Your Guide to Easy Holiday Hair!

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Guess what…the Holidays are right around the corner!!! There is probably no one more excited about the holidays than me. Ok maybe a few people, but seriously, isn’t this the best time of year?! Everyone is in a good mood, all the houses and store are all decorated and not to mention all the parties! Seriously. Best time of year. Ever.


Now I understand that with all the parties comes that pressure to look your best, but don’t fret my pet, I’m here to help! I’ve put together a helpful guide to easy holiday hair. Like really easy. See there are these hair kits, and all you do is follow the directions on the box, and literally your hair looks like you paid a gazillion bucks to get it done. I know.


Onto the hair kits! Ok first up is probably the chicest, it’s the Goody Simple Styles Vintage Twist kit. Think super fancy office party. Works best if your hair is curled before hand, gives a gorgeous texture to the look and makes the style very easy to recreate. Seriously. All you do is gather your hair into a ponytail, roll the hair towards your head and pin in place.




Alright, the next one you might be familiar with. I used the Goody Simple Styles Fancy Fishtail kit in my Diwali Get Ready with Me video! Takes a minute to master this style, but I promise you, once you’ve got it down it’s sooo easy to do. Plus looks super cute with the gold beads.




Ok talk about the easiest kit to use. The Goody Simple Styles Gibson Roll kit is literally a hair band with an elastic attached to it. 1 simple piece and makes your hair look like it took hours to do when it literally takes like 1 minute tops. Don’t believe me? Watch my appearance on CHCH Morning Live to see just how easy it really is πŸ˜‰




I am obsessed with this look. I’ve been trying to figure out how to recreate this for ages, ever since Blake Lively stepped out onto the red carpet rockin this look at the Met Ball back in 2013. Such a cool style and sooo different from the regular beachy waves look. The Goody Simple Styles Bubble Pony kit contains a piece that has an elastic at one end with 3 mesh hair stuffers that help you create the 3 distinct bubbles. Genius.




This kit is for my girl that wants to nail down that effortless chic look. The Goody Simple Styles Downtown Bun kit is perfect for that messy bun look, plus it contains a pretty clip in flower if you want that extra touch. So pretty.




Which one is your fav look out of all of them? It’s so hard to decide!! Tag me in your holiday hair pics, I’d love to see what you guys came up with πŸ™‚


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