Spring 2015 Beauty trends Revealed

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Spring 2015 beauty trend


Something big is happening in the world of makeup right now. One of the biggest changes to emerge in Spring 2015 beauty trends is the shift towards a no makeup look. Now the no makeup look isn’t exactly new to the runway, what is new is how well it’s being received.


What does that mean for us? Exactly what it sounds like. Less contour, less glitter, less glam. More bare faced makeup. It doesn’t mean you’re still not wearing the stuff, it’s just applied to look like you’re not wearing much of it. Oh and the hair looks air dried. I’m not kidding.


While a lot of you might not like the idea of going back to basics, (let’s face it, we’ve gotten pretty accustomed to the uber glam, Kim K, Persian princess way of life) I like to think of it as transitioning to a more effortless glam look. Which is actually the look I love the most.


How to achieve this? Here are some tips on getting that effortless glam look:


1. It’s all about blending your makeup. Once you’re done blending, go back and blend some more.

2. You can still contour & highlight, just apply it with a very light hand. Also see #1.

3. Start off with less product and build. It’s easier to stop adding product than it is to take stuff off.


spring 2015 makeup trends


As for hair?

1. When curling your hair hold your iron in place for half the time you normally do. This will give you more tousled waves than curls.

2. For braids, loosen and pull apart pieces of your braid after it’s done.

3. Think sombre not ombre. Sombre is ombre with a more subtle color transition.


spring 2015 hair trends


What do you think, are you ready to tone down your look?

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