The truth about Makeup Wipes

Thursday, April 28, 2016 0 1

makeup wipes


I’m sure most of you have tried makeup wipes at some point in your beauty regimen, am I right? I get it, I mean they’re fast and convenient and you don’t have to get up and go all the way to the bathroom to use them. You can sit in bed and clean off your makeup all while watching 2 Broke Girls (how funny is that show btw?).


Just cause you can do something doesn’t mean you should though. I mean I’m completely capable of eating Cheesecake Factory cheesecake every single day, doesn’t mean I should. Let’s be real here, all that sugar and dairy ain’t good for no one. Just like makeup wipes aren’t exactly the best thing for your skin.


What’s so bad about them?

Well for one thing they are loaded with chemicals that are designed to cleanse your skin and break down makeup. You’re probably arguing with me and telling me that’s a good thing. Technically you would be right. Cleansers need surfactants and emulsifiers to do their job, however, when you aren’t rinsing those chemicals off your face, all your doing essentially is breaking down the makeup, wiping some of it off with the cloth and smearing the residual makeup and cleanser all over your face.


I know I’ve definitely noticed that my skin never looks or feels completely fresh after using a wipe. Plus the day after I use a wipe I can guarantee my skin will be dull looking and there’ll be some dry patch that developed somewhere on my face. The one day I went and grabbed some coconut oil on a cotton pad, wiped my face with it and lo and behold, tons of makeup still came off my skin.



Not to mention that most wipes contain alcohol which is super drying on your skin. Plus if you’re like me and suffer from eczema you definitely want to stay far away as makeup wipes will only aggravate any flare ups and potentially trigger one as well.


So promise me you will think twice the next time you go in for a wipe! That or at least remember, wipes=cheesecake. No good.


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