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Monday, May 29, 2017 2 0

Deep Beauty Facebook Group


How’s everyone doing on this last Monday of May?! I am loving the fact that June is around the corner, 2 reasons, a) June=summer & b) My bestie is coming to town!! Yup, all the way from Melbourne, Australia, I get her for 8 glorious weeks! Can not wait to share our adventures with you guys. Also, can not wait to fill you guys in on my next project..the Secret Deep Beauty Facebook group!!


You guys know I’ve been working with Lauryn from The Skinny Confidential for over a year now and she has inspired me to connect and help you guys on a deeper level. Which is where the idea for the Facebook group started.


Deepa Berar and Lauryn Evarts


I wanted to create a space for all us gals to connect and share our trials & tribulations and how we got through some of the more unpleasant things in life. Like I was saying on our last Instagram live, I feel like sometimes in our culture (from what I’ve experienced at least) people can put up this image of perfection as if nothing ever goes wrong. No one wants to admit their flaws or be vulnerable, which at the end of the day doesn’t do anyone any good.


We are all sitting here suffering in silence when we could be helping lift and support one another.


I dunno about you guys but I am soooo over it all. That’s why I’m starting this group, so that we can have a safe, private (it’ll be a closed group & WOMEN only) place to share our struggles and reach out for support.


So watch out for that guys, it’ll be starting June 1st anddd, there will be a GIVEAWAY!! I’ll be choosing a winner from the 1st 50 people to join, and trust me you’ll definitely want to enter. Giveaway details will be posted in the group June 1st, I’ll be posting a link to the group on my Facebook Page.


Can’t wait to connect with you all a little bit deeper!

  • Jyoti
    May 29, 2017

    Thanks Deepa for creating a platform where we women can vent out.

    • Deepa Berar
      August 19, 2017

      Oh yay, I’m happy you like the idea!

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