My Life- Physicians Formula Event & Jackie’s Baby Shower

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Week 3 Physicians Formula Event Planta Deepa Berar


Back with another recap post for you guys/a little behind the scenes peak into my life! As long as you guys want to read these, I will keep posting them 😉 Last week was a pretty fun, busy one! It started off with a trip to Toronto for a PR event with Physicians Formula. They threw at it Planta restaurant in Yorkville which is just so, so nice.


Week 3 Physicians Formula Event Planta


The decor is just beautiful with copper and black and green leaves everywhere. If you watch my Insta stories, you’ll remember the jewelry armoire Derek and I redid in black & copper. I was trying to think about what to do with the pillows and totally had the same green leaf pattern in my mind! So crazy to walk in and see it decorated like that there!


Week 3 Physicians Formula Event Planta Restaurant


Onto the products! I already love their butter bronzer so I was looking forward to seeing their new collection. There are a few things that I am super excited to use. Mainly the Rosé all day serum, the eyebrow gel and the butter highlight. It is so, so pretty and has a nice purple iridescence to it. You guys are gonna love it 😉


Week 3 Physicians Formula Event Rose Serum


I didn’t realize it, but they actually have a pretty extensive foundation range in terms of colors! It’s always nice to see when companies cater to a broad skin tone range.


Week 3 Physicians Formula Event Foundation


Ok onto the food at Planta. One word- delicious. My fav thing they served was a chia seed pudding smoothie bowl. I am definitely going to be recreating this. The base was chia seed pudding, with a bit of smoothie on top as well as fruit and the most amazing Muesli mix. Yumm.


Week 3 Physicians Formula Event Planta Smoothie Bowl


More of the decor! Don’t you just love the swan?! Derek and I actually have one of those pineapples. I won it at one of those Vanity Fair events I attended in LA a couple years ago.


Week 3 Physicians Formula Event Planta Decor


I posted a Christmas green makeup look on Instagram last week using the new Too Faced Chocolate Gold palette as well as a “How to say no to people” video with tips on turning down holiday invitations politely.


Week 3 Deepa Berar Makeup


So you guys remember how my friend Jaclyn Colville had her baby girl right? Well she had her baby shower this past weekend! It was at her mom’s place and you can see where she gets her decor sense from, it seems to be a strong gene in the Colville family!


Week 3 Jackie's Shower Dessert Table


I didn’t mean to at all but my makeup and outfit went really well with the rose gold theme haha!


Week 3 Deepa Berar


I mean, that tree!!!! It is like every woman’s Christmas tree dreams come true!


Week 3 Jackie's Shower Rose Gold Christmas Tree


They had so much yummy food, including a skor/cream cheese ball Jackie made. Unreal. I should’ve gotten a pic of it!


Week 3 Jackie's Shower Rose Gold Decor


The Bella’s back together!! I always forget to look at the actual camera when I’m taking phone pics lol. Anyways, it was such a treat to see my girls 🙂


Week 3 Jackie's Shower BellaTrois


Little Baby Evie! There are no words to describe how adorable this little girl is. And she’s so good too! She went from person to person, no fussing. Swear she looks like a little doll 🙂


Week 3 Jackie's Shower Baby Evie


After the shower my mom and I ended up getting an invite to an impromptu holiday dinner party that my cousin Sandeep and his wife Linda were throwing. Remember the 3 Easy Holiday hair hacks video I posted last week? Well I used one of the tips- threw a hair band into my hair, changed my top and you can’t even tell it’s the same day haha 😉


Week 3 Holiday Fun


Hangin with the ladies. The company was great, the food was amazing and the wine was flowing. Their daughter Pia who was studying even ended up chillin with us for the evening! Last minute get togethers are always the best 🙂


Week 3 Impromptu Holiday Party


What did you guys get up to this week? Has anyone tried Physician’s Formula? What’s your fav product?

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