Thrift Shopping Fun at Value Village Burlington

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Value Village Burlington Shopping Fun


Can you believe that before last week I had never been to a thrift shop? Not on purpose or anything, just never been. So when I got invited to the grand opening of the Value Village in Burlington, I was immediately intrigued. Well what had really happened was I got that Macklemore “Thrift shop” song stuck in my head, and then I was like hey, that’d be fun!


Value Village Burlington Shoes


So glad I got to go! The store is MASSIVE. I had no idea there would be sooo many items for sale! There was so much clothing and shoes and bags and home stuff too! Kinda reminded me of Winners, and if you guys know me you know I LOVE Winners.


Value Village Burlington


I couldn’t believe that there were so many shoes and handbags for sale. I didn’t know much about Value Village before, but I have to say I’m really impressed. They purchase used goods that have been donated to non-profit organizations and then sell them to the public. They’re like the o.g. Nastygal. Like when Sophia Amoruso first started.


Value Village Burlington Purses


The great thing about their organization is that they support local charities by paying them for their donations and they help keep more than 700 million pounds of used goods from landfills each year. 700 mill!!! I’m starting to think the whole fast-fashion movement needs to slow down a little.


Value Village Burlington Deepa Berar


My mini shopping spree. So fun. It was so hard to narrow down what I wanted, I must’ve spent over an hour in that store!


Value Village Burlington Thrift Shopping


I ended up getting this black winter coat here. It was perfect because it’s nice and thick and will actually keep you warm and cute at the same time. Totally guilty over here of not dressing for the weather and then complaining about it. Hey, it’s a Canadian thing.


Value Village Burlington Winter Coat


Also got this super cute military style jacket with leather sleeves. I mean how could you pass this one up? Actually when I was trying it on at the store I caught a few of the other ladies eyeing me so I kept it close until I got to the register.


Value Village Burlington Fall Jacket


I also got a 3D puzzle (LOVE 3D puzzles), leggings and a book by Warren Buffet. Totally fascinated with books by entrepreneurs. I just love the mindset! They say you are the sum of the 5 people you surround yourself with. If you can’t be around those people then consume everything they put out there. Read their books, listen to their podcasts (looking at you GaryVee) watch their interviews. You get the idea.


All in all it was a great experience and I’ll definitely be going back 🙂


Question- Have you guys been to Value Village and if so how did you like it?

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