Putting the Pieces Together After Sexual Assault with Vaidehi Gajjar | Deep Beauty Podcast

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Vaidehi Gajjar Deep Beauty Podcast


So I have a very important Deep Beauty Podcast episode for you guys today. We are talking sexual assault. I think most of us know how taboo talking about this topic is in the South Asian community, but it’s a crime that knows no face, no race, no sex, no boundaries and the only way we are going to make things change is to talk about it.


Which is why I was so impressed when Vaidehi Gajjar wanted to be on the podcast to share her story on how she put the pieces together after she was assaulted 3 years ago.


Vaidehi Gajjar Deepa Berar


Vaidehi has been spreading awareness through her writing for several publications, namely Brown Girl Magazine, the Odyssey Online and Women’s Republic. Writing has been a BIG outlet for Vaidehi and has allowed her to navigate through the depression and anxiety she experienced as a result of the assault.


Vaidehi Gajjar on the Deep Beauty Podcast



Despite everything she’s been through, Vaidehi remains resilient and positive and is on a quest to help as many people out there as she can. We are so fortunate to have women like her in our community. Follow Vaidehi on Instagram and check out her articles online 😉


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