How to Face your Fears!

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Face your fears

Hello, hello, hello!! How’s everyone doing today?! Hope you’re all doing well 🙂 So. In the spirit of spring (I know, it totally doesn’t even feel like it’s here yet) I have a an awesome deep beauty video that kinda fits into the spring cleaning, fresh beginnings mode. It’s all about how to face your fears!


I think you guys are gonna love this one because I added a bit of a homework assignment to the end of it that will hold you guys accountable. I don’t want this blog or any of my posts to be just preachy words of inspiration of advice that you can’t apply to your real life. I want you guys to walk away from my posts with actual actionable tools that you can apply to your life to make a real difference.


Deepa Berar How to face your fears


So stay tuned to the end so you guys can have what you need to finally face your fears and live the life you want! Oh and I have a very special post coming up soon..let’s just say you all know how private I can be about my personal life..well I’m gonna let you peak into my world real soon!


Heres the vid!

Question for you- What was one fear you overcame and how did you conquer it?



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