My Day at BeautyCon LA 2015!

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BeautyCon LA


I’m back in Southern California right now and having an amazing time! I recently got to attend BeautyCon LA 2015  as most of you probaby saw from my instagram posts. It was an unreal event. So many people attended that I’m so grateful I got the premium ticket because I didn’t have to wait in any lines and got to sit in the reserved seating for the panels.


BeautyCon LA 2015


The panels were great. There were so many youtube celebrities there, some I hadn’t even heard of but seemed to pretty popular with the audience.


BeautyCon Youtube celebrities


It was great to listen to different artists stories and struggles and what it took for them to get to where they are now. Very inspiring.


BeautyCon panels


Besides the panels and booths, there were a ton of activities taking place outside like the live music stage, meet & greets, a Ferris wheel and some great food trucks.




For those of you planning on visiting LA in the future, two places you have to check out are Sprinkles cupcakes and my absolute fav, California donuts. Both were at the show :)


Sprinkles cupcakes BeautyCon


There were also live makeup demos taking place like Rob Scheppy working his magic at the Tweezerman booth.


Rob Scheppy BeautyCon Tweezerman


The VIP lounge was pretty cool, all the YouTube celebs were there hanging out including Christina Milian & her sisters. Cool story- I got to sit next to her sisters during her panel and had to sign a waiver to allow them to show my face on their reality show because they were filming!


BeautyCon VIP


Ok probably my fav moment of the whole event was meeting this guy right here- Rob Scheppy. So surreal. He is one of the artists that the Kardashians use. You usually see him working on Khloe the most and her makeup always looks amazing.


Rob Scheppy and Deepa Berar


I also got to meet one of my fav youtubers and the inspiration behind most of our Bella Trois videos- Claire Marshall. She was so down to earth and generous with her advice.


Claire Marshall and Deepa Berar


This last meetup was for my friend Jackie. She is a HUGE Mr. Kate fan and I even got her to say hi to Jackie on Snapchat. So sweet.


Mr Kate and Deepa Berar


All in all it was a pretty fun day. If you do plan on going to BeautyCon in the future, I would suggest getting there super early because the lineups were insane. Definitely worth it though!


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