The Very 1st Weekly Recap Post!

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Deepa Berar November 2017 The 1st Weekly Recap


So there’s this blogger Taralynn McNitt that I have been following for years, I mean we’re talking since 2012. I found her when I first started researching healthy eating and honestly what’s kept me reading since then is reading about her life. She does a weekly recap post where she takes you through her past week and it is full of so many great pics and inspiration on healthy living and it is such a fun read because she is just so down to earth and you feel so connected to her.


So I had an idea to start this on my own blog. I want to be transparent with you guys and let you in on how I approach life. Plus I would LOVE  to connect with you all on a deeper level. So here’s my very first weekly recap post! We are gonna kick this off with my weekend in Ottawa. When I got back from San Diego I went to Ottawa to spend time with my sister in law and my nephew Kai.


Deepa Berar November 2017 Kai


He is just the cutest. He’s only a year and half but off the charts height wise because my brother is 6’4″. Crazy right?! My grandpa (Dadaji) was super tall as well.


Deepa Berar November 2017 Happy at Nordstrom cafe Ottawa


One of my oldest friends Happy lives there so we got to meet up for dinner as well. We went to Bazille, the restaurant inside Nordstrom which was super cute. She is one of the most positive people I know,  plus she’s super easy going and on this never ending pursuit to be the best version of herself. One of my fav things about her. You have to be so selective of the company you keep, so surround yourself with people who inspire and uplift you. That’s so, so important.


Deepa Berar November 2017 Faraway Greens Golf Darts


Speaking of keeping great company, Sunday I headed to Faraway Greens to meet up with Jasmina and Monique. The cold weather is in full swing so Jasmina & Gil’s indoor golf facility is hopping again. It’s always so fun there, seriously, Mary and I played a round of golf darts and we both got bullseyes!


Deepa Berar November 2017 CHCH Morning Live


My segment on CHCH Morning Live Monday morning. I always have a great time with Annette Hamm! For those of you that don’t know I work at CH as one of the makeup artists. They are so kind and supportive of my career & travels and letting me do my beauty segments. We talked about Holiday beauty. So fun.


Deepa Berar November 2017 Estee Lauder Canada Holiday Event


I was also invited to the Estee Lauder holiday preview event in Toronto. Have to say these events are sooo much fun. So much planning goes into every single detail! Like for instance at this event they had an ice skater. Skating in the middle of the room. So crazy!


Deepa Berar November 2017 Estee Lauder event Ice Skater


Loved the hot chocolate bar, such a great idea. They had all sorts of ingredients you could put into your hot chocolate.


Deepa Berar November 2017 Estee Lauder Holiday Event All that Glitters Hot Chocolate Bar


There was an artist teaching us how to recreate the holiday art work on Estee Lauder’s packaging this holiday season. You guys know how much I love creating art so you can only imagine how much I loved this part. You can see my creation at the top of this post 😉


Deepa Berar November 2017 Estee Lauder All that Glitters Event


On Thursday it was Thanksgiving in the US and I was really missing it. It’s just such a fun time to be in the states! Plus Derek was off work for 4 days so it was really hard to be away when we would’ve really enjoyed that time together. Here’s a little throwback pic I posted on Instagram from my last trip. There’s a place called Baja Beach Cafe in Pacific Beach that sells a gazillion different margaritas that are literally the size of your head. I usually get the jalapeño margarita. DELICIOUS.



Next up was Black Friday shopping! So fun. My mom and I hit up the malls in my hometown- Burlington, Ontario. I got some stuff that I could wear to work. I’ve been in California for the past few winters so my winter clothing options are kinda low. Plus did a little shopping around for Derek’s stocking 😉        


Deepa Berar November 2017 Raiders Home Decor        


No, I did not buy him this although I’m sure he would’ve loved it lol.    


Wrapped up the week with a little brunch with my cousins Reena & Preet. Preet wanted some help makeup shopping so we decided to meet up for brunch before hand. She ended up buying the Fenty Beauty foundation and it looked amazing on her skin. Great coverage! She got the beauty blender sponge to go with it and the Caudalie Beauty Elixir spray to give the look a more natural finish.      


Deepa Berar November 2017 Brunch with Girlfriends      


That was my week! Question- What would you guys like to see more of on the blog?      



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