Spring 2016 Fashion trends

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Spring 2016 fashion trends


While it might not seem like it outside (at least here in Toronto), Spring has officially arrived! We may not be able to wear our fav spring 2016 fashion trends just yet, but we can definitely get our closets ready ;)


This spring is a little all over the place, we’ve got everything from romantic, girly stuff (love) all the way to the I’m-pretending-I-don’t-really-care street style. Come on. We know you care.


Anyways, let’s go into what you can expect for spring! I’m starting off with the latin inspired ruffle trend. Kinda reminds me of about 10 years ago I’d say when those layered frills were super popular. Cute look.


Spring 2016 fashion trends ruffles


Next up we’re going to take a look at my personal fav trend for spring, bare shoulders! So excited for this modern take on the look. You can even wear a bra still!! Lol I know I’m a little excited, it’s just hard sometimes for a girl to pull off bare shoulders. Who feels me?


Spring 2016 fashion trends off the shoulder


Bedroom wear. Is it just me or is everything from the early 2000’s suddenly making a comeback?? Not to say that I don’t like this trend, I do, jus sayin. I love those lingerie inspired tops that are all satin & lace, super pretty. Love this dress too.


Spring 2016 fashion trends lingerie


Denim on denim on denim. I mean us Canadians have been rockin this look for ages already haha. This look was seen everywhere on the runways for Spring 2016 so I think it might actually turn out to be a thing. Kinda cute.


Spring 2016 fashion trends denim


Now for the last trend, we’re talking street style. I see street style as basically I’m gonna throw on whatever I feel like, but rock it with confidence and maybe throw a designer in there somewhere. Whatever your definition of street style is, it’s a huge trend for this season.


Spring 2016 fashion trends street style


If you guys want some more spring 2016 fashion trend inspo, check out these articles by Elle and PopSugar.


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