Spring 2016 Beauty Trend Report!

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Spring 2016 beauty trends


I’m back with your Spring 2016 Beauty trend report! If there is one word to sum up the theme for this spring, it’s- FUN. We’re talking crazy lashes, colorful makeup and fun hair. It’s a departure from the oh-so-serious contoured cheeks and perfectly waved hair we’ve seen over the past few years and a return to playing with your beauty routine. Yay 🙂


Let’s dive right in! First up, we’re talking 60’s lashes. Gigi Hadid sported this look at the Jeremy Scott show. I know this look is a bit extreme, and runway looks are usually like that, but it’s up to you to translate it into something you’re comfortable with. The perfect lashes to help you acheive the Twiggy inspired look? These Georgie beauty La Chérie lashes.


Spring 2016 beauty trend 60s lashes


Another really fun look from the Spring runways? Braids!! Braids have been making a comeback ever since Lauren Conrad started that side bangs braid trend back in 2009. While the look started out really simple, it’s now at a different level altogether. So fun. Don’t be afraid to play! One key thing when putting in braids, make sure you have some texture to your locks. It’s so much easier to play with different styles when your hair has some grip to it. Try spraying a bit of Oribe dry Texturizing spray in your hair first.


Spring 2016 beauty trend braids


Ok I know some of you won’t be down with this next one, but please try! Colorful makeup is making a big comeback and this was most notable at the Alexis Mabille show.  My fav eyeshadows of all time? You guys know the answer to that one..MAC of course ;P  this palette is perfect for spring!


Spring 2016 beauty trend colorful makeup


If you’re not comfortable throwing 3 different colors on your eyes, the one color to pick for this spring is blue. Yup, blue. I know, I know, it sounds like a bad 80’s nightmare, but trust me, there is a blue out there for everyone! Maybe start off with something a little less intense like the Stila Jewel eye eyeshadow.


Spring 2016 beauty trend blue eyeshadow


For our last trend we are still going strong with the 80’s theme, this time we’re picking on an uber popular 80’s hair trend- deep side parts. Only this time you’re not using a bottle of aqua net and spraying your bangs to the sky. Lol. Just a little bit of lift people, just a little. Try a good hold hairspray like my fav, Big Sexy hair Spray n’ play harder gives your hair hold but still leaves your hair soft and movable. Thank god for modern technology.


Spring 2016 beauty trend deep side part


What trends are you guys most excited about? Let me know in the comments!


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