Summer Lip Trends 2017

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Summer lip trends 2017


Hello peeps! Currently chillin at the San Diego airport, waiting to board my flight to…Vegas baby!! It’s been a hot minute since my last girls trip, dunno why but I’m sure glad we got our sh!t together and made it happen again. Seriously, girls trips are so necessary. I mean your man isn’t going to want to dissect the Bachelorette to death (although did I mention I got Derek to watch this season with me??) or the latest summer lip trends.


Which is what this post is all about!


Summer lip trends 2017 Lancome Matte Shakers


There’s no denying how far lip art has come. Some of the lip videos on Instagram are seriously on another level! Which is why I was so excited when Lancome sent over the latest in their lip shaker series, the Matte collection.


Summer lip trends 2017 Lancome Lip Art Matte Shakers


They come in 7 different shades and you can create the coolest looks with them! One of my fav looks is to take 2 different colours that are close to each other and wear one on the top lip and the other on the bottom. So fun.


Summer lip trends 2017 Lancome


That and the ombre lip trend is really cool too. You take one color, apply it as you would lip liner, and then apply a different color to the center of your lips. Layer, blend, and voila!


Ok, time to board, promise I’m going to record a little vlog for you guys 😉

Would love to know when was your last trip and where did you go?


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