2017 Mother’s Day Gift Guide- Beauty Edition

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Mothers Day 2017 Gift Guide Make Up For Ever


I’m back with a new beauty post for you guys, I know, I know, it’s been a while since I posted product recommendations, but not to worry cause here is your 2017 Mother’s Day gift guide! Yes, yes that is my mommy and me, way back in the day. Must’ve said something hilarious cause she is cracking up lol.


Back to our gift guide! Let’s start off with this Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Skin Booster. First off it increases skin’s hydration by 400%. Sooo good for mom’s who have concerns with fine lines or dehydration.


Next up, The Beauty Counter. Has anyone tried their products? Gotta say I am impressed. This is perfect for the mom who is into decor because the packaging is gorgeous and would look great on any counter! The Beauty Counter Sugar body scrub feels so good on the skin and their Sheer lipstick is super moisturizing with a sheer coverage and one of their best sellers.


Mothers Day 2017 Gift Guide Beauty Counter


Next up is Eau Contemporaine fragrance in Coton. Smells so fresh and pretty! This is the first cosmetic fragrance Simon’s is carrying so you know it’s good. There are two other scents, Soie which has more floral & woody notes; and Lin which has more of a musk scent with bergamot. They’re all so nice! Lin is my fave.


Mothers Day 2017 Gift Guide Eau Contemporaine


Lastly is the Burt’s Bees lip line. Have you guys checked out Burts Bees lately? I have to admit, I used to only go to them for their lip balm (my every day lip moisturizer!) but they have totally expanded their line of lip products. They’ve got lip oils now, lipsticks and lip crayons to mention a few. This is great for the mom that’s into natural products.


Mothers Day 2017 Gift Guide Burts Bees


Have you guys done your Mother’s Day shopping yet? I’d love to know what you got her!

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