. There are 2 within 10 mins of us in San Diego. Dangerous!!


Week 3 Fashion Valley


Back to our #25daysofchristmas beauty. If you watched my Insta stories this week you would’ve seen that I accidentally forgot to turn the mic on when I recorded a Youtube video earlier this week. The worst. So I scrambled to record a new one.


Week 3 25daysofchristmas beauty


In all my hurry I ended up burning myself with my waving wand. Ouch!


Week 3 Burn


Got the video recorded and edited in 1 day. My fellow youtubers will understand how tough that is to do, but I’ve been on a streak at posting 2 vids/week for the past while and I def don’t want to slow down!!


Week 3 Editing youtube videos


As most of you guys know, my hubby Derek is a chef. The thing he is most known for is his dressings and sauces. He is amazing at combining flavours together in a way that is beyond delicious! He made me a tuna salad with Wasabi dressing, unbelievable!


On the weekend we headed over to the movies! It had been at least a year since I went to the movies. I remember when I was a kid we’d go like every week. Derek and I went to see the new Star Wars film in 3D. Yes I love the Star Wars franchise, it was part of my childhood and always takes me back to that time 🙂 We had heard it got good reviews and it was so, so good you guys.


Week 3 Watching Star Wars


After Star Wars we headed to one of our fav restaurant in San Diego, Parc Bistro. They have an amazing happy hour and are well known for their oysters. So good.


Week 3 Oysters at Parc Bistro SD



That was the week! This week is going to be super busy because Derek will be off for most of Christmas week and I want to get as much done as possible so that we can spend quality time together.


Are you guys ready for Christmas? Has anyone had acrylic nails and if so, how long did you keep them for? Who else loves Oysters?!

  • Holly
    December 18, 2017

    Yes, I had them for decades, the nails. Now that I do not have them, I will never go back. I learned I can grow my own and accept that they look real good shorter as long as manicured and polished. I do not worry about breaking and fixing and all that money saved too! YES, love oysters. When I met my hubby, he had not ever tried. He is now addicted. You Deepa have a glorious time with Derek, enjoy the moment and memories being made. So ready for Christmas and for my New Year, I am calling it Breaking Free! There is a lot I need to break free from in my life and look forward to doing it! Again, have a blast in Cali!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Deepa Berar
      December 19, 2017

      Thank you Holly! I hope you have an amazing holiday season as well!! Thanks for the input on the nails, I think I will leave mine acrylic free for now and let them heal 🙂

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