Find out How to Pursue your Passion with Jaclyn Colville on the Deep Beauty Podcast!

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Deep Beauty Podcast with Jaclyn Colville


Hey all! So I’m back with the 2nd episode of the Deep Beauty Podcast!! So exciting guys, still can’t believe this is actually a thing. I have so many more exciting interviews to share with you all, but this first one is truly a gem. I got to interview one of my best friends, Jaclyn Colville!


Deepa Berar Jaclyn Colville


You guys know Jackie from my Bella Trois days and a bunch of other moments in my life. We’ve been friends for a while now and it’s been so exciting to watch her career progress over the years. We’ve all been able to see her passion for decor and her eye for it, we’re just so happy for her that she has actually turned it into her career!


Jaclyn Colville Decor


Just look at how gorgeous her decor is in the new home her and Ryan bought! On another level. Her road hasn’t been all sunshine and butterflies though, she has put her all into it which is why I knew I wanted her to be my first interview.


Jaclyn Colville Home


One of the things I admire most about Jackie is that she doesn’t wait for doors to open for her. She absolutely, 100% kicks them open and sometimes even create her own. Someone you definitely want to learn from ;)


Here’s the interview! Make sure you subscribe on iTunes to stay on top of all the new episodes.


Also who else do you guys want me to interview? Let me know in the comments :)


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