Happy 150th Birthday Canada!

Saturday, July 1, 2017 0 0

Deepa Berar MAC Proud to be Canadian


So somebody has a really, really special birthday this year..yup, Canada is turning 150 years old!! Or as some would say, 150 years young haha.

Ya, ya I know, seems like every chance I get I’m running off to our neighbours in the south, doesn’t mean I’m not proud to be Canadian, because trust me I am.


Canada 150 MAC Proud to be Canadian


I was born here and raised here, lived here my whole life. Red and white is in my blood, literally. There are way more than 150 things I could list off right now about why I’m proud to be Canadian but if you’re from the Great White North then you can probably do the same.


MAC Proud to be Canadian


From the amazing health care system to the politeness of our people and our ability to live among mutliple cultures symbiotically, there is no greater land that exists in this world.


MAC Proud to be Canadian lipstick


Only thing missing are palm trees and a temperate climate haha. But hey, I couldn’t imagine having grown up anywhere else. Who else feels me!?! Btw who else is feeling MAC’s special release lipstick Proud to be Canadian? The perfect red.


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