How to Stop Caring What Other People Think

Sunday, January 8, 2017 0 0

how to stop caring what other people think


Hello 2017! I hope you guys are having a fantastic start to the new year, I know I am, can you tell by the smile above haha! The first topic we’re going to tackle is another Deep Beauty video, this one is tips on how to stop caring what other people think. I’ve had a few of you write in requesting a video like this and I finally bit the bullet and put my real thoughts into a video.


Oh and thanks so much for your patience guys, I really needed to take the time off from the blog to get myself into the Youtube/Instagram zone, it’s really helped a lot and now I am ready to get back to blogging! I’ve missed it but more than that, I’ve really really missed you guys. For 2017 I’ve decided I want to get more personal on the blog. I don’t know about you, but I can be a pretty private person, but if there’s one thing I learnt in 2016, it’s that no one ever gained anything from a closed book. So I’m here to share more of myself, my life, my struggles, my joy, anything to help you all with your journeys.


This video might be a little controversial, and I’m sure some people won’t agree with me, but this is how I live my life, everyone has the right to live theirs the way they want.


Here’s the vid!



Let me know if you guys have any requests! Oh and what are your new years resolutions? I’m dying to know!

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