Dealing with the Loss of a Parent with Vaishali Patel

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Dealing with the Loss of a Parent Deep Beauty Podcast


On this week’s podcast episode we are talking to Vaishali Patel about dealing with the loss of a parent. Vaishali lost her father several years ago and says not a day goes by where he’s not on her mind but she has learnt to cope and deal with all that comes along with such a big loss. She’s even been able to help her family get through this tough time and it has only made her stronger and a more positive person.


Vaishali Patel on the Deep Beauty Podcast


We talked about alcoholism in the South Asian community as it contributed to her Dad’s passing. Such an important discussion that we need to be having with our families! We need to open up the lines of communication between parents and children in a safe and constructive way and recognize alcoholism as a serious disease. I have to say I was so impressed with Vaishali’s willingness to be so open about her life, I know she is going to help so many people.


Vaishali Patel Deep Beauty


I hope this episode helps any of you going through a loss at this time, my heart goes out to all of you. Here is the episode, please subscribe on iTunes. and follow Vaishali on Instagram at @vaishalisuku. Vaishali has kindly offered to talk to you guys if you are going through a loss, you can email her at


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